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Muser wrote:
Then I'm off to head-butt ballista bolts and bounce gauss rounds off my thews.

"Only the substandard Inner sphere Gauss shells.Failed sibkin could do that"

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TOZ wrote:

Wow. No. Just no.

My monk could still flurry even if both arms and one leg were broken. He would just use his good leg for all attacks.

He still needs one leg? Freeborn Pansy.

"Barged well and done"

Glasses city from orbit

"You bid nothing. You do not have the right or the honor, you have no status, you are beneath bandits you are dead and not named. We shall end the corruption of life you are with every thing we have. You no nothing of the clans if you foolishly thought anything else"

Jenna of the Wolverines wrote:
Bring it on traitor to Kerenskey's vision!

"Say one who claims the legacy of those caste out by the founder. Those traitors to the clan, to Kerenskey and to the glory that was the Star league. You are worse then the ignorant traitor lords. You, who knew glory and honor and forsook it for greed and selfishness. You deserve nothing but annihilation and you shall have it"

Jenna of the Wolverines wrote:
Begone betrayer, we have come back to reclaim what is ours!

"You dare invoke the Not-Named! We shall annihilate you for you ill chosen daydreams, caste you body and your gifttake into the abyss. Those that claim the name of the annihilated share the same fate!"

"You! star wars stravaga out of the thread. We have claimed it and no one has seen fit to offer a counter bid. So out with the lot of you"

BPorter wrote:

(I check again to confirm I'm in the thread I started -- yep.)

Howdy Captain!

It's been awhile since I played Battletech/Mechwarrior, amigo, but you might want to get out of the cockpit and do a pre-ops check. From the way you're talking, I think the joystick ended up a bit further back than between your knees.

Y'all have yourself a good day now, y'hear!

(whistling innocently as I walk away) :)

"Spoken like a barbarian, I would Challenger you to a trial of grievance, Any stravaga who can not tell a mechwarrior form an elemental is so incompetent, killing you would be a service to your barbaric lords.."

"Another Challenger for this thread? I will repeat my bid as the last freebirth did not have to honor to except it, Typical. None the less I Star Captain Johnathan Fletcher of Clan Hells Horses accept your challenge and bid One Trinary of the 201st Mechanized Assault cluster of Gamma Galaxy In defense. What do you bid?"

Laithoron wrote:

Is it just me, or are there replies from what appears to be a PbP game getting mixed in with this topic? O_o;

"You lay claim to this thread? I Star Captain Johnathan Fletcher of Clan Hells Horses, bid One Trinary of the 201st Mechanized Assault cluster of Gamma Galaxy In defense. What do you bid?"

"You speak in riddles and dreams. Your poor freebirth mind is weak. It is to be expected."

Kai Allard-Liao wrote:
There can be no honorable combat with monsters that obliterate cities from orbit and use nuclear weapons against civilian populations. And don't forget that I did score five kills during my Trial of Position. However, if you've got a desire to put your money where your mouth is, I will arrange safe passage to Solaris VII for you to take your chances.

"You know so little of your own people crimes. No I do not give bandits and Dezgra warriors honor they have not earned. You would not know how to face a true warrior if you had to. You know nothing of the clans and your barbaric ignorance shows."

"Yes the clan you could not beat in single combat like a true warrior. They seem to like Dezgra warriors however,so maybe they will take you Abtakha."

"I do not know of this Alyina. Most likely more baseless propaganda from Debased Inner Sphere and the Dezgra warriors who serve it."

"Shut your freebirth mouth, you honorless coward " Grumbles about superfriends ruining everything

Operation Klondlike was the first BT product I have picked up in a very long time. I loved the SW era and loved the Invasion era but hated everything past 3055 with a passion. Words can not describe my hate of DA and the Jihad or how stupid I find both.

I have been a fed sun, a merc and a clanner. I just can't go past 3058, that is my 100% hard limit as far as time line goes. I have been liking the older era stuff but some of the 3039 retcons are messing up older stories and time lines big time.

Back to the RPG now

I didn't mind the lifepaths just the amount of work it took and lack of control. Want to play a front line clan MW..good luck. I disliked it greatly. It was a long boring random generator offing you little control over anything.

Ok more things, is it anything like Shadowrun 4? A point buy like system?

No I was not. No I can not do clicky tech for a few reason. Storyline is a big Hell no for me. But I do not like collectible mini games. Which is what clicky tech is.

Now I have no issue if you like that horrid DA time line To each his own, but you will not see me ever touching it.

I wanted to know more how does it play? Over complex lifepaths like 3e or something else. MW 1 and 2 e were not great games but 3e was a mess. I could never get a group to stay interested though char gen.

We normally uses 2e or kit bashed another system. So what I am wanting to know is just how does it play? Dice pools , target numbers? or what. I really do not know anything about it.

For those of you that do not know what I speak of a time of war is the new mech warrior RPG for batletech. I have long been burnt out of anything past 3058 in canon BT universe, but I do wonder if this is any good.

Well Trothkin does anyone have this? And if so is it any good.

Matthew Morris wrote:

So says the member of Clan: My Little Pony.

Feh, you can keep your clan tech, if I have to, I'll take a ROTS Void-sig Archer to make my point.

(Or just beat you with an X-tech Wolverine, to twist the knife)

"Neg, barbarian. Someday your dishonor might allow such a victory, but that day is not today."


Sorry, I have not kept up with the new toys and as you know do not play in that time line. I also play IS, but again not in that time line. Words can not express my hate for that rather silly timeline

baron arem heshvaun wrote:


The Iconic Widow Maker Mech!

Well played Moreland !

Gorbaz, to the Madcats! For House Kurita!

"A Timber Wolf tarnished by your barbaric freebirth hands is a horrendous thought."

One of these days we need to get a battletech game going with paizo folks. The RPG if nothing else. Anyone ever play megamek?

I agree, I grew tired of the superfriends, It just grew silly after 3055 if not before. Great setting as long as you stay pre 3055

I may pick the ruleset up but will not play past 3052-3055 offical timeline

Old school but welcome

I take it you do not like the hellions. Anyhow It can be fun after I mod it a bit..It needs to kill more stackpole characters..And this stone guy I think shall die a martyr to the cause

Yeah I will be changed a good part of the clan stuff. And anything and everything that leads to darkage. Still the Jihad while a bit silly looks like it could be fun. I have seen the 3075 TRO not really wild about it, bad art, alot of junk..the 2nd half with the age of war stuff however looked good.

Dies Irae wrote:

As for the Clans, I guess the whole personal honor thing got old real fast.

With Katrina and Vlad making little wolf pups somewhere out there and Khan Marthe "Shoot-Your-'Brother'-In-The-Back" Pryde leading the Falcons, I'm not surprised in general that the Clans are slowly warming up to the Inner Sphere way of doing things.

Especially since in canon, the Inner Sphere way of doing things did kick them in the teeth.

Then again, the whole Ghost Bear/Combine War did end with a massive set of individual duels set to a planetary scale, so you can't say that ALL the Clan traditionalists are gone.

Eh not only what I am talking about but, ya know with the Jihad where the hell are the rest of the clans? The wardens are dying to save the IS from evil..there it is. The crusaders are dying to wash away the evil of the corrupt IS..where are they?

Taking stupid pills as the DA time line calls for it. If I was to run a jihad game some things would change. Clans would not have some idiotic reaving war. Clans would act as they have been written to act before the Lord of all mary sue's got a hold of them for one. I mean there is much honor in killing wobbies And by Kerensky I want it!

Oh as an IS player did you think the fed come civil war was a bit over blown? Just wondering. Anyhow there is some hope they can brake away from the DA timeline now that WK is dead and clicky tech is gone...one can only hope

I will say my main issue with the current time line are 1: Clans not acting like clan, but IS with clan tech. 2 : tied to the goofy Dark age time line

But catalyst has done a hell of a job with the mess they got dealt all in all, The more I look at the new stuff it does intrigue me but It would have to be modified a bit.

I did get a kick out of finding out the dragoons got nuked. Made me smile
I will stand behind my hate of darkage, but talking on here has made me take another look at the jihad stuff. It can be salvaged and be a hell of a game it looks.

When I do play IS I tend toward merc's or the DC.I does warm my heart to see BT love on the forums however. Funny thing about that game is how you just pick a faction. You just kinda connect with one. And some times you can not say why you picked them or just what about your chosen faction calls to you, but there it is.

Since we are off topic kinda but it is RPG related so maybe not. What called you to your factions?

For me It was the logo at first. Sounds silly but I liked it. As more info came out With the horses use of Vee's the over use of Elemental(2/3rds of all starts are nova's} and just that clan's style of warfare and how they acted. How they saw things just really hit a code with me. Of all the clans they are the one I most wanted to role play. Nothing in the IS called to me like that. So I play a clanner mostly though shear flavor.I have a real pet peeve about folks who play the tech but do not play as clan.

The spoiler was funny and made me smile. Yeah starlord....... Still who ever plays a cannon game right. You will find this funny but I always wished the FWL got more screen time. I am so sick of Te fed com, House Davion and The bloody fed suns.

So many more interesting factions to write about

Have you had a chance to see the fast play rules yet?

Dies Irae wrote:

Turtle Bay has always been part of canon so I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that.

The Jaguars were condemned, even by their fellow Clansmen Civil unrest as justification to wipe an entire city off the map. No offense intended but... wait... wha...?

Well they had the right even by clan law to do so. Was it over handed and wasteful yes. Was it outright banned by clan law. No The rebellion hand to be put down. As the people of Edo bay helped the rebels they did have the right to treat them as bandits.

And they did. Not what most clans would have done but not a violation of clan law

Dies Irae wrote:

Having many worlds doesn't equate to having the necessary resources or the industrial base to do so. The Clan Homeworlds, as portrayed in the Clan Sourcebooks weren't exactly resource rich paradise.

This is way I was fine with that. I do not buy that as a whole but understand it and am good with it.

Dies Irae wrote:

The Smoke Jaguars left Tukayyid with 90% of the troops as casualties and less than 22% of their equipment salvageable. That's two galaxies thrown into a meatgrinder with absolutely nothing to show for it.

If one goes by the supposedly un-retconned older sourcebooks, these pretty much indicate that the Jaguars had only Gamma and Delta Galaxies as valid fighting units in the years following the carnage.

If the sourcebook reports are correct and both the Draconis Combine and Nova Cats immediately used the opportunity to enter multiple punch-ups with the Jaguars and settle old scores post Tukayyid, it ultimately explains how the Jaguars were unable to rebuild.

Yes they were under strength. But still does not explain the cake walk that was bulldog.

Dies Irae wrote:
Also, the whole Serpent route was done in a roundabout fashion to escape detection. The entire invasion was planned to avoid detection by NOT taking the direct route to the Clan Homeworlds and avoiding the populated systems en-route. You can call it BS, but when soldiers know where you live, have maps of your cities and am dropping in on your house with a good ten plus regiments of some of the finest soldiers the Inner Sphere has ever produced, BS or not, the Jaguars were going down. Minor skirmishing hiccups against ProtoMechs and cadets who got to their 'Mechs do not equate to pure hell (given the novels cover it from a MechWarrior's perspective rather than a strategic one and that, according to the Serpent sourcebook, they pacified the planet within a week).

I think we have a misunderstanding about what I call BS on serpent. Not the fact they hit the jags, but the fact the other clans just let them touch Strana Mechty. They dared to bring the horror of IS war to the homeworlds. They threaten the clans as a whole. The They should have never left clan space.

Let's be honest. A task force jumps into your homeworlds then threatens to rain total war down upon you. And you let them walk? you outnumber them 10 to 1 easy and you let them walk?

Again it's not that it was done but how it was handled that I call BS on. The superfriends just bug me. I do not care who they fight or when they fight they bug the hell out of me. The shear amount of mary sue's in one place can not be good. In fact clan scientist think that is what warped the universe into the madness it now is.

Better if we spaced em all. I mean we can let you win if we can kill at lest half of them. You may kill the other half if you like. Only fair after all

I did play out the great refusal fights a little while ago. Want to know how they ended:)

The ERPPC to victor's dire wolf head in round one was just a thing of beauty.

I myself started playing with level 1 tech. With that little book with 14 mechs and only two auto cannons. When SRM were called packs and so on.

I never liked the MW 3 rule set really. This one does hold promise. I would be more then happy to play in any era but the DA and the current one. Well I may play in the current one but I can not tell you the hate I have for Dark age.

I have been thinking of late an age of war game would be great. Or maybe some old school 4th sw games or a clan game set in the 2800's before the rise of clan tech. Just so may ideals for a good MW game

Anyhow sorry for the rambling. Elemental's are emotional people

Matthew Morris wrote:

The other thing to remember about the Smoked Kitties.

They lied.

A lot.

They overstated their strength to the other clans Tourmans. Ironically the bidding process helped with that.

They sat on a genetic repository that was never used.

They developed Protos *because* they were starved for resources.

They also had no qualms about using orbitals or biologics. The later would have been grounds for a trial of annialation.

And this is where the recon comes in. The jag tourman were big, as large as wolf and falcon if not bigger. This was reconed in the Tofc books

point 2 also recon.
point 3 was a way to give the clans weakness, never made sense but I can roll with that. How can anyone be short of metal with many worlds and astorld fields to mine this is counter to all data before that

Also recon, they did use orbital, overhanded they were but they had the right to do so.

If ya read the pre totc stuff ya see a huge diff in how things were written.

Of coarse I was also not pleased with some pre clan IS recons of late either

However the fast play rules hold promise so I can always play in an era of a alt time line more to my liking. Age of war game would be just fantastic

Dies Irae wrote:

Like it or not, the Clans got curb-stomped on Tukayyid facing Inner Sphere brand warfare (though the Com Guards bled themselves white doing so).

Bulldog was a smash and starve operation. You're right that it went a bit too fast, but generally, Clan Assault 'Mechs used with Clan tactics work utter rubbish against Inner Sphere tacticians except in a straight up fight.

See this is the issue. I was cool with tukayyid, as both sides bleed. Bulldog was a pure smash, no stave. Look at the time table there was zero wait em out it was pure up assault. I read the books long ago now, it was a pure assault. I am good with them loosing not with bulldog not bleeding hard for it.

And I will call BS on everything serpent.

As for the Wob I did not mean totals, but you proved my point. They have more forces then any one clan or great house. Sorry where the hell did it come from? I don't buy the well the FWL sold it all to us. No one builds up that kind of force in the IS without the houses finding out.

Clan is my main chosen faction but I just can't believe the IS is that incompetent. Someone somewhere would have seen something.

Dies Irae wrote:

In general, I'm okay with Bulldog and the Jihad as slate cleansers because it restores Battletech's status quo and the balance of power by kicking the 'ubermensch' or 'superstate' off their pretty pedestal.

Generally, I'm happy with how Catalyst is handling the whole thing. The release of source books targeting the different eras makes me a happy camper, since I am one of those evolutionary throwbacks who actually prefers the Succession Wars era to any other.

I really dislike the Jihad, it could have been alot more interesting without it. Bulldog succeeds at a deep price serpent fails. Some clans invade, the Fedom falls apart,... and so on. But I no longer will use the current timeline I find it silly, and I loath recons

I do like catalyst as a whole and I give them credit for the many era's of play. Nice work on the age of war stuff that be a fantastic era to play in

Freehold DM wrote:

Sorry but I just couldn't resist. Most hardcore MW/BT fans swear they have no problem with their favorite(or indeed, any) clan losing, but then IMMEDIATELY whip out statistics showing that there is no way this could EVER happen. Ditto on the Mary Sue issue- it's okay when Clans are shown to be infallible in almost every way(unless fighting each other), but the instant IC does anything other than grab their ankles when dropships appear in the upper atmosphere, suddenly something is very wrong. And god forbid the IC should mount a SUCCESSFUL offensive...

I'm sorry. This is coming out a lot harsher than I want it to. It's just that YES, the IC is capable of doing something other than bleeding all over Clan fists, and NO, clans are not infallible.

Aff the clans are not Infallible. And yes the jags could have lost. I have no issue in the loosing but the fact that the Bulldog forces took almost zero loses. At five to one the Jags would lose. But Let me ask you this. If you played this out even at five to one odd, how easy would the IS forces Kill front line elite Jag forces?

The serpent got hurt by unblooded sibkin? So the best of the clan in assault mechs could not hurt the IS forces but cadets made em bleed bad?
I would not have minded if Bulldog had fit. Going out while decimating all sides fit. I would play you 5 to one odds any day with Jag heavy's and Assaults and just see if I only hurt 1 mech.

We both know you will win, just as we both know it will cost you a damned lot to win.

My grip is over how it was done not that it was done. And I hate the fact the clans got the IQ of a bean every time victor was withing 100 light years of them. Clans not acting like clans is another huge issue for me. They write them like IS with clan tech now.

The clans are not the IS with better weapons.

I also found the Fedcom civil war over blown and silly as well as the Jihad its just silly. The have more troops then all the clans, then all the houses and more weapons then god. The clans could not do what they are doing. The fed com could not do it. The houses could not do it in what 4 wars. But by blake they can do it!

sorry very silly. Do not get me started on the silliness of the dark age

Well bulldog bugged me bad. You take out one of the toughest clans with no sweat yet when ya get to the homeworld cadets give you pure hell?

Then the leadership take stupid pills for about 15 years, act like idiots while the super friends have zero issues doing well anything. I don't mind clans losing, what I did mind was Mary sue being untouchable while doing it. Sure bull dog could have worked but even with 5 to one odd the Jags would have inflicted a damned lot of damaged on the IS forces. Jags used heavy's and assaults in 2/3rds of all stars. They did not flee they stood and died and if you play that out, the IS takes 30-50% looses from every battle. Not 10% over all

You take one of the most aggressive clan, place them in a corner and let them know they face death. Then send in the IS forces and tell me how easy that was.

That is my issue with Bulldog. Serpent is another matter which is even worse. The clans warden or crusader do not let the IS just pop into the homeworlds let alone wage IS style war . Serpent should have never made it out of the Homeworlds. Clan warships outnumbered them at lest 50 to 1

So yeah I had real in setting issues with that and the vast amount of recons of late

I will not play DA or the current time line. Devilin Stone is just more victor and the superfriends. Wob having more troops then god is just funny

The clans could not do it with better tech and solders. The great houses could not do it in 4 wars. Fedcom could not do it even having half the sphere, but WOb can! And guess what they have been running everything for 2 hundred years. even knew about the clans ahead of time, with the not named being part of then and all

To many recons, to much hand waving. And to much over the top fiat. Where are the wardens? why did not every single warden clan unify and hit the WoB hard? Where are the crusader? Why did they not slam the Wob hard?

Here is the one unifying thing and they did not act like clan. They act like IS with clan tech in canon now.

I find it silly. I will play any era that is set before 3058. I will never run a game set in canon after that as it is no longer the setting I used to enjoy but more you got shadowrun in my battletech

I find the whole mess silly

No thank you. Clans do not even act like clans in canon any longer. Sorry if 17 clans could not overcome the IS I refuse to watch one group overrun everything.

They have pulled out more men and gear then all the great houses and all the clans. They somehow had ,who knows how many elite troops and warships "hid" everywhere. Cyber solders and ultra secret Illuminati type groups that really ran everything for hundreds of years...ugh

Then all the recons to make bad guys good guys, and make stuff work that really should not work.

I also find it odd that every single warden clan has not made a bee line for the IS. Here is what you said you we're waiting for! Then where are the crusaders? why have they not come for battle?

I find the whole thing silly

Neg. From what I have picked up word of black has waged a war vs the whole Inner sphere. Nuking and over running worlds with massive ease. They have pulled out more warships then god, have cyber troopers and enough nukes to kill mankind. Add on top of that clans no longer even act like clans and they plan to kill most of em off anyhow.

Sigh I'll never go past 3058 with canon, and most times not past 3052. The ease of bulldog and serpent along with Victor and the super friends just killed me with canon

They have not reverted back. They are in the build up for dark age. Sad really.

Have to check out the fast play even if I refuse to play in the current timeline

Freehold DM wrote:

Neckbeard!!! ::opens fire with LRM 20::

Keep laughing until my point pulls your corpse from he shattered cockpit of your battlemech

-Star Captain Johnathan Fletcher, 666th Mechanized Assault Cluster, Beta Galaxy. Clan Hell's Horses


No offense. And just what is a neckbeard? Your freebirth slang is jarring

"I do so love a good battle. I do not fallow the current timeline, I was finished with it upon the stupidity that was Bulldog and Serpent. Much less everything that came after. Clans not acting like clans, WoB massive army's from, well everywhere and so on. I will not comment on my hate of "dark age" or how moronic I find the whole thing. I do so like the setting but I never use cannon past 3058 if I even get past 3052"

-Star Captain Johnathan Fletcher, 666th Mechanized Assault Cluster, Beta Galaxy. Clan Hell's Horses

Benjamin Ravenheart wrote:
Matthew Morris wrote:

Infiltrator II, standard stealth, jump 3, magshot, 1 hex ECM 6 points of armor Being able to equal or outrange most everything 'cept a Corona or Undine and can keep shooting after the clan SRMs run dry. It's like a portable SRM 4-6 that doesn't run dry.

Void Jump 4, improved stealth, 5 points armor, NC version packs a magshot as well.

Hauberks are nasty if you have a vehicle to deploy them.

Heh... Much like what's going on with Forgotten Realms now, I had chosen to stop my BattleTech at 3065 and not fiddle with the 'new' tech like snubbies and such. I'm happiest when the most advanced tech on the table is Triple Strength Myomer. ;)

Same way here, going the wizkid route is one I will not go. I think I can salvage a good setting if I start messing with the timeline about 3058 or so.

Still I have been playing with the new rule set on mega mek, It is different but not to bad. I say the new units will be added to it shortly I may check them out

"I really dislike how they have reshaped the clans. Look at the mechs from 3050-3058 or so, Clan mechs are functional for the most part but not "Lets make them scary" which I find outside most clansmen's mindset. Mechs are weapons of war, they should be functional not childish monsters. I am gonna guess in TRO3075 They use a great many of the Darkage mechs . If so I shall stand by the term silly"

"Something else, Did anyone else find the way proto-mech's look silly?"

Matthew Morris wrote:

I've developed a love of MML5 and Snubbie PPCs myself. Though nothing beats a point of Infiltrator II, though the void's a close second.

"I know I am out of the loop as I have zero Ideal what they are. Whats the Infiltrator II got over save a point of gnome or standard elemental armor?"

Peace LVR wrote:
Whoa dude! War is not the answer. We have to learn to live in harmony with nature and with each other. Luv, man! Luv is the way.

"I shall show you love, I Will crush the life from your useless body with the battle fist of my armor"

-Star Captain Johnathan Fletcher, 666th Mechanized Assault Cluster, Beta Galaxy. Clan Hell's Horses

Well, I am looking into it. I have nothing bad to say about catalyst as they have done a fine job keeping it alive. However I really hate darkage and the Over handedness of Bulldog and serpent left a bad taste in my mouth.

So count so far would be two fedcoms, a merc a coyote and a Horsemen

After looking over it, really not dure I like this new time line, I really hated the darkage one anyhow...I mean just how did the WoB get that many machines and people?

"That indeed is the best treehouse ever built"

Ya know I have had thoughts of using shadowrun 4 as a base rule set for it.

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