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Hi all,

I'm not sure i understand the requirements of the downtime activities for the Upgrade Activities of the Citadel in Cult of Cinders.

For exemple, the "Build Infirmary" has for requirements:

"Crafting(master), Medicine(master), or hired medic; organized specialists."

Does that mean the players need a player with Crafting(master) OR Medicine(Master) OR a hired medic, + organized specialists


Does this mean the players need a player with Crafting(master) and either Medicine(master) OR an hired medic, + organized specialists


Can anyone help me clarify this? Thank you.

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Everything before the semicolon is one set, from which only one is necessary. The party can use someone trained in Crafting (master) OR Medicine (master) OR hire an NPC with some Medicine training to oversee the construction. Regardless of the selection, they'll all need organized specialist workers to assist them.

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