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Ascalaphus wrote:

I wouldn't give away adamantine for free. It's a major game-changer, I'd make it something they actively strive towards for a while. It's a 3000GP item, that's not spare change.

Rather, give them more consumable healing, buff and debuff resources. If they can keep the barbarian going (heal almost as fast as the gearsman pounds him) and slow down the gearsman with tanglefoot bags for example. That way they'll feel like they took it down primarily with their own strength and not with a magic button that you gave them.

Ah yeah that is a good point...

If only they had went back to the room where Khonnir was held they could have had all of his stuff. That would have helped them a lot. But they didn't want to tango with the collector bot again,

Mathmuse wrote:

My wife said that items found in a dungeon are not free, they are paid for in blood.

However, if Ascalaphus means that the party should not be given a 3,000 gp item in addition to the items already found in the module, my game replaced other expensive gear with the adamantine weapon. Page 17 in Fires of Creation describes a possible story award from Emelia Otterbie: four masterwork weapons. I asked about that award in this forum (link), because custom-made masterwork weapons would be finished well after the party would want them. Lord Fyre suggested substituting a single adamantine weapon.

I chose the wrong weapon for my substitution, an adamantine chakram made from an adamantine circular saw blade for a character who was trying to use chakrams but eventually gave up on them. An adamantine pick would be most believeable.

That would have been a great solution...if they had found him and informed Emelia. As soon as they attempted to rid the spores with fire and almost all got knocked out by the spreading, they haven't gone anywhere near that room.

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CharlieIAm wrote:
I take it the Sorcerer isn't electrical in nature, which is too bad. If the Barbarian uses a two-handed weapon and the Rogue/Fighter can get an adamantine dagger in Torch and they can flank the Gearsman the fight should be doable at 3rd, especially if the Witch can debuff it.

Nope, The sorcerer likes his fire spells (Which he's been enjoying this book /so/ much). And the rogue is the makeshift scrapper archetype so she uses a robot arm and frying pan for weapons. And the witch doesn't debuff but buff's and heals. But on the plus side the barbarian is using a two-handed greatclub. I think I might throw in an adamantine dagger in one of the encounter treasures since they are entering the engineering deck right now.

Party consists of:
Tiefling Witch with healing patron
Human Barbarian
Aasimar sorcerer with elemental bloodline
Android Rogue 2/fighter(Cad) 1
They have learned that some of the robots have resistances and I think they've picked up on the fact that they don't follow them outside into the hallways. They don't have adamantine weapons but do have pretty much every type of weapon covered.

I like the using the environment as a way to deal electricity but unfortunately no one has a bow to make a lot of use for it. But The rogue does have a pot that they use to throw so maybe that could work.

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For people who leveled up their parties based on benchmarks, when did you level everyone to level four at the end? My party is about to enter the engineering level and I'm looking at some of the upcoming encounters(mainly the gearsman) and wondering how they are going to beat them at current level of 3.

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What is the transmuter class that it lists that Erlmon Reverstoudt of the Evercandle Inn is? When my party met him and I had mentioned offhanded that he was a transmuter one of my party members immediately perked up and asked him to make him something. I've been able to bet around the bush for a few days while I try to figure out what the class is but I'm not finding anything.

I'm in need of some advice. My party is currently in the science deck and they've started to get into the habit of going back to the room where they reset the desert module to rest and recover spells after each battle because the witch they have ends up using all of her spells for that battle. I can understand that they don't want to go all the way back to Torch but I don't want them to just Retreat after every encounter. What are some options to get them to push on and try to explore more than one or two rooms every 8 hours? Hetauth is still alive (Rouge managed to sneak around and grabbed the keycard to move to the next area while Hetauth was busy killing two other PC's. He's currently sitting in his throne room waiting for the party to return.) They have broken the curse so I could have him go poking around the area a bit once he realizes that his minions haven't respawned.