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Must have for Starship Lovers


I want to start out this review by making it clear that if you’re not bought into the fundamentals of the way starship combat works, this book is not likely to change your mind. However, that doesn’t change the fact that this book offers a number of fantastic options for both GMs and players to further enhance their experience using starships in their games.

For players:

- A multitude of new items to use in starship construction, including new weapons, systems and expansion bays. Personal highlights include modules that allow you to use class abilities during starship combat, alternate forms of armor and shields, and AI modules that can offer more aid during starship engagements

- New rules for boarding actions and squadron based combat to add more variety and tactical considerations to play

For GMs

- A multitude of premade ships to use in your game. Including lore and special abilities based on specific manufacturers.

-New rules systems for fleet-based combat as well as rules for atmospheric combat and space hazards

-Rules for creating starship-scale creatures

-Guidelines for starship building, including setting BP budgets

-Suggestions for ways to use starships beyond just their function within starship combat, including suggested plots and ways to make starship combat more interesting.

Ultimately, this is a must-buy for anyone who has an interest in using starships in Starfinder!