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"Urg! By th' mother..." The surly dwarf looks down at himself in shock and up at Gilian with admiration. A heavy hand clasps down on her shoulder for a moment and he nods. "Right. Let's see if we c'n save th' moron."

Starting slow for a couple of steps, then picking up momentum like a rolling boulder, Sorok moves to catch up and interpose himself between the Dorn and the lizard creatures.

"Thanks lass." Sorok says to Ilona as the lizard dissapates. He stoically holds a hand to his neck to try to staunch the bleeding. "Ouch."

Stomping over to Gilian he retrieves his shield from Pebble. "Guess that's wha' I get fer tossing mah shield down. C'n ye do somethin' 'bout this leak ah've sprung?"