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Deadmanwalking wrote:
kitmehsu wrote:
I wonder since bless was already known in some form from the pregen, that is why it wasn't preserved and thus never found
This seems very plausible. We didn't know about the quest to gather them all until later, after all.

It was stated from the start that they had to be collected together for a reward.


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Ironic. We were not blessed. Now he has blessed us and we've failed.

At least it was a hard fought failure by 1.


Joe Wells wrote:

Failure builds character.

Also we can learn from this. When Paizo is set to release Pathfinder 3, we'll know to lock the doors at the Paizocon banquet and collect all of the cards before anyone is allowed to leave.

I don't know if asking guests for their papers will be well received.

I was thinking about it at the time, however.

If anyone knows anyone else who was there, reach out to them.


Cori Marie wrote:
malcolm_n wrote:
Gorbacz wrote:
Ah, those globally recognizable American cultural references ;-)

As an American, I do not get that reference in the slightest.

4 days to find 1 of 4 cards available to the public. It’s madness, I say

Honus Wagner is an American Baseball player that has the odd distinction of being the most valuable baseball card in existence.

Yup. As I recall, Honus didn't like kids buying smokes to get his card so he put the kibosh on their distribution. Only a few dozen were ever made as opposed to the tens of thousands others had.

Anyone dropping in, we're still looking for #85.


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Based on what's left and what surrounds it...
20: Heritage spoiler (human?)
26: Background spoiler (B-G)
50/51: Druid feat spoilers
72: Sorcerer or Wizard feat
85: Spell or equipment spoiler

Just a wild guess on what they could be.


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#6 Rarity

Posted two hours ago.


Cards remaining are 6, 20, 26, 50, 51, 72, 85.

I looked through Twitter last night at #MyPathfinderSpoiler tags posted since May 28 and found nothing new.


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WatersLethe wrote:
So, there were 400 people at the banquet with 4 sets of 100 spoilers handed out, right?

Correct. There were four of each spoiler printed. After the banquet, some people were running around and collecting them to take pictures. Some were abandoned at the tables.

If they haven't been posted to social media, it means the recipient took it home as a trophy or binned it afterwards. Which means 28 (4x7) people opted not to play and they hold those cards.

Which probably isn't too bad. If you had 4 flips of a coin and only needed to get heads one time per series to win, you'd probably win almost all of them. Shame we're stuck on seven left and not an "almost there" one.

I tried searching #MyPathfinderSpoiler with various typos to see if I could find it on Twitter and Facebook but no such luck. My social circle aggregated ours together as well as those abandoned to us. I'll keep searching daily to see what I turn up.