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I'll tell you guys what I'm using so far...

Legendary Games plug-ins:
Road to Destiny during Brinewall Legacy
The Baleful Coven during The Hungry Storm
Under Frozen Stars during The Hungry Storm

Feast of Ravenmoor during Brinewall Legacy
Curse of the Riven Sky after Night of Frozen Shadows
Ruby Phoenix Tournament before The Forest of Spirits

Dungeon Magazine adventures:
#117 The Winding Way at the end of The Hungry Storm
#119 Tomb of Aknar Ratalla after The Forest of Spirits
#134 And Madness Followed before Night of Frozen Shadows

Dark and Stormy Knight (old 3.- module) before the campaign begins set in the Tors in the Sandpoint Hinterlands.

I'm also incorporating some statblocks I found for the monsters from the movie "Grabbers" for when they return from Brinestump Marsh. I would love to catch the PCs during their drunken celebrations after their foray into the swamp.

I would also like to try and squeeze in some Pathfinder Society goodness with some scenarios set in Varisia and Tian Xia. But I'm not sure if I will do that because I really don't want to overdo it.

Thanks for the additional posts. My game got pushed back quite a bit with us running other campaigns so I haven't actually been able to start yet. I appreciate everyone's suggestions. Thanks!

I guess this should have gone in the "Homebrew" section. Oops.

Has anyone created a creature that could accurately represent the alien from John Carpenter's "The Thing"? I would love to toss it into an adventure but I'm not sure where to start.

Ethereal plane

The One Who Waits
High Magister of the Void

I am not the biggest fan of Rogue...

That being said I have a build I wanna try.
Fighter4/Knife Master Rogue3/Assassin3/Master Spy10

It's for a serial killer PC idea I have. I think it would be decent enough in combat and able to avoid detection.

Not really on-topic but I felt I would share it in here.

I wasn't very clear. Sorry.

We go with the "he got hit by 3 attacks with poison so only 1 save at DC 24" way of doing it. When I said he failed all of his subsequent saves I meant that he failed each round (total duration of the poison being 12 rounds) and he died. I think he died at the end of his 5th round.

Character name : Trayton - Elf Witch 4
Adventure : Night of Frozen Shadows
Location : Rondom Inn
Catalyst : The party decided to rent out the entire inn and ambush whoever was shadowing them and killing off unimportant NPCs

They were unsuccessful goading their shadows the first night but on the second night at the inn 4 tengu ninja (lvl 4) decided to pay them a visit. They decided to lay low in the common room with the Catfolk ranger on watch. I allowed the ranger to spot doors seemingly opening on their own and give warning to the party (avoid a TPK).

The witch heard the warning and awoke. (I rule that awakened PCs are staggered on their first round allowing only one move or standard action) He decided to stand up giving his invisible assailants a nice squishy target. He was hit with three Deathblade poisoned darts and he subsequently failed every DC 24 fortitude save. (Deathblade DC 20 +4 for the additional two doses and the duration extended to 12 rounds) He collapsed dead at the feet of the oracle as combat was drawing to a close.

My party has 6 PCs and their level is a little higher than the module calls for so I don't pull too many punches. The next morning he received a Resurrection from the Seal so it's powers are dormant for the next 28 days. (4 week recharge for the 1/month ability of the Seal) Now all of the players are worried about ninjas and poison. Muahahaha!

Character name : Tarence - Human Paladin 3
Adventure : Brinewall Legacy
Location : Brinewall Keep
Catalyst : Belostomatid "Giant Toe-Biter"

They walked into the courtyard with the pool of water, the belostomatid emerged looking for a treat. The paladin confronts the insect and gets bitten for his efforts, fails his saving throw and becomes paralyzed. The insect realizing it's dinner is now helpless (feeding time) begins to eat him. Coup de grace... The monk misses his attack of opportunity and the paladin dies. The insect is killed the subsequent round.

Paladin PC ran Scribbleface the rest of the module till they found the seal and his corpse was returned to life.

Jason, are there any plans for further plug-in modules? I'm excited to run The Baleful Coven and Under Frozen Stars in my Jade Regent group. Further add-ons would be awesome because I'm trying to get my group up to levels 20+.

This thread is gold! Thanks for some awesome ideas!

Thanks, gamer-printer! I just picked up #30 Haunts. It looks like I could sprinkle a few of them in around the entrance into Tian Xia. You guys have been a lot of help!

Thanks for all of the ideas, folks! So far I'm going with "Feast of Ravenmoor", "Baleful Coven" / "Under Frozen Stars" (just downloaded both of those), "Frozen Wind" and "The Ruby Phoenix Tournament".

So far so good. I'm certainly open to any other suggestions.

Thanks again!

Hello everybody!

As you can tell by the title I am searching for suggestions for adding modules to the Jade Regent path for side-quests. I have a goal to have the Campaign reach 20th level and I need some ideas for extra stuff to do to get there. (I have no problem tweaking things here or there in the adventures to adjust challenges to suit the higher level PCs later in the path)

I am already planning on adding "Feast of Ravenmoor" into "The Brinewall Legacy" any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. I don't plan on running this campaign for a few more months so I've got some time to prepare.

Thanks in advance!

This past weekend I was texting my ex-girlfriend quite a bit for the first 45 minutes or so. Then I was done and fully into the game till I started falling asleep 5 hours in. Am I a distraction? I'm certain some people would think so. Luckily those people aren't in my group which has been the same core 6 people for years.

Sometimes you can't help but have a session where you aren't completely into the action for a little while. But, I could imagine how somebody constantly texting would be an issue. But then it makes me wonder who the complainers are and how would they like it if someone gave them crap if they got some texts for once. If it is genuinely disruptive to the group then deal with it.

I was running a Tiefling Aristocrat 1/Witch 5 in STAP. I didn't really get much crap for my race choice in Sasserine or any Olman villages. But, alas, he has perished as of last evening. I have replaced him with a Red Shirt NPC on the Isle of Dread (who is a goblin in disguise and hiding) but he let the party in on his race as soon as he got fed up and joined the fight.

I have to admit that I made a goblin Rogue 2/Fighter 4 with a spiked chain just to prove that a small sized crappy PC race can still be a good melee character. So far he's been fun to run.

My first character... Minotaur Fighter "Khann Vilar"

Favorite melee... Dwarven Battlerager "Anktor Fallinghammer"

Most memorable... Aasimar Cleric(Mystra)/Sorceror/Paladin/Abjurant Champion "Jeremitrius Trask" aka "J.T."

Favorite to play... Half-Elf Cleric(Pelor)/Radiant Servant/Contemplative "Lantz Aulren" We finished the AoW campaign! Yay!

J.T.'s replacement (because he died a LOT and retired)... Human Sorceror "Al-Amin Rashid el-Hazir Fazid" yeah...

Current character... Tiefling Aristocrat/Witch(Trickery) "Fernando Coronado" playing STAP.

I play nothing but Pathfinder but I still refer to it as D&D... Especially when speaking to those who aren't into the game. They wouldn't know what "Pathfinder" is but they recognize "D&D".

The fact that the OP mentioned kiting made me shake my head...

Currently reading "Brain Cheese Buffet". It's rather off-the-wall and entertaining!

We camped outside the wall in a rundown shell of a building. Although, we woke up the next day to the sounds of a hydra about to attack. Rise and shine!

For our current campaign we...

Roll 4d6, re-rolling all 1s and drop the lowest.
Roll 7 stats and drop the lowest.
Whoever out of our group got the highest combined number by adding up their 6 stats determined what we had to work with. I believe it was 88. Everyone had the same stat totals to start.

I tried to find something on Crystalkeep the other day and realized they took the files down. But, I went to Canonfire and found the info I wanted on the Wiki.

In our STAP campaign I'm playing a Witch. But, I have replacement character concepts on the back burner and one of them is an old-aged human barbarian. I'd be willing to take the penalties for fluff reasons.

Our group played thru the AoW campaign and it was awesome. Everything from the start to fighting the BBEG at the end was a blast. And now we are playing the STAP and it's set 15 years after our victory in our last campaign.

Our GM has told us that our other group of PCs is now working to stop a lvl 50+ Titan of some sort. It's cool that we're campaigning to stop whatever is in store for this campaign and knowing that our last group of epic lvl heroes is still fighting the good fight.

The worst experience I've had with a DM "cheating" is...

A GM we had a couple years ago would succeed at EVERY fort or will save he ever had to make but would allow his mooks to fail ref saves. This went on for a while to the point that the players stopped using potentially powerful spells/abilities for crummy 10d6 ref save spells etc.

We had arguments and the GM would say "Why would I allow one player to end an encounter with one spell/ability? It ain't gonna happen."

Now, it has gotten better since then but that experience made all of us players revolt and boot him from behind the screen. I for one favor diverse casters over blasters and I couldn't stomach it.

I'm currently reading "John Dies at the End". Good read so far.

I usually get on here before I make my lunch and get ready for work. (Now)

Recently I've been listening to Alex Jones radio before work. So, I listen to his talk show while perusing the Paizo boards.

0gre wrote:
Spaetrice wrote:

Personally, I like all of the bloodlines. I ran a 3.5 Sorceror from FR who was from Calimshan and I may be converting him someday and the Efreeti bloodline works like a champ for him.

To each their own really.

Isn't the efreeti bloodline about 80% identical to the fire elemental bloodline?

I guess I shouldn't get so frustrated about the bloodlines because a lot of people do like having a bunch. At this point we've gotten two major books since core and bloodlines are still all we see. I'd like to see some more options for existing characters and other ways to customize sorcerers

I do like the Wildblood because it gives a good set of new options and fixes some of the perceived issues with existing bloodlines.

It is very similar, yes. But like I said to each their own. I like fluff... My character is from Calimshan and is a descendant of an Efreet. So, I would've taken the Fire Element but now I can take Efreeti. It's the little things I guess.

But, I do agree that Archtypes or whathaveyou for Sorcerors would be nice, too.

Oh, forgot... I agree that it's perfectly cool for the GM to throw baddies at the PCs with Slumber or Misfortune. If the PCs have it then NPCs can as well. But like I said in my first post, don't be a one-trick pony. Don't abuse potentially aggravating abilities.

Don't be surprised when you see your fighter pal drop into a coma then get eviscerated if your party uses that tactic like it's going out of style.

I made a witch for a short-term campaign about 4 months ago and I picked the Slumber hex right away. Granted if your melee buddies were in the correct position Slumber/CdG works like a champ. And I used the Hex a lot (even against the fighter 1/day out of combat just messing around).

But, our group is now at the beginning of the STAP and I made another witch and chose Misfortune instead. There are just as many groans coming from the GM table when his baddies fail that save. Oh, and I use it sparingly. I think it depends most on the mindset of the player. If I know my character posseses the ability to piss off the GM then I will use it against BBEG or when encounters are winding down to one or two baddies left.

Everyone at the table is there to have fun, including the GM.

I had a cleric of Pelor in a 3.5 run thru of Age of Worms. I used my same armor and weapons from character creation (lvl 9 replacement of my first character).

I found a Sun Blade towards the end of the campaign and I picked it for obvious Pelorian-themed reasons. But, hey... I never swung a melee weapon till I picked that bad boy up and when we rode into Alhaster at the end-game I actually meleed things and killed a couple Kyuss knights.

I promptly went back to Turning/Healing/Blasting but it was a nice change to hurt things with a weapon. The Sun Blade is cool.

Personally, I like all of the bloodlines. I ran a 3.5 Sorceror from FR who was from Calimshan and I may be converting him someday and the Efreeti bloodline works like a champ for him.

To each their own really.

I for one am all for dinosaurs in Pathfinder. I like the thought of them being rare and remote. Also, I see people complaining about firearms and I'm all for them as well. Heck, the thought of magical airships is also appealing to me.

My good bud TheWhiteKnife is our DM. He does a great job.

But, after perusing the different campaign journals I think it would be interesting playing in a group with Killer GM or Turin the Mad at the helm. Those guys seem to run meatgrinder games and I bet it's a blast.

I tried a Cleric/Sorceror/Paladin/Monk/Abjurant Champion/Arcane Monk PrC (Can't remember the name).

Now, this was 3.5 and it was rough going at first. But, I did alright till I had a rash of deaths around 8-10th Lvls and had to retire him. But, all in all I had fun playing it.

Half-Vampire/ Half-Fiend/ Two-Headed Minotaur... Rouge/ Assassin... Dual wielding greataxes. I believe we started at an adjusted lvl of 25. Yup. I ran this in a one-shot game and the rest of the party went all out as well.

The DM told us to go all out and we did. He was kinda stunned when we rolled in with our monstrosities.

TheWhiteknife wrote:
Dennis Harry wrote:

Raknian and Okoral escaped in my game as well. The ulgurstasta did not sacrifice Auric so he did not receive a reward from Kyuss.

I plan on reintroducing them in Alhaster to increase the tension at the dinner party.

There are a few murder investigation Dungeon adventures set in Sharb in Eberron. Murder in Oakbridge is in the same Dungaon issue that A Gathering of Winds is in. Chimes at Midnight is another mystery adventure and that is in the Dungeon magazine which contains the AoW adventure with the Giants. There is one other similar Eberron adventure in the very last print issue of Dungeon called Quoth the Raven.

Nothing else is coming to mind at the moment though the old Second Edition Greyhawk Boxed Set may have scenarios similar to what you are looking for but it has been a while since I looked through it.

Oooo I wish I had thought of reintroducing them in Alhaster. That's a good one. Alhaster is a great place to reintroduce old villians that got away, simply because the PC's cant easily attack them without serious repercussions.

Yeah? Like Filge being a poison/potion merchant in Alhaster? Bleh. It would've been nice to finish Raknian off... Oh well, we did win D&D afterall. Filge's sons in ST was a nice touch.

Or group has had one DM utterly collapse his own game on numerous occasions. After each instance (not getting into the details) he sulks and plays under another DM. But, he waits and drops hints that he wants to run. Then he drops more hints, or tries to get another group on different days.

Each time we've given in and he'll do just fine for a few sessions. Then he'll introduce this "little tweak of a houserule" or we'll get into a group vs. DM arguement and the campaign will crash about 7-10 sessions in. He argues that "I'm DM here, it's my rules!" and we promptly demote him. He still can't see what the other DM does differently to keep the group having fun.

He had a separate group on different days that recently up and relocated their game. And, now he's dropping hints again. It's mind-numbing!

I kept myself neatly trimmed until about three years ago. Now I trim a few times a year. I shave it all off once a year just for kicks. I like my beard and look funny without it.

CourtFool wrote:

Do you have strong feelings about it? I find it irritating. In these financially difficult times, it seems to me, an uncouth American, that the monarchy is a parasite on the people of Britain.


The Mongolian army was planning on attacking (and conquering) Rome... But then, Genghis Khan died and his army returned to Mongolia. Think about it.

Reaperbryan wrote:

I had a player in a group I ran several years ago that would hone in on the creature's AC. 14 Misses? ok. 17. Hit? ok. 15? Hit? Monster's AC is 15, got it! From that moment forward, for the rest of the combat, he miraculously never missed again. And any round he hit, once I knew he knew the monster's AC, it also hit. He missed, it missed. Once he figured that out, he stopped calling out the numbers he wanted.

My typical approach with roll-fudgers is the same. If you never miss me, I never miss you. Players that I trust their rolls, my rolls are likewise legitimate.

The group I play in tends to call out enemy ACs during combat once we figure it out. But we do it more to speed things up... Get our actions done before it's our turn. You hear plenty of...

DM: PC1 you're up.

PC1: I move to here to flank, take your attack of opportunity, and I miss.

But then there's plenty of...

DM: PC2 you're up.

PC2: I 5 ft. Step and do 17 pts of dmg.

Now, it's possible that some fudging is being done but I don't know. We do try to keep each other honest by watching each others rolls from time to time but in general we just go with it. Usually the only time attention is called to rolls is if someone rolls a 20 and points and makes some kinda "oh yeah!" comment.

In our AoW game Filge was let loose way back in Diamond Lake.

Later, he resurfaced in Alhaster as a merchant.

Now, the same group is playing in Savage Tide (set 15 years after our AoW campaign) and Filge has two sons who run a Taxidermist/Potions/Sundries shop.

Talk about recurring name-dropping! I was waiting to see Smenk pop up after we had run him out of Diamond Lake but nope, Filge again. Haha!

I have no clue about how big the lake is.

But, when I played thru the AoW our party agreed to help clean up the lake. We disposed of pollutants from the mining operations and did some other things to try and clean up the environs in and around Diamond Lake.

The idea that aliens, a funky laser gun with a couple shots left or even a crashed spaceship might be found in a fantasy setting is just fine by me.

Used sparingly something so odd and out of place can be fun. Heck there are people who believe that aliens visited Earth thousands of years ago and may still be doing so today. Anyone ever watch the show "Ancient Aliens"?

Or you could make up some aberrations that aren't common knowledge and introduce them as "aliens" in your campaign. Knowledge checks don't seem to tell the PCs much about them... I guess they'll find out soon enough!

I'm playing a Witch with the Trickery patron in a STAP group and I plan on taking Improved Familiar: Quasit.

Now, I'm definitely doing this mostly for "fluff" reasons but I'm sure with the new rules on familiar death in PF (over 3.5) that I'll certainly try to use my Quasit more so than the monkey I have now.

I've always thought of poison use as "unlawful" rather than "evil".

I don't GM at all so I don't really know the names of individual adventures.

But, I found the entire AoW AP to be very enjoyable and STAP is shaping up to be a lot of fun.

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