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The Fiend Fantastic is banned for bad hygine.

Can we call it a FOON as well.

I ain't no hippeh. I'm a cajun. Can I bring sum crawdads to Thanksgivun?


Dang si-ny-is.

:::Sneezes all over the porch, hoping to spread plague, then runs back towards the swamp:::

The Crimson Jester, Rogue Lord wrote:

I thought much the same until Happy Gilmore. Then I found out that you can pretend that Golf is really Hockey. Then I realized it could in fact be a contact sport.

The rest is history.

Oh and I am banned from Miniature golf in five states.

Five states? Dang, I'm proud of you.

:::Sneezes all over the thread:::

Brought some country gravy for yuir gritz.

Wolfthulhu wrote:
Why indeed.

Stress therapy, and I swing like a Sith Lord too.

It's both an outdoor sport and aggravated battery. Get your nine irons kiddies and let the games begin...

Macaroni Slaad wrote:
Spicy Nacho Slaad wrote:


What to eat this morning? WD-40? Eggos? And carrot sticks?

That's easy. You should have...

*gets hit in the head with a golf ball*

Waffles! Tasty Waffles! With syrup!

Enters the thread wielding a nine iron over one shoulder

"Sorry, I forgot to yell four."


Sneezes on Macaroni Slaad then leaves thread.

Salmagundi Slaad wrote:

Alan wrenches.

Do I win a prize now?


Takes ranch dretchling and stuffs him into Salmagundi Slaad, sneezes then leaves

Meanders into the thread, looks around, sneezes all over the slaads, mumbles something about being allergic to salads, then meanders out.

Freehold DM's Doppelganger wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
Moorluck wrote:
Jyu1ch1 wrote:
Moorluck wrote:
Hmmm, Solnes had a sore throat last week before she went on that road trip. Now all of you guys have sore throats.... she got some 'splainin to do when she gets home. :P
She totally did not go to Minnesota, and definately did not party with me on Saturday night, and was for sure not up till 4 a.m. drinking and dancing with my pals. Never happened.
See you I don't mind. You're cute. ;)
I'm cute too! :-D
*leaps out from behind the bushes, blowing kisses and giving winks before diving back into cover*

I saw what you did. Can you get me a kleenax? I have the urge to sneeze again.

Ah, ah, ahhhhhccccchhhhooooooooo!