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Has anyone created a creature that could accurately represent the alien from John Carpenter's "The Thing"? I would love to toss it into an adventure but I'm not sure where to start.

Hello everybody!

As you can tell by the title I am searching for suggestions for adding modules to the Jade Regent path for side-quests. I have a goal to have the Campaign reach 20th level and I need some ideas for extra stuff to do to get there. (I have no problem tweaking things here or there in the adventures to adjust challenges to suit the higher level PCs later in the path)

I am already planning on adding "Feast of Ravenmoor" into "The Brinewall Legacy" any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. I don't plan on running this campaign for a few more months so I've got some time to prepare.

Thanks in advance!

I believe this is the name of the Prc in the Expedition to Castle Ravenloft module.

Has anyone made a Pathfinder version of this Prc?

Any groups have an interesting team name?

Our group at the time consisted of three dwarves and the party "leader" was a drunken dwarven ftr/brb and the name we used was " 'Till She Grows a Beard "

Anyone? It seems nearly impossible finding any gamers other than the group of 6 I play in now. Surely TheWhiteKnife and myself aren't the only people from around here on these boards.

Okay, I am currently trying to develop a campaign set in the FR but I'll be using the Pathfinder ruleset. I've got a solid idea so far for how I want my campaign to go as far as region, antagonists and story.

What I lack is a source with sufficient information about the dead god Moander for me to flesh out the driving force pushing the story along and ideas for unique monsters and lastly for a stat block for the big nasty at the end. Does anyone know of a book or site that has a real write-up on Moander?

Everything I've been able to find repeats the same garbage... Moander is dead... He was slain by Finder... Blah Blah Blah

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Two months ago we finished up this AP. TheWhiteKnife was the GM and the whole experience from cleaning up Diamond Lake to wading through endless undead abominations on our way to knocking around the BBEG was loads of fun.

Plenty of epic battles were had and we even came face to face with legendary folks from the Greyhawk setting. All in all this was my greatest experience as a player and highly recommend GMs to run it.

Now, TheWhiteKnife shares GM duties in our group and he is taking a break at the moment and we're running a FR Moonsea adventure with said other GM. Nothing against the other GM or the adventure really but TheWhiteKnife plans on running the STAP next and I'm getting impatient!

I guess what I'm getting at is Paizo did such a great job with AoW that I'm certain STAP will be just as fun. Kudos to the writers of the APs and I'm looking forward to years of fun playing in Paizo adventures to come.

Okay... I see no reason why these two abilities can't be used in conjunction. But, I figured I'd ask the boards to get an answer.

Can I use both the Power Attack feat and Recklass Abandon rage power at the same time to receive a -1 to AC and a +2 to damage?

Anyone here think it would be a problem to allow a Sorcerer with say the Infernal bloodline to acquire a familiar/bonded item with a feat?

Okay bear with me here people... This is for role-playing flavor and a bit of fun at the table.

I am very good friends with my DM and we work together. He is regularly subjected to my plethora of different character concepts that I think up while at work.

My latest idea is for the Savage Tide path. I don't know much about it but my DM says it's a cross between Pirates of the Carribean and Hostel. Now, that sounds pretty durned sweet to me. Right now we're doing the Age of Worms and I'm playing a Radiant Servant... I'm having a blast with railroading undead and being a healing machine but I need a change of pace for the next campaign.

I thought about making a "cook" rogue or fighter with the improvised weapons feats. I'm wondering how weapon focus or even weapon spec. would work with something like this. Or if it would be ridiculous to make an improvised weapons "group" for a fighter.

Let's get it!!! 3.5/Pathfinder group needed! You know you want to... It's what all the cool kids are doing nowadays!!!

I'm not sure if this is the right place for a thread like this. I'm new to the boards.

Does anyone know of any good sites for finding a group to play? I am currently in a group in Altoona, PA. But we only play every other Saturday for 4ish hours. I need me some more 3.5/Pathfinder fun.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!