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I use GoodReader all the time, with the original files. I plan on moving toward the Lite versions, to increase search speeds. I love using a tablet for in game sessions. iBooks was barely useful, but I see above someone says it's now better, so this will be a free option, but I will probably stick with GoodReader since I love being able to tab between multiple docs quickly.

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The Marvel Now books are pretty good. Some of the folks above have mentioned the really goos ones, All New X-Men and New Avengers are great so far. And the fantastic Four and FF are really fun. If you haven't read Wolverine and the X-Men you should, it has all the great components of creative comic writing and excellent art. The new Deadpool book is crazy and awesome, written by comedien Brian Posehn.

As stated Marvel did not reboot their universe, they simpley shook up artists and books, challenging the bullpen to write from new fun perspectives. The also \ created a few new titles for the universe to evolve.

Morain wrote:

First off yes, I admit it. I'm the kind of guy who don't like change.

I gotta say every time TSR/WotC brought out a new version of D&D I was annoyed at first. given time though I did think 3.0 was a great improvement over AD&D. It was quite revolutionary, I think most will agree.

When they came out with 3.5 though it was a slightly different story. Yes it was better overall, but it was too similar to be worth it imo. I really felt cheated having to rebuy all books again. Yes I know I can still play 3.0 or any other system for that matter, but that's not how it works. There is always the unexplainable need to stay current.

When WotC announced 4.0 I had had it. That was why me and all my friends changed to Pathfinder as soon as we heard about it. Although in theory 3.5 and Pathfinder was supposed to be compatible, we don't mix them anymore even if this was our reason for choosing Pathfinder. Still we're happy with going for Pathfinder since it is just so awesome.

Now WotC is going to do D&D 5.0 wich in my eyes shows they've lost and know it.

Yes Pathfinder 2.0 could fix some problems. It could also change some things for the worse in the eys of many of it's fans. Regardless, none of the changes/improvements/fixes I've ever seen anyone ever suggest in any forum post I've read would make a new edition of the game justified.

This is why I hope and pray that Paizo will never need to release Pathfinder 2.0 in order to meet profit goals. And I do really mean NEVER! For many reasons. You can never make a perfect system. The current one has problems, but it is completely workable. No new system will ever be flawless anyway. My hope is that Paizo will keep being different and keep bringing out awesome books of all their awesome ranges. I already subscribe to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game range, and the Adventure Paths. I'm considering also Campaign Setting and Player Companion, and I think all these ranges of books have a lot of potantial for the future. The Only range I can see being a problem to...

My gaming group feels the same as you, and we made the switch for the exact reasons you stated.

Received my book, looks great...just need to finish an older trilogy (FR Kings & Counselors) off first. Looking forward to a new setting of books.

Thanks for the recommendations and ideas.

After years of convincing, we finally convinced the wives of some of our gaming group to try RPGing once with us. Suggestions on a nice entry level Paizo Pathfinder module or adventure?

Looking forward to these novels.

I laughed out loud quite literally early in the The Gamers when the phrase "you going to backstab him with a ballista?!" was uttered.

Thanks for the follow up!

Anyone know the order of releases of the Dead Gentlemen DVD's? I think The Gamers is the first...

Great posts everyone, I am starting this book this month, having just finished Skinsaw, and there are tons of great suggestions to get through.

Any opinions on the PF XP system in regard to the "Slow, Med, Fast" paths?

KaeYoss wrote:
As long as you stick to a single system, you can use the PF numbers for any 3e campaign, adventure or module. While the numbers look vastly different, they usually work out the same. If you take, say, Burnt Offerings and run them with both systems, the characters should come out at the same experience level. Provided, of course, that you use the fast advancement numbers in PF.

Whigh book of the Pathfinder adventures was created after the Pathfinder RPG experience award system?

My group is making the switch to following the P-finder RPG rules and I don't know how to transfer XP awarded previously. We are currentli in RotRL #2 Skinsaw Murders. Does the new RPG XP system transfer to this books CR XP rewards?

How do you keep up with the rate of DDM's released? I find that I buy a whole bunch one set, then three stes go by before I can afford more.


What is going on with my avatar?

I have no idea why my last post has a smurf avatar? Any ideas?

I can't fully say how dissapointed I am. I bought and watched this movie over the weekend and it stunk. The animation was raw, and the CG was out of place. I thought something was wrong with my TV when I saw the animation.

The list of voice actors had me excited, I mean Jack bauer as Raist?! It sounded cool. Some of the voive acting was OK, but in general it had a very smurfy feel to it.

I can only hope they somehow do well enough to make the second and do it some justice.

Firt of all, I'm on the fence about the whole 4th edition thing. I did buy the Wizards 4.0 Race & Class preview book to get some info, but found it to be a bit of a waste (surprise).

As far as spellcatsers getting 5 minutes of fun then standing in the back for the rest of the night; my group experiences this often. I DM a group of non-munchkins and we typically play between 1st and 10th level campaigns. At these levels the fighter classes can really dominate and get more useful game time out of long battle nights. So I agree the system could use a tweak to moderatelty balance out the classes. I also agree though that at 20th level spelcasters should be a little more powerful, but I just don't play games at that level enough to get upset about the impact.

Ultimately I know I'll buy the first couple 4.0 books, read them, and form opinions then. If I don't like it my group will probably be happy because they won't go buy new books and we'll stay in 3.5.

I'd also like to add I am really happy with the products Paizo are releasing. The ROTR adventure path is well done, and it's the first non-D&D brand campaign we've used (current group playing for 12 yrs.) I spend a lot more with them in the last year than I did with Wizards over the last couple in RPG materials (not-incluing D&D Mini's, my crack habit).

Mary Yamato wrote:
Sydrill wrote:
Revan wrote:
+1 is the enchantment bonus; +3 is his total attack bonus with that weapon.

Wow, so Elyrium's "+1 returning dagger +12" has a total attack bunus of +12! That little things gonna get thrown all over my party!

Thanks for the answer Revan!

No; Erylium has a +12 to hit with that weapon (her BAB plus stat bonuses plus size bonuses plus the weapon's +1 bonus). A PC will have their own BAB, stats, etc. and then the weapon is +1 on top of that.


Understood, what I meant was Elyrium is going to throw that dagger all over my party. Thier first encounter with her I was only using a +1 to hit against them (lucky for them).

I know if they end op getting the dagger it's just their individual BAB +1.

Revan wrote:
+1 is the enchantment bonus; +3 is his total attack bonus with that weapon.

Wow, so Elyrium's "+1 returning dagger +12" has a total attack bunus of +12! That little things gonna get thrown all over my party!

Thanks for the answer Revan!

Really basic question about weapons in stat blocks in ROTR #1. As an example on page 28 in Koruvus' stat block his longsword says "+1 longsword +3 (1d8+5, 19-20)". What are the +1 before the weapon name and the +3 after the weapon name for?

I haven't played D&D in a while and finally got to DM the Rise of the Runelords adventure. I have to say that I really enloy the storyline, and the pacing seems good as well.

One thing I really like is how the material is set up in the book. It is much more handy than the D&D modules I've run. Things seemed to be set up where I would use them and are not as confusing.

Anyway the new Pathfinder series seems to be a new favorite of my group, and we've played together on and off since 1992. I can't wait to continue through the next 5 parts of the campaign. Having PDF's has realy added to my experience as a DM because I can take the material in more places.

I finally got a chance to play it, it is a great game. More fun than the other versions.

I cannot wait to receive my Zombie Fluxx game! I love the original game Fluxx, and zombie stuff...should be a great mix.

Lisa Stevens wrote:
erian_7 wrote:
Sydrill wrote:
And what's whith the purple goon logo guy?
That's the Paizo golem.

The Paizo Golem was created by Kyle Hunter back when we first started the company. Kyle was tasked with coming up with a half dozen or so logo treatments and we were all drawn to the one with the golem in it. We like to think that the little ball of energy he is holding between his two hands is a ball of creative energy, about to be made into some sort of cool gaming product or another. :)


Thanks, this explains it well enough for me.

grrtigger wrote:
Sydrill wrote:
OK, just an odd question, but where does the name "Paizo" come from? And what's whith the purple goon logo guy?

From the FAQ:

Paizo wrote:

What does "Paizo" mean?

Paizo cofounder Johnny Wilson suggested the name, which comes from a biblical Greek word meaning "to play." (The original Greek word is "paiðzw.")

How do you pronounce "Paizo?"?

We pronounce it to rhyme with "pie dough."

Cool, thanks for the answer! Makes sense now, I thought Paizo was some sort of italian dessert before. :o)

OK, just an odd question, but where does the name "Paizo" come from? And what's whith the purple goon logo guy?

Scoti Garbidis wrote:
Larry Lichman wrote:
I may be interested. What night of the week are you planning to play?
Right now it is still in the early stages but looking at 5:30pm once a month on Saturdays. Does that work for you? Wednesday nights might be a choice also but that would probably be 5:30 to 10:30 twice a month.

Did you guys ever set this up? I just moved to Streetsboro, OH near Akron and am looking for a group.

Sydrill wrote:

How do you tell if you have the "charter" tag? Just signed up, hopefully not too late.


OK, nevermind, I guess the label by my name would be the answer...thanks!

How do you tell if you have the "charter" tag? Just signed up, hopefully not too late.


...You still rag on your old DM for the awful campaign he created...11 years ago!

Saern wrote:
so are there any really good FR sourcebooks to get my hands on while running this campaign?

I also still have a place in my heart for the original FR Campaign Setting box set. I still read though those from time to time. That's where I cut my chops on the FR.

Saern wrote:
so are there any really good FR sourcebooks to get my hands on while running this campaign?

Not a sourcebook but...

In case you haven't had your fill of Drow or the Underdark...the City of the Spider Queen is a nice module to advance characters from 10th lvl to 18th lvl. We're about 1/2 way through it right now. It's pretty challanging but an nice long module.

Marc Chin wrote:

I'm among the 'plot and story over hack & slash' crowd, but if I get into a gray area with the rules, I'll post here to get a consensus... No need to do that with story lines.


I agree fully, I am very much a story/plot first DM with my group. While they do also enjoy the hack N' slash moment from time to time, it's always the memorable or funny role playing moments that they rember year after year on gaming. I've never heard them reminesce about a spell they cast or a critical hit theyhad, but the do remember that certain homespun evil cleric that took a personal liking to making their lives difficult over the course of a couple years. They hated that guy so much they totally freaked every time he was involved in what they did...ahh good times.


Three reasons my group has travelled the Realms for almost 10 years:

Depth, Depth, and Depth.

Bill Lumberg wrote:

I would say that it does end the rage. This is just how I view things in terms of play-style. I think of someone worked up in a rage and gaining tremendous stength from the adrenaline rush and emotional focus that a rage brings. by making that person feel fear it undermines the rage and takes away the benefits of it.

That's kinda how I see it. How could you hold your "rage" while cowering in fear.

OK here's an issue we ran into last night during the weekly session. The Half-Orc Barbarian in the party was raging during battle, then failed a "Horrifying Gaze" save against a creature from the City of the Spider Queen module, and cowered in fear. Next round a member of the party cast a Remove Fear spell to temporarily negate the fear effect.

My question is would the failed "Gaze/Fear" save stop the Barbarians Rage? If so when the fear was removed he would be fatigued. This was an issue last night because if he was fatigued the flow of the fight would take a severe turn for the worse, for the party that is.

Thank in advance for any comments.

I had a player try to lasso a huge black dragon once...I asked him twice...and he said YES that is what I want to try...needless to say it went bad.

Thanks for all the feedabck on the "Orb of Acid", I'm going to use a couple of your tips in my game.

Does anyone else think that the spell Acid Ball in this book is WAY overpowered for a 4th level spell?

Sublimity wrote:
Books, however, are a little different. Those items you mentioned all rely on technology to keep them "relevant." Technology has improved, making those items obsolete.

Let's just call 3E the "Designated Hitter Edition". Like major league baseball rules...some people think th DH helps make the game fun, some people think it hurts the original integrity of the game.

Sebastian wrote:

So, as long as we're demanding eternal value from our gaming purchases, maybe we should go curse Sony for daring to release the PS2 (and soon, the PS3) with better graphics, online play support, and new games thus obsoleting the old PS1 and destroying the $350 I invested in the system.


That was a great rant, well said! That really puts things in perspective.

Drake_Ranger wrote:

I've seen the previews and everything there is to Fane of Lolth except the product's booklet, and I'm wondering if it's worth it or not? Is it?

Thanks again adventurers! B*B

For $15 I'll probably get it, but I had the same question as you....what's actually in it that will be worth it?

Ultradan wrote:
I was just thinking about the Skills Craft, Knowledge and Profession, and how not many of my players seem to spend points for these skills. Ultradan

As a player I always picked up odd skills & knowledge, and enjoyed finding ways to use them in the campaign. I found that it helped round out my character as a person with a real past. I guess it all depends on if you want to roleplay a lot or a little.

As a DM I always encourage people to take Skills Craft, Knowledge and Professions; and usually find a way to work in ways for them to utilize them.

I've played through 1E, 2E and into 3E/3.5E and I'd say I like most of the changes were easy to adjust to and I like most of them.

The only thing I don't like all the time is the battle format. It seems the higher level you get the more battles slow down, sometimes to the point where all the fun & excitment gets boiled down to x's and O's.

Anyone gaming around Youngstown?

Depends on how you've been roleplaying your PC and alignment choices you've made.

I've seen PC's in my games handle this situation about a dozen different ways.

Y: The Last Man is a pretty good read, you can catch up with the TPB's.

Boredflak wrote:
We love our map projection setup.

I went to your site...that projector setup is one of the coolest D&D map tools I've ever seen, Great Job! I want one now, I just need a basement...in my apartment...

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