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Thanks a lot for your advice. The election will be the grand finale of the Darkmoonvale Adventure Series. Therefore i am planning a longer campaign for a few months. During that campaign there will be public speeches of course to raise votes, i will use fame points to spend for gain votes or negate successes of the lumber party and there will be secret actions to discredit the opposing candidate. A highlight will be a verbal duel of the candidates in the local Tavern or a public sermon. Thanks for that idea, Alastar und a big thankyou to Lanathar, i can see the pieces moving together now. There is still a lot of preperation to do but i have a big picture of it now.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions, Lanathar. I remember the Sixfold Trial, was a lot of fun for my players. Maybe i use the fame-point-system from there and set up some events. btw i haven´t meant tu use US-style elections. The idea was a democratic election and therefore fishing for votes. It will become a race between Thuldrin Kreed of the Lumberjacks and a candidate of the PCs TBA.

Well, i´ve got some ideas already, ty. Now looking for that PFS scenario you mentioned...

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i am running the good old Darkmoonvale-cycle of Adventures. For the end of the campaign i would like to hold elections for electing the new mayor of falcon´s hollow.
Does anybody has an idea or maybe a complete system how to do this? I also want a complete election campaign for both parties that are
a) the PCs and
b) the lumber consortium

I would be happy to hear your thoughts.

Throw in some minions that last for 1-3 rounds. Make use of Aid another to increase to-hit-chances of BBEG.
Add a construct or other things that are immune to critical hits.
Use combat maneuvers. Trip him, grapple him, drag him around.
Use spells to give him conditions like staggered.

Send in a squad of clerics and focus positive energy multiple times.
Use ranged touch attacks.
A Sorcerer adapting the heavenly bloodline, throw in a classlevel that gives him smite and use rays for ranged touch combined by smite. Houserule that the damage from divine energy could not be healed by his fast regen.
Implement holy grounds on some areas that give him a debuff on AC, Saves and Skills.

I would say: No.
The description of the black blade reads: "A black blade is always a one-handed slashing weapon..."
Therefore i would reference it via the equipment tables of the rule books. If the table shows a "1H" and damage type "Slash" it qualifies otherwise not.

As a wise child said: a spoon is a spoon ;)

thanks to all your answers, i will maintain then link then ;)

ty for your answer, Klorox. I do not insist on it, i just want a clarification for an encounter to come in my CoT-Campaign. If the change is forced due to zero HP, it´s no deal to break the link, but i thought of it as a defensive ability to use like dominate from the shadows, then change to gaseous form and command your victim.

When a vampire changes to gaseous form does he loose the control of a person he is already dominating (because he looses supernatural abilities)?

I would go with an Alchemist. His Bombs should do enough damage to survive the first levels. His skills let him fill in the rogue-role in essential parts. Outside PFS you can take advantage of his alchemical skills and produce acid, alchemical fire, antidots, tanglefootbags, alchemical amunition for your crossbow etc.

Concerning melee you put one of your 8+ skillpoints in handle animal and simply buy yourself a trained dog, wolf, tiger, axebeak, hellhound, ... (depends on the market and your current money). No need for a class with animal companion just for an animal.

One of your skillpoints you spend for use magical device (with the proper feat to use INT for it) and here you go with spells outside your list. For soloing there should be enough money on all those gadgets you will need.

The description of RaizielDragon sounds like room b4. I run the campaign as well, my group finished the second Part right away. The only things, that drain str are the ones in b4 in the AK.

There are both options, to kill the source or to run away, but i suppose it is meant to run away.

I really had doubts about this encounter with my group but thankfully they realized finally that they should run rather than stand and fight. If you have a stubborn group, this could develop to a TPK there.

Mortigneous wrote:

According to this the shield has a CL of 5.

According to this animate dead creates up to 2x CL or 4x CL with desecrate.

So I could see the argument for: 1/day for 5 minutes you get a 10 HD zombie, which is approximately CR4. That doesn't seem too awful of an effect though it does make the shield seem pretty cheap.

The RAW reading though is that you get a creature named "Human Zombie" per James Risner's post.

The CL given at the item section tells you the CL that is at least required for the creator of the item in order to craft the magic item.

The spell then isn´t cast by yourself, it is cast by the item. As it is written in the item description, the shield animates the skin to a human zombie, that´s a 1/2 CR Monster. There is no evident in the text, that the shield lets you cast the spell freely on targets you want.

Two favorites:
WingCommander - would be a sizeable approach to space vessels.
Elite! Kick some Thargoid-ass... (and get one of these docking-computers as soon as possible)

I hope for something that is not a clone of the existing systems. Also: No Steampunk please! A unique universe.
Please NO races based on Animals.

Ready-to-use worlds (planets) and space-stations.

Zero-G-Rules, space-combat in all 3 Dimensions (will be tricky to setup on the table).

Thx for your thougts, KMWM.
i actually cut the stat-boni in half, remaining: +2 Dex, +2 Wis, +2 Cha
and grant the player 17 pts for gaining Stats (instead of 20). Therefore he will start out at full hp and uses his Cha-Modifier for Hitpoints.

The player hasn´t decided yet what class it will be or if he plays a ghul at all. But this is no harm for we played only two times by now. The villains did the first two jobs so far and the potentially ghul-player is the only one that cannot see in darkness ;) The rest of the party consists of a dhampir cleric (necromancer), a dhampir antipaladin, a strix rogue and a tiefling rogue.

Kobold Cleaver wrote:

Hi guys,

If I have a field of wheat, and I'm a 3rd level sorcerer, how much wheat will I get per year? How about per round?


i would say: zero! Because a sorceror isn´t proficient with a field of wheat.

i finally found this:

i will go along with these rules, now a quick question for point-buy-method on creation:

For undead do not have any score in CON it would be very unfair to grant 20 points suggested for 6 Stats when the player needs to spread them on 5 stats only. What do you think i should subtract or how could i handle this otherwise?

One of my players asked to play a ghoul-character. Are there any suggestions how i could accomplish this without getting too powerful for lvl-1-chars?
Maybe granting special special powers with growing class-levels or slow the level-advancement of that character?

In my understandig the Paladin gets 'shielded' when he reaches lvl 3. So all those nasty germs and viruses get repelled. But the ones inside dont get removed because the immunity exists from now.
Of course, the damage dealt so far could be healed, the disease as well. But what if it didn´t?

For undead spreading diseases: why not? Ghouls dish out ghoulfever, mummys sell mummyrot etc.

Captain-Green wrote:

As for being cured and infectious to others that's an interesting on, as it doesn't say either way.

If I was on the DM side of it, I would go with that you still have the disease in you as you've already contracted before being immune and could possibly spread to others, could be fun on the RP side of things

i agreed with Captain-Green so far but wanted to read other opinions and arguments that i surley missed.

Thank you so far!
But what´s with the disease itself? For the rules i understand, that the paladin 3 does not suffer anymore from ongoing status effects.
But is the disease cured entirely? Would it be infectious to others?

This question is just of academic interest to me, because the paladin got healed by NPC-Cleric anyway.

My interest is as a GM generally. The infection happend to a Char of mine that i play in the Runelords-AP.
I also run two campaigns as a GM in Cheliax and could still not find an answer to that question.

My Paladin catched a disease at paladin level 2 (close to 3) by missing his fortitude roll. So he had to endure the negative effects. Some days later he reached paladin level 3 that brings immunity do disease with it.

How does this newly added immunity affect an existing disease?