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TBA wrote:
Not been about here for a while. Added everyone upto Vaellyn if you're still interested!

*Casts raise dead on thread*

I'd love access to these as well!


Qstor wrote:

cast raise dead...

anyone have a copy just the conversion stuff...

Ditto... I have started running this and my players loved it. If a copy of the complete or near complete work exists in somewhere in the multiverse I would be eternally grateful should it find it's way into my inbox...

Hi, I would also be very grateful for a copy of the conversion document, as I can't see it anywhere on this forum. Is it still knocking about somewhere, or did it get knocked on the head due to copyright? I ran a party through your Paladin in Hell conversion, and it worked great! Thanks for your hard work!

So many thanks to all of you! I am using these beautiful maps in my ongoing RotRL campaign, much to my player's delight! I hope to see more beautiful artwork, my own maps are just standard DD3 I am afraid. These are gorgeous!

Salutations from a grateful DM :-)

Seconded! Thanks D, look forward to seeing the rest :-)

Can't wait D, look forward to seeing what you have cooked up, as I was wondering what to do with the point system for returning the temple to the prime material plane!



Can I just say that this conversion is incredibly well done and very professionally laid out! Having attempted a few conversions myself, I have to say I am impressed!

Have you managed to finish the Temple chapter yet? Very keen on seeing this as I am hoping to run this adventure very soon! I ran the original adventure with this same group of friends when it was first released, and I haven't gamed with them for years, so it should be quite the nostalgia trip!

Thanks for all you hard work!