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Smokey looks at them and would head out with him.

"So we want to attack the bandit camp? We will have to do it soon I would think." She smiled at the new girl. "Do you want us both to come along? Or should I stay here and watch over the Fort while you are gone?"

"I wanna help! How can I help. Where you want me." She asked eagerly. "Hiding behind doors sound awesome. I can do that well."

"I am not even clear what the idea is in the first place. I just hear capture, being inside and outside the outpost..... Can someone spell it out to me what exactly your plan is besides capture a bandit and poke him until he spills the beans?"

Smokey would look at them as they come to a decision. "Well if we are staying the night here I claim that tent." She said pointing to the one to the west. I can help bundle things up for you. I suggest putting all the horses in the paddock and we settle. I don't have much so I can carry what I have on myself. We now have plenty of horses. So what is going to go into the chest?"

Smokey would go through the clothing and finds something in a slightly smaller size that is a white and purple. "I know a little bit about sewing if anyone needs them to be tailored." She would look at the tent's and such and goes in one closing it up and would dissappear for a bit before coming out in the new clean outfit with a grin. "It feels so soft." She said stroking it.

Looking at each of them she stares at Martlin as he struggles with the chest, the horse, and then lectures the other horse. Giggling she watch's him amused.

Smokey stays where they came out and would watch the bandit wondering what he was doing considering this was the way out, maybe there was one she didn't know. Watching the wizard fall off the horse she held back a giggle.

Looking at all of them and knowing the rest of the gear just lay there she wondered what they were going to do with it. Seeing no one take the bed she would crawl into it and fall asleep. She was up early the next morning eating breakfast in the main room. Having bathed and got her clothes as clean as she could.

Curtsies to Blue Jay. "I will take a simple blade. A dagger should be fine. I have no want of the rest, except maybe the healer's kit. I don't think we will have to worry about the camp, since they were willing to leave it. Mayhap the innkeeper would take the rest and sell the rest for you and have the gold in the morning. They have their four horses, though it is three now with Leto getting away."