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In PF1 Charisma was the go to dump stat unless you used it for your class, all other stats impacted you in some meaningful way, Charisma is used for some skills, and that was it.

Now it looks like Intelligence offers nothing other than a bonus to a few skills (like every other stat) with how the skill system has changed, unless your class uses it of course.
Strength is also used for physical damage and carrying capacity
Dexterity is also used for AC and reflex saves
Constitution is also used for HP and fort saves
Wisdom is also used for will saves
Charisma is also used for resonance
Intelligence is also used for... um... I hope I'm missing something.

I hope something comes out or changes to make intelligence worth investing in if your class doesn't use it.

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Vancian is confirmed at this stage, but what kind of casting did you want? Why did you want that type of casting, why not the other kind?

I'm seeing a lot of people wanting Arcanist / 5e style casting so I'm wondering if there are people that are quietly contempt with the Vancian style casting or do the people just want Arcanist / 5e style casting.

I would have liked to see the Arcanist / 5e style casting but I'm not sure what would happen in regards to the Bard's and Sorcerer's spell casting if this were the case.

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I was thinking about stating up a ranger who would use a double weapon, but then it occurred to me, people who use double weapons (and those who use spiked shields) are at a huge disadvantage with how gold is spent in PFS.

A +1/+1 weapon, lets just say the Gnome hooked-hammer, will cost 20+2*(300+2000)= 4620, but this isn't really a problem, as +1 weapons are always available. A +2/+2 on the other hand is going to cost 20+2*(300+8000) = 16620, which requires 36 fame which you'll get at 7th level if you get 2 Fame/PP with every mod you play. Compared to something similar, 2 +2 short swords costing 8310 each for a total of 16620, but able to be bought with 27 Fame, which can be gotten at least 5, with one mod to go before you're 6th. So if you go two weapons over the double weapon, you're likely to get your equipment at least a level earlier, but most likely there'll be a large gap as you're not going to get full fame/pp every mod.

Does anyone think it'd be a good idea to allow double weapons to have each end of the weapon considered a separate weapon for the purposes of fame and purchasing items? so a +2/+2 Gnome hooked-hammer would be able to be purchased with 27 fame since for the purpose of the fame and item purchases table each head would cost 8320

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consider this post:

James Jacobs wrote:
evilnerf wrote:
Is the lack of an "Extra Ninja Trick" feat a deliberate design decision, or is it something that will be put into another book at some point?

It's probably due to the fact that the ninja was designed at the same time as the majority of the feats for the same book were designed, and thus the designers of the feats didn't know what was going on with the ninja.

And then, when we got everything together to work it all up into a book, there was just no real room to add any more feats.

So no... not a deliberate design decision, but certainly a place we can expand upon.

So can we PFS ninjas expect to find the Extra Ninja Trick feat pop up? If so, when? Probably my biggest gripe with PFS is the fact that overlooked things like this can't be house ruled[/grumble]

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So for PFS i have come up with a funny idea for a Gnome Druid with the flame domain. Now at 5th level this little guy will have 15 fire resistance. Being on fire is 1D6 every round which means i'll be fine, but what does this mean for natural attacks/unarmed strikes and being grappled/grappling enemies? more to the point, once on fire am i able to spread the love?