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My biggest problem is that you're citing the 3.5 mob template from the DMG 2. Huge difference in PF. The PF version of that stat lock would have way fewer hit dice and hit points, since undead are now a d8, and the PF version makes 4d6 the MOST damage that you can do. Also, there are no little extras, like the pack maul, etc. PF troops don't get distraction, either.

So, basically, you've got to use the appropriate version from the appropriate game before you level complaints. The PF version is toned way, way down.

It's like jumping on the Wizards' old 3.0 forum and complaining about how much Save vs. Breath Weapons sucks, or how much you hate THAC0

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Running this on the Dragonlance Forums (just about to go through the Misgivings). One of my players is a snarky, wise-cracking Fighter (Archer archetype).

He enteres the dark lobby of the glassworks, takes a cursory look around, and then shouts into the dark, empty building:

"Hello?! Local heroes here to meddle in your affairs!"

For anybody that doesn't know, I run Rise of the Runelords over on the Dragonlance forums. I've lost two players recently, both of which made up my heavy frontline Melee (a Bard-Barian, and a straight fighter). We just wrapped Burnt Offerings, and Id really love to have at least one hard Melee type before starting up The Skinsaw Murders.

If you can handle dropping a post once or twice a week (or more if you want, don't let me hold you back), and you'd like to play tactical Pathfinder with a battlemap on a message board (that's right, combat works just like tabletop, albeit slower. No narrative fighting there), why not head over and see if it's for you? If you want to play, set up a little account and drop me a private message. Here's the link: nelords

Hope to hear from you!

In my game over on the Dragonlance Message aboard, I kidnapped Ameiko. I ran the Missing Bartender event, but I moved Ameiko from The Glassworks to Thistletop, and I dropped clues to that effect. Do this, and PC's will take off running.

When I ran Burnt Offerings at the table, I had one carnies there with "The Gauntlet" from the First Knight movie. Look that up, I think it's pretty sweet. The prize was an Adventuring Kit.

I run this AP on the Dragonlance a Forums, and on The Tangled Web in PbP format. Keeping in mind that format is very narrative, I use Star Wars-style wipes to hint at, or introduce villains early on. It doesn't really work at the table, doing it that way, but I'm primarily an online GM. That's my medium. My players knew about Karzoug in my Prologue.

I'm a Play-By-Forum GameMaster primarily. I'm running Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition over on the Dragonlance Forums. I'd like to run more games. Does anyone know of any other BBCode forums (I use the BBCode format to make my battle maps) that has a roleplaying section? Would anyone be interested in playing? I could run Runelords, or Jade Regent.

There is a on of detail in the modules that is silent. As a GM, you excise what to use d what not to use, what works for your campaign or not, based on your players. If they are lovers of investigation and exploration, you can use all of the information on ancient Thassilon to drive the plot about Karzoug, etc. If they're lovers of setting, you can voice through the villagers the information about the Late Unpleasantness. It's basically there to give you too much material on purpose to customize the experience to your group.

The thing to take away is that you have to read ahead. Burnt Offerings won't really connect to the Campaign-proper unless you work to bridge it over. Don't sweat about Burnt Offerings. The overarching story doesn't really kick in until after.

Hey Fromper! Welcome to a great experience. Rise of the Runelords is my favorite published campaign to date.

My rule as a DM is: Build the game to suit your players. Its true that there isn't a ton of traps and things for Rogues, etcetera. I have a Rogue that is built to do that kind of thing, and so I add in extra traps, and I lock a few doors, easy as that.

Rise of the Runelords has a few other quirks. As far as treasure goes, your players are either getting a huge haul or next to nothing, so if your players need treasure to live, or if you just notice that you're in a part of the campaign that doesn't offer much, you should sprinkle a little extra in.

Also, the treasure that IS there throughout the whole campaign really favors the magic user, so consider replacing "Mage" treasure with items that anyone could use, or else add this in along with the standard awards.

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I have a preset number of Magic a Items available for sale outside of their gp limit predetermined. I heavily support crafting. My house rule is: if the players are selling magic items they don't want in order to get materials to make what they do want, I allow them the full price in gp to "siphon the magic" out of the thing that they don't want.

I think that there was something like it in 4e, but aim not sure.

One of my players who'd played up through the Glassworks before was metagaming this REALLY hard, and it pissed me off so I changed it. They are going to discover a contrite Tsuto. A Tsuto who asked his sister to the Glassworks to try and find some way to wiggle out of his commitments to the Enemy. Of course, when they find him he'll be tied up and being bled into the runewell to create sinspawn. When they rescue him, he'll revela that they took her to Thistletop after they discovered his betrayal.

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I had a player who has played through the first part of Burnt Offerings already metagame pretty hard, first about the Goblin Attacks on Sandpoint being linked to some kind of cult, and then aggressively going after Tsuto being the cause of Ameiko's disappearance after receiving the note from Bethana Corwin, even though her character had never met him, and didn't know anything about him.

I changed the Glassworks to show Tsuto in a positive light, i.e. he was captured and being bled into the runewell to create sinspawn, and confessed to loving Nualia, and changing his mind the more evil she became, and sending the players off to Thistletop where he said that Ameiko had been taken presumably to be sacrificed to Lamashtu.

That's where I am so far.

Hi there. Rise of the Runelords is my campaign of choice. I am running it right now over on the Dragonlance Forums!

My piece of advice would be to try not to bring any ancillary rulesets into the campaign, unless you are perpared for a major rewrite. As far as I can tell, the only Player-materials used for the campaign are the Core Rulebook and the Advanced Player's Guide, so I limited my players to these books when building characters.

As a rule, I am against using something on one side of the screen that I would not allow on both. If you make your encounter bosses Mythic, but the player characters are not, that would skew things into the realm of the unfair against the players. If you bypassed this by making the player characters mythic, then they will breeze through a lot of the campaign, so you'll have to beef up and rewrite a lot of it. Just stick to the PFCR and the APG.

My group is online at the Dragonlance Forums, here: nelords

They are as follows:

John 'Jack' Merriman, Male Human Rogue
Solangus Thrune, Male Human Fighter (Archer Archetype)
Goraxis Hammersplit, Male Dwarf Fighter
Victaria Grey, Female Human Cleric of Irori
Eulalia Gordon, Female Human Druid (Nobility Doman)
Erik Erlendson, Half Elf Bard (Savage Skald Archetype)
Kzvzk, Male?, Human?, Wizard (it's a weird, cool story)

They are about to hit level 2 after the Goblin raid on Sandpoint in Burnt Offerings.

Shameless plug! I am running the Rise of the Runelords AE campaign online on the Dragonlance forums for a group of seven players. I love gaming in this medium! They are just about to finish up the Goblin raid on Sandpoint in Burnt Offerings. I intend to ( and already have) altered the adventure in slight ways to accommodate the medium, and my players. Give it a read, and tell me what you think! Here's the link to the sub forum, where you'll also find an OOC chat thread, and their character sheets: nelords

I'd appreciate your feedback! Thanks!