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CharlieIAm wrote:
I take it the Sorcerer isn't electrical in nature, which is too bad. If the Barbarian uses a two-handed weapon and the Rogue/Fighter can get an adamantine dagger in Torch and they can flank the Gearsman the fight should be doable at 3rd, especially if the Witch can debuff it.

Nope, The sorcerer likes his fire spells (Which he's been enjoying this book /so/ much). And the rogue is the makeshift scrapper archetype so she uses a robot arm and frying pan for weapons. And the witch doesn't debuff but buff's and heals. But on the plus side the barbarian is using a two-handed greatclub. I think I might throw in an adamantine dagger in one of the encounter treasures since they are entering the engineering deck right now.

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For people who leveled up their parties based on benchmarks, when did you level everyone to level four at the end? My party is about to enter the engineering level and I'm looking at some of the upcoming encounters(mainly the gearsman) and wondering how they are going to beat them at current level of 3.

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What is the transmuter class that it lists that Erlmon Reverstoudt of the Evercandle Inn is? When my party met him and I had mentioned offhanded that he was a transmuter one of my party members immediately perked up and asked him to make him something. I've been able to bet around the bush for a few days while I try to figure out what the class is but I'm not finding anything.