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Hey Pathfinders! My players are about to enter the Temple of Asmodeus. I was preparing the encounter and want to change something, but i need some ideas.

I want to replace the Contract Devil in the library by something else. My resoning is that i think encountering a random Contract Devil will make less special the encounter with Odexidie in the next book.

Any of you got an idea for replacing him with something similar? He's Advanced, so CR11.

Thank you!

I'm about to run the Ruby Masquerade next week, and i have a question for other GMs.

How did you handle masque points? Did you reveal to your players that they had 10 and how each actions affect the total? Did you keep them totaly secret? Or did you told them how the system work, without revealing the exact point they had and the result of the actions?

Thank you for your output!

Hi everyone!

Sorry if this has been asked before, but in Dance of the Damned, before the book describe the various noble family, it say :

"The number of noble families the PCs recruit will play a key role in the next adventure to determine the Silver Ravens’ initial strength when the battle for Kintargo begins." (Page 9).

Maybe i'm blind but i find nothing adressing this in A Song of Silver.

Can anyone help?

Anyone have an idea on what map they will use for area L : " The Harbinger’s Dais" ?