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The one place in the book I didn't look! Thank you!

Maybe I'm blind, but I can't seem to find any spells to animated a horde of undead minions. There doesn't seem to be an "animate dead" spell like in 1e. There's not a Summon Undead spell, even though everything else seems to be summonable. Am I missing something?

About the only way I can find is to cast Ghoulish Cravings to infect someone with Ghoul Fever, wait for them to die, then cast Bind Undead after they rise as a ghoul at midnight.

So the Handwraps of Mighty Blows double the damage dice, but Dragon Blood Sorcerer claws have two dice, 1d4 slashing and 1d6 elemental. Are both dice doubled in this case? Both dice are inherently part of the dragon claws, they just do different types of damage.

Handwraps of Mighty Blows, Core Rulebook p611 wrote:

As you invest these embroidered strips of cloth, you must
meditate and slowly wrap them around your hands. These
handwraps have weapon runes etched into them to give your
unarmed attacks the benefits of those runes, making your
unarmed attacks work like magic weapons. For example, +1
striking handwraps of mighty blows would give you a +1 item
bonus to attack rolls with your unarmed attacks and increase
the damage of your unarmed attacks from one weapon die
to two (normally 2d4 instead of 1d4, but if your fists have
a different weapon damage die or you have other unarmed
attacks, use two of that die size instead).

You can upgrade, add, and transfer runes to and
from the handwraps just as you would for a
weapon, and you can attach talismans to the
handwraps. Treat the handwraps as melee
weapons of the brawling group with light Bulk
for these purposes. Property runes apply only
when they would be applicable to the unarmed
attack you’re using. For example, a property that
must be applied to a slashing weapon wouldn’t function when
you attacked with a fist, but you would gain its benefits if you
attacked with a claw or some other slashing unarmed attack.

I really want to make these dragon claws useful, but it doesn't seem that Sorcs ever get Expert in unarmed attacks. Their simple weapons go to Expert at level 11, but not unarmed. Weapon Specialization at level 13 applies to unarmed, but only at Expert and above. Is there a way to get expert in unarmed at all?

Was just looking at the Harm spell and the 3 action version of it says it Disperses Positive Energy, which seems like a copy/paste mistake from the Heal spell since all the other forms of it create negative energy.

Thank you!

Another player told me that you only add half your strength to off-hand damage, but I'm unable to find this in the rules at all. The two-weapon fighting section in combat and the two-weapon fighting feat only talk about penalties to attack.

Can anyone point me to the rule about damage for off-hand attacks?

Like others said, you don't need a captain. Imagine someone operating a fighter. They will pretty much always be the pilot and using the Snap Shot minor action to shoot at a -2 penalty.

KapaaIan wrote:

e.g. Anyone with natural attacks immediately becomes much less effective in a vacuum. Don't even try to understand how a goblin can bite through a bubble helmet....

So you're saying a dragon in a space suit couldn't use it's breathe weapon?

So all armor protects from vacuum, but no protection from attacks that bestow some kind of poison, disease, or stat draining effect. I would assume that in order to be poisoned the poison needs to make bodily contact, which would mean piercing the armor or spacesuit. Does this ruin the vacuum protection? What if you are already in vacuum when the attack occurs?

I don't understand why a square grid is still the default for tactical combat with its clunky diagonal distance measurements. I admit that it aligns better for environments with lots of straight lines, but for anything outside of that it's just as messy as a hex grid.

The only other thing I can think of that would be different is that some of the radii would change the amount of spaces effected by certain spells. A 5 foot radius is 4 squares, but only 3 hexes.

If I want to switch between the two I have to flip my vinyl table mat. That means moving all the minis, books, dice, drinks, and paper off the table.

Why would they do this?