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Where? Oh where has my chaos gone. All try singing this in EFF Sharp.

P.S. or P.C.P. Taco bell has made my flavor obsolete!

Go Knights Go!

Wrong! And you Sir, Sunomono Slaad, would be safer at Mandalay Bay.

Ugh. That popping neuron under the cranium tells me that the Spicy Nacho Salad is no long on the Taco Bell menu.

:::meanders out of the middle navel of an alternate universe:::

Wow everybody, I have the number 4 from Sesame Street, 3 hub cabs marked property of Frias, 2 lava lamps, and 1 bear in a bare tree. Who wants to antie up?

Sunomono Slaad wrote:
Spicy Nacho Slaad wrote:
Hey! What are you doing in my intestines?!
Rearranging the bookshelves. I must say, you have good taste in literature.

All that and after Easter too. Ah. That's where my copy of Cooking Chicken: KFC Style went.

Maelstrom Taig wrote:

My thoughts exactly. Hey! What are you doing in my intestines?!

John Kretzer wrote:

Here are some Slaad jokes...

How many slaads does it take to screw in a light Bulb?

** spoiler omitted **

Why did the Slaad cross the Road?

** spoiler omitted **

So a Slaad and a Madron are stranded on a deserted island and found a genie's lamp. They rub the the lamp and a genie promise each a wish...

The mouton wishes that order be brought to the island. The genie grants the wish...

The genie than turns to the slaad...

** spoiler omitted **

Exactly. For your effect at humor, you get "egged."

Hello Baby! Hell0 My Darling! Hello My Ragtime Slaad!

I stepped on that frog once and I haven't stopped bouncing since.

Hey Slaadlings and older Slaadites! I'm back! Or am I front?!

Am I on the Taco Bell Lunch Menu?

Too many people to egg on the Strip this year. Can a fellow Slaad help a fellow Slaad chaoticly by egging party-goers on the Strip this year?

I do not plant fruit. fruit plants me.

Sunomono Slaad wrote:
I traded them for 3d3 magic pineapples.

2 walnuts for 4 pineapples.., GOOD J.O.B. Oh wait, those pineapples are the future in "eggings" I can hear the screams all the way from Barsoom.

J.O.B. means Jell-Oed Obnoxious Blobs

What about my walnuts?

An image just spranf to mind. One of a large flaming flying rat.. Don't know why...

}}}}Scratches his walnuts{{{{

Seriously! What did you think I was doing?!

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Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh....

Now, I feel rusty...

Sunomono Slaad wrote:

*shoves Flute Slaad acute-angled end first into a trombone, then plays trombone, launching Flute Slaad at hypersonic speed straight at Shrimp Slaad*


Sounds good.., er chaotic fur a change...



I just realized I'm no longer on the Taco bell food menu. Time to "egg" so corporate heads.., and bodies.

:::slaps Flute Slaad with a bag of nails:::

I've done 3 in a row. Anyone care for 13?

A criminal record at 64 rpms, a Strudee baseball bat, filty sneakers, don't ask, and a wheel of misfortune.

Tossed Slaad wrote:
Naturally, the truth lies where all four of those intersect.

Dam. I mean the large concrete thingy.

Tossed Slaad wrote:
I only read beauty tips.


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Eggs the thread for the hope of a chaotic 2016.

...and too all a slaadi knight...

:::eggs anything that looks avian or fowl:::

Shut up! I'm trying to stay awake.

That was a weird dream. I thought I was a bird or something.

I'm back! Or am I afront?

Slams the front fender first and engine into the thread with a Toyota Sienna and steps out of the crushed wreck wearing a black shirt with a stylized letter "U" dripping with Heinz 57 sauce.

"There you go. Price surging at triple the rate and quality service. That will 5,013 Domars and a bucket of shrimp"

Left angle! No, wait, Gene Simmons is the Messiah.

Tossed Slaad wrote:
Spicy Nacho Slaad wrote:
Skies into the thread with power drills in each hand, carrying a large beer keg on his back and wearing a shirt displaying the phrase: "Uber sucks!"
Maybe you just need to upgrade your Uber service.

Never! It's better to "Tip and Egg" a fare than swipe their car from them.

Skies into the thread with power drills in each hand, carrying a large beer keg on his back and wearing a shirt displaying the phrase: "Uber sucks!"

Well, those air Asian flights will no longer have any problems.

Potato Slaad wrote:

...with bacon!

Had a tooth yanked out last week. Novocain.., The dentist even let keep the vice pliers. Afterwards, I egged him.

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You know, slaads don't believe in public safety.

stamps his voting ballot with a dead chicken

There! It's done.

Ah,Election Day. Can you just smell the red, white, blue and egg in the air. Cast your vote by egging your favored canidate. More than six times if you prefer chaos in your national pride.

What did the Sladlings get for Halloween?

Again in Sea Minor

"Get out off my dreams, get into my cab!"

They would scream, wouldn't they?

Sorry, I meant sea minor.

gurgles salt water, kelp, and some tuna fish heads loudly

belches loudly in C minor

Little children and their flamethrowers these days...

Potato Slaad wrote:
Oh, what sexy legs she has, as she struts down the hall.

Really, how did they taste?


swipes the can of tuna and swallows it

I'm your can oper.

You said the magic word!

Up from the large gurgling slaad fountain rises two large speakers, rectangular and all thumping a heavy techno rhythm.

Touched by the Speakers, now I am jealous. I wnt to know him.

Developed? Sounds too lawful. How about a blind taste test? Nothings more chaotic than a blind taste test.

Never tried that. How does it taste?

Food particles so small you can barely taste them!

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