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Lanathar wrote:
As pointed out there is a good chance anyone who dumped strength who wasn't an arcane caster in 1E was not actually applying the rules. In which case why would you bother with these ones either

I'd assume people might use the bulk rules as they use simpler numbers and require less mental effort to work out, L or 1 to 3 bulk from memory, compared to as little as ¼ of a pound to 50 pounds, then consult a table to look up your carrying capacity for PF1. People should be able to do the math in their heads for the bulk rules, I wouldn't expect anyone to total their carry weight for their pf1 character in the head.

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nick1wasd wrote:
I'll be importing universal spell DCs, essentially all your spells will use the DC of your currently highest spell level, so when you get 3rd level spells, even your cantrips will use [10+3+mod] as it's DC. I just really like how "Hey, I'm a high level wizard, but my 1st level spells are still really easy to ignore even though I can chuck a 7th level ball of doom at your face" is no longer a thing, because it was super FeelsBadMan.jpg

Consider removing bonus spells from the casting stat as well, you're giving casters a huge boost with that. It's effectively a free, better version of the heighten spell feat. Depending on the spell (blindness/deafness is a good example) you just made it viable for the rest of the caster's career.

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Vidmaster 1st edition wrote:
At low levels figther could be a bit rocket taggy

that's not rocket tag, that's rusty dagger shank town, which also seems to be alleviated a bit by getting a racial hit points plus your class hit die.

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Vidmaster7 wrote:
High level ... rocket tag

Everytime I see people talking about rocket tag in high level play it's always them damn casters causing it, even in your example it's wizards prepping just the right offensive and defensive spells. Hell I remember the time I personally caused a case of rocket tag and ended an encounter before the enemy even had a chance to act, good ol' phantasmal killer.

Hopefully spells have been wrangled in the new edition. From memory in the play test the Save or Die spells now need the enemy to critically fail to die, so that's a step in the right direction.

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Voss wrote:
Great...Hate to see this sort of min/maxing thing again.

It's hardly min-maxing, this optional rule ends up giving you worse stats. It's clearly to help make any race/class combo viable, being down to at 16 in your class's primary stat is going to make more of a difference in this version than it did in first edition. Furthermore the few cases where it does end up providing a mechanical upgrade (Wizard dumping str and cha, Fighter/Barbarian dumping int and cha, can anyone think of any other combos?) it still can only boost a secondary or tertiary stat, resulting in a pretty small mechanical upgrade.

Voss wrote:
Free choice of +2/+2 for everyone, no exceptions.

I guess that would work too, but at that point you might as well give everyone an array to use and ignore stat boosts from any of the three steps.

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Change spontaneous casting to be under-casting much like psychic casting, get rid of spontaneous heightening

Draco18s wrote:

Serious anything, really. Flight? Single target, lasts a minute.

"It gets you over the wall instead of having to invest in climb!" Yeah, but the paladin is still stuck and now I'm out of spells.

Carry some knotted rope up with you and throw it down for the rest of the party to climb up. Fly was one creature touch in 1e, so I don't understand what the issue is.

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Igor Horvat wrote:

Maybe add;

Divine protection: while you are not wearing any armor or using a shield you can add charisma bonus to AC.

with the tightening of math Paizo aren't allowing two stats to add to AC. Perhaps a feat that allows the user to use charisma instead of dex when calculating AC.

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Kerobelis wrote:

While you are correct, there are other subtle changes.

If you want an 18 in a stat that isn't core to you class, it is not possible (say an 18 CON fighter or a mage who plans to switch to fighter wanting that 18ST).

It makes the math easier for the designers as they can assume a starting point (basically +5 for 1st level characters) for their bonus to key attacks, spell DCs, etc.

I think others have mentioned it as well, it makes character creation an interesting process, that may also be easier to teach?

I realised this the other day, the current system does not support non typical builds well. I remember one of blog posts (or a dev) saying that is was possible to have a functioning cleric with 10 wisdom. Although this cleric is possible it's probably not going to be very effective, it certainly won't have an 18 in any ability.

I'd like to have an 18 in a score that's not my class's primary stat for some builds. I imagine any gish will want 18 str (or dex if there's an easy way to get dex to damage outside of the rouge) and decent con, a casting stat of 10 for casting buffs seems to be suffice in this system.

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Cat-thulhu wrote:
Weather Report wrote:
Aiken Frost wrote:
Quandary wrote:
graystone wrote:
Take a 1d4 and put it on 1 when you rage and advance the number as you keep raging: when you flip it to 4 you're fatigued. Seems super simple to track.
Line up 4 shot glasses with spirit of choice...
Line up THREE shot glasses with spirit of choice and one empty, quaff one at the start of each turn of Rage. When you get to the forth glass, get sad because its empty. That's how you know this is your Fatigue round.
Actually, I can see getting to the empty 4th shot glass to cause the rage.
Thats why your rage restarts in the round after you realise youve just been handed an empty shot glass!

Come on guys, drink responsibly, have the 4th shot glass be water, you need to stay hydrated.

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I'd rather see stats divorced from backgrounds. Give us 2 floating +2s, a skill feat (or some other background feat) and a lore feat that we select. Minmaxers are going to ignore the fluff and build what's strongest while those who actually roleplay may end up with sub optimal builds, effectively being punished for making a character rather than following a build. Also saves room in the book.

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Neo2151 wrote:
•Will thrown weapons still suck?

I suspect they will for a few reasons, bows and crossbows will probably have their own niches, several low damage attacks for the bow, 1 large damaging attack per round (or two) for the crossbow, for example. I'm not sure what niche thrown weapons will have, they tend to not have as much range and will require an action to draw, making a quick draw type feat mandatory if it exists. Perhaps they'll be weapons that can be used short ranged or in melee, probably sub par at both but that's the price you pay for flexibility.

Even if we give them a niche, how on earth do you balance the cost of these items? How many thrown weapons will a character need to be effective? We don't know the pricing rules for crafting/enchanting weapons but if things haven't drastically changed it will make two weapon fighting look cheap. Also the character will probably lose some weapons at some stage as well, throwing them at enemies only to miss and go off the side of a mountain or something making the pricing issue even worse.

I'd like to see thrown weapons being usable outside of a high strength character's early game ranged back up but I'm doubtful it'll happen.

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John John wrote:
Skerek wrote:
Vancian is confirmed at this stage,
Is it? Where?

This is from the Eminent Domains comment section

Mark Seifter wrote:
Charlaquin wrote:

This is awesome and I can’t wait to start converting deities from my favorite non-Golarion settings to PF2! Couple of questions:

1: by “you can cast (your domain spells) as few or as many times as you want” ...that’s still limited by spell preparation rules, right? A Cleric of Sarenrae can only cast as many Fireballs as she has spell slots of an appropriate level to prepare fireball in, right? She can’t just cast it at-will, can she?

and this from the All About Spells blog

blog wrote:
prepare a spell in a higher-level slot (or cast it using a higher-level slot if you're a spontaneous caster)

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thaX wrote:
The Arcanist does have his own problems with his pool of points and how hampered he is with limited slots of Known preparations and spells per day. The class itself is still balanced with the Wizard just as the Sorcerer is, and has exploits he uses with a very limited arcane pool that runs out far to quickly at low levels, and is likely used to fuel spells later on.

This was more of a question on which casting/preping style to use for prepared casters due to the large number of requests for it, not a critique of the Arcanist class.

thaX wrote:
The thing to remember is that the Wizard and the Sorcerer need to be on an even playing field. The only way to do that is for both to have the same casting mechanic, one that is shared by all casters in the game. Then the differentiating factors for the Sorcerer can be expanded on and Bloodlines can shine without having to wait a level for higher level spells.

If the Sorcerer and Wizard are sharing spell lists and casting mechanic why bother having them as separate classes? You could roll them into the one class then at first level let the character choose between school powers and bloodline powers

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gustavo iglesias wrote:
The inclusion of floating scores each step is clever. Means everybody can have 18 in their main stat, as long as it is not penalized by your ancestry. That make things like Elven fighters or halfling wizards more viable, as you are not "incentivized" to pick certain races for certain classes.

I like this too, but I'd like to see a way for races that have a penalty in a stat to be able to get to the 18 cap as well, perhaps if they are using the method Deadmanwalking proposed instead of the four +2s you get a single +4 with the caveat that it can't bring a stat above 18

It always bothered me that in PF1e some races were just better at being a certain class than others. A Dwarf sorcerer (baring the Empyreal bloodline) will never be as good as an Elven sorcerer and even worse compared to Halfling/Gnome.

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Everything looks really good, except for some parts on heightening spells.

blog post wrote:
This spell doesn't increase in power incrementally as its level increases (except for being harder to dispel); instead, it has a specific heightened benefit at 9th level.

Except that "specific heightened benefit" is just a power increase.

Now since it isn't marked at +2 but specified as 9th level does casting it at 10th level give you the standard regeneration 15?

also blog post wrote:
Heightened (+2) Increase the damage by 3d6.

So casting Vampric Exsanguination at level 7 increases the save (maybe) and makes it slightly harder to counter (also maybe), but 8th level is both of these and more damage?

All spells should get a power increase when casting from a higher spell slot.

Vampric Exsanguination could be:
Heightened (+1) Increase the damage by 1.5d6.

non-standard format I know and but rounding down the number of dice would result in the same dice increase from the even levels and give additional granularity in power.

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Woodoodoo wrote:
What about the double sling?

In short, way to feat heavy to pull off. I can't remember if Halfings treats double slings as a martial or not, but you'll need to grab the TWF line, ammo drop, juggle load and some archery feats such as precise shot and improved precise shot. In the end you'll save yourself 3-4 feats by using a normal sling and the war slinger alternate racial trait.

I am intrigued on building a some what viable halfling slinger now.
I get that you could always build a better archer, but that's too easy, how about something new?
Warpriest and Luring Cavalier have been mentioned.
I think a Ranger or Slayer would help get improved precise shot earlier.
Hell, even a Fighter might work, a bucket load of feats is kinda what this build needs.

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Can we have a "yes, just not yet" option?
I would like to see Pathfinder unchained and see what the fix up before deciding on whether or not we need a new version.

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It seems to me that Flame Blade cannot set a creature on fire by just striking them in melee.

However if the creature is helpless (or willing for some reason) you should be able to set them on fire

The line:

"" wrote:
A flame blade can ignite combustible materials such as parchment, straw, dry sticks, and cloth.

probably refers to setting inanimate objects on fire.

Someone's clothing(assuming they are not wearing it at the time), important paper work, an unintended spell book, straw in a barn, pool of lamp oil on the ground ect.

The ability to set some one on fire on a failed reflex save when ever you hit them is to powerful for a level 2 spell that lasts minutes per level, let alone automatically.

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I am all for having both, two light sources I can spam all day? Yes please.

Light also has this extra line at the bottom that Dancing Lights does not

Light can be used to counter or dispel any darkness spell of equal or lower spell level.

Couple that with Heighten Spell and you have an effective way of dealing with Darkness or Deeper Darkness.

Daylight is a better spell for that, but it is useful for Sorcerers that don't have that many 3rd level known spells

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just remember if you can get an enhancement bonus of +3 you can ignore DR/bludgeoning/slashing/piercing

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dissemble the museum.

The Blakros Matrimony does not take place in the Blackros Museum.

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Archaeologist Bard?
Just be sure to go Gnome or Half Elf so you can use your favored class bonuses to boost your archaeologist's luck rounds.
Although BBT does have point with not needing a trap guy you also don't need as many skill points in PF to be a trap guy.

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Jiggy, I feel that you aren't told how awesome you are on these boards enough.

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I would like to roll some of the player's perceptions and sense motive checks.

After running Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment I was suggested a neat way of doing 'hidden' rolls.

For the first game I was rolling the skills for the players, many didn't like this as they felt like I was playing the game for them.

So now I write the relevant skill checks that I want to be hidden from the player and when ever I need the player to make one of the checks just tell them to roll d20. That way re-roll mechanics can still be used and players really can't meta.

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While we're talking about Deathwatch I'd like to point out one thing

Michael Brock wrote:
or neither alive nor dead (such as a construct).

This means that a Stone Golem standing perfectly still such that it looks like a statue picks up exactly the same as normal statue for Deathwatch. I've heard of players abusing this to look for constructs, so just putting that clarification out there.

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Ssalarn wrote:
Deadshot at 7th level

mmm yes Deadshot is the ability that makes me want to make a gunslinger. Something about rolling so many d12s on a crit (up 16d12 with a musket)

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as a GM i roll my eyes when i see 7/20s accompanied with the "It fits the character" explanation.

The very first flaw I see with your character is that she'll very quickly get to a medium load. Your weapon and gunsmith kit (6lb) already takes you a quarter of the way there. Then you have your armor, since you have 20 dex you might want to go for studded leather armor, which is 20lb, putting you over, even if you opt for the lighter leather armor you still end up with 21lb of weight, a whole 3lb off medium load. And we haven't even looked at your back up weapon.

Still looking at your terrible strength score, it's pretty damn wishful thinking that you'll never get into melee. Grapples and disarms are going to be laughably easy to pull off on you.

10 con? There's a player's character where I GM that I have killed twice now (by accident) that has 8 con, these killings were done as a full round action by the way.

7 int? so you'll have 2 skill points per level, 3 if you choose not to go for the HP. Your going to have to put at least 1 point in craft (alchemy) to get fire arm ammunition cheap, that's not leaving much for out of combat (and some in combat) situations

I find one dump stat is ok, but dumping many stats to boost one ends up hurting more than helping.

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Mabven the OP healer wrote:
A bard can make untrained knowledge skill checks using the Bardic Knowledge ability.

Anyone can make knowledge checks untrained, but the bard isn't limited to a max result of 10 when doing so

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BigNorseWolf wrote:

There is no vs.

There is no reason you cannot both minmax your character into a four armed dual greatsword wielding quizinart of death and destruction and make him a fully three dimensional character with heart, soul, and depth.

It's not that you can't, it's just that in most cases it doesn't happen. I've seen a few characters that feel more like builds, and when i mention that their character looks like something straight off the optimization board i get "oh it fits the character". But I have a feeling that the character concept was built around the character build which often leaves a one dimensional character, which fits in the cases i have seen.

Although kudos to those who can make a good character that is also powerful

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shallowsoul, stop trying to fight with your players. If spell selection is the worst of your meta gaming problems then you're in luck. Christ I know people that go into combat mode as soon as they see the battle mat, it's frustrating...

Also just remember that to just get a scroll(spell level dependent size of the town) on there's a 75% chance a town will have it, or 93.75% if they can wait a week. With enough cash your wizard can get every first level spell just by visiting a thorp or two(that's less than 20 people). So that's a week for each thorp, and lets be really generous and give a week between traveling from the first to the second.

3 weeks, 3 freaking weeks and the wizard could get every first level spell on his spell list. And that'd cost far to much for any wizard 1st level anyway, core only you're looking at 975g, everything on the SRD brings that up to a heavy 2500g.

What's my point? If the devs made it this easy to get scrolls (hence add spells to your spellbook) but adding every spell costs to much then it's pretty clear that how the scroll acquired isn't important, it's a balancing factor between gear and spell selection.

But all that doesn't matter, because shallowsoul, I'm a little jealous of you. Considering that you actually went to the effort of posting this and have given thorough thought to this "meta gaming" implies that this is a large meta gaming issue for you. I wish I could have meta gaming issues this small...

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As you said

Gregg Helmberger wrote:
ya can't look too closely or the whole thing falls apart.

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Pirate Rob wrote:
Any consumables you consume do not alter your rewards. (I will agree that I'm a little fuzzy on the Watsonian logic here)

Probably along the lines of "Being an accountant shouldn't have to be a requirement of GMing PFS"

I might be exaggerating a little there, but I wouldn't gm if I had to account for enemies/players using potions and mundane items at the end of the scenario.

"ok so three potions of CWL wounds were used by the players, and two? was it two? in the second encounter that the thugs used. Oh the tangle foot bags, how many were thrown in the third encounter?"

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I like the intention of the OP, but rarely I'll see it happen. In PFSOP you have different people with different play styles who like Pathfinder for different reasons. Some people like building wacky characters, others like optimizing the crap out of their characters, And this is all fine if everyone at the table is enjoying themselves. Unfortunately when you get a mix of play styles you will often not have everyone enjoying themselves.

Now I know i am biased against the optimizers, but I have my reasons for this. One reason that actually applies to topic is that I'm yet to see a middle liner, or under optimizer actually spoil the fun for some one else at the table, optimizers on the other hand? Oh yeah, they spoil the fun. Maybe it's the optimizers I've been playing with and they are the minority here, maybe not.

I get what optimizers find fun about optimizing their characters. The main problem is that PFSOP isn't the best platform for this. Scenarios so far are generally pretty easy, there's the few ones that are difficult, but for the most part it's easy. But when you start optimizing in PFSOP everything just becomes a walk in the park and I don't see the fun in that. I've had some one convince me to play my characters down a bit, to challenge my self, and it's been a lot of fun doing so. He said something along the lines of "You don't remember the scenarios that you just spank, you remember the ones where you cling to life and just pull through, there's more excitement in it that way". Been on both sides of the table with this in mind it is a lot more fun for everyone at the table when there is a challenge. Not only that leveling up is so much rewarding when you've nearly died at least once in the process.

I call to you optimizers out there, try this, make a sub-optimal character/middle liner, play something where there is a chance you'll die. You'll have a lot more fun and getting to those high levels feels like you've done something other than play 30 or so scenarios.

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I'd get armor with armor spikes, that should allow you to injure people while grappling. Carry no other weapon. Well maybe some throwing axes or light hammers to throw at those pesky people out of range

To keep with the theme of the build i'd go Brutal Pugilist Drunken Brute 5/Fighter X or just straight Brutal Pugilist Drunken Brute. Get to 5th Brutal Pugilist for the Improved Savage Grapple, so you are treated one size category larger for grappling. Getting the Strength Surge rage power is a must.

Feats Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Grapple, Greater Grapple, Raging Vitality[APG], Chokehold[UC], Pinning Rend[UC], Rapid Grappler[uc]

Most of these feats are combat feats, so once you hit Brutal Pugilist Drunken Brute 5th feel free to dip into some fighter to get these feats faster and some extra AC and damage

Feel free to get heavy armor by the way, the only barbarian ability (that i could find) that requires you were light/medium is fast movement, but if you pick up Drunken Brute you trade that in anyway.

Stat wise, dump char, dump it right down, normally i don't like seeing 7's but for Pwent, well 5 char sounds about right.

As far as damage goes, if you use armor spikes you can damage people while grappling with that, so 1d6+str, so yeah not bad at all...

this seems like fun actually, i might make one...

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*sniff* I remember you getting your 4th star.

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IIRC, historically, crossbows were originally banned because a peasant shouldn't be able to kill a knight.

As it has been pointed out, crossbows were simple weapons, anyone can use them, but i am fine with them as they are now, just imagine if crossbows were realistic in their damage and to-hit, an entire party could be taken out within a surprise round. Armor piercing? that sounds like a touch attack, we'll be fair (sort), make it within 30ft it's a touch, just enough for sneak attacks anyway, the damage that should do? well just remember that crossbows were if not killing outright, defiantly taking knights down to below 0 (even without sneak). So at the very least, a knight would be warrior 1, 14 con right? yeah that doesn't sound to bad, so that's 12 hp at first level, so a crossbow should be able to do at least 13 damage on average, and hey give it high threat maybe 18-20 because it would regularly kill people (crit). and this is probably a freaking light crossbow.

hell just using some of the stats Atarlost posted:

  • 2d8 for light crossbow
  • 4d8 or 3d12 for heavy crossbow
    these don't seem to far off for 'realistic' to me, just give these to some of tucker's kobolds and you'll have a dead party in no time.

    But you know what? I prefer the 'balanced' crossbow over the 'realistic' crossbow, because the 'realistic' crossbow would be just too good, why would anyone use any other weapon?

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    Gun Juggling (Combat, Grit)
    Prerequisites: Gun Training with selected one handed Firearm, Weapon Focus with selected one handed Firearm, Rapid Reload with selected one handed Firearm, Two weapon fighting, Sleight of Hand 6 ranks, Grit class feature
    Benefit: When two weapon fighting with the one handed firearms you may juggle your firearms in order to reload both firearms. When reloading one of your firearms you may as a free action throw the other firearm in the air, reload the first firearm then catch the other firearm. Both firearms you are wielding must be selected for this feat. It costs 1 grit to perform this action, you only need to pay for the grit once per round. Once the grit has been spent this action can be used as many times as needed until the start of your next turn.
    Normal:You cannot reload two one handed firearms without a large amount of BS
    Special: You may select this feat more than once, each time you select this feat it applies to a new type of one handed firearm.

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    whoa, wait, did we just have a thread about getting 5ft and 10ft reach where the goal wasn't munchkinizim? you know i think i might get teary

    there is hope in the world yet

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    4 people marked this as FAQ candidate. Staff response: no reply required. 1 person marked this as a favorite.

    I was thinking about stating up a ranger who would use a double weapon, but then it occurred to me, people who use double weapons (and those who use spiked shields) are at a huge disadvantage with how gold is spent in PFS.

    A +1/+1 weapon, lets just say the Gnome hooked-hammer, will cost 20+2*(300+2000)= 4620, but this isn't really a problem, as +1 weapons are always available. A +2/+2 on the other hand is going to cost 20+2*(300+8000) = 16620, which requires 36 fame which you'll get at 7th level if you get 2 Fame/PP with every mod you play. Compared to something similar, 2 +2 short swords costing 8310 each for a total of 16620, but able to be bought with 27 Fame, which can be gotten at least 5, with one mod to go before you're 6th. So if you go two weapons over the double weapon, you're likely to get your equipment at least a level earlier, but most likely there'll be a large gap as you're not going to get full fame/pp every mod.

    Does anyone think it'd be a good idea to allow double weapons to have each end of the weapon considered a separate weapon for the purposes of fame and purchasing items? so a +2/+2 Gnome hooked-hammer would be able to be purchased with 27 fame since for the purpose of the fame and item purchases table each head would cost 8320

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    Maxximilius wrote:

    Dead Shot is made using ony the BAB, so you don't get Haste or Rapid Shot bonuses on it. I didn't get answer on the following question, but it should make you understand better the deed if I'm not mistaken :

    Maxximilius wrote:

    So I'm level 12, using Dead Shot.

    I have +12/+7/+2 BAB, and can't apply any feat or effect giving more attacks to this deed ; thus Rapid Shot and Haste aren't helping me here.
    Let's assume a double-barreled musket with two +1, reliable barrels, and 24 total dex (+7 bonus), PBS, Crit Focus.

    Am I right when I say this means that my dead shot, using one barrel under 30 feet, will be :

    +21/+16/+11 ; (1to3)d12+9 19-20x4 ?

    BUT, I decide I'm a tough guy and wishes my opponent's death.
    Thus, I shoot with both barrels in a dramatic fashion, with doves flying away in slow motion with some music background, because I'm totally uber zycra.

    According to this post, my attack becomes :

    +17/17/+12/12/+7/+7 ; (1to6)d12+9 19-20x4.

    So, average damage on a crit with each shot hitting :
    (6d12+9)x4 = 24d12+36 = 192 damage.

    Am I right ?

    1) use a double hackbut instead, that's looking at 48d12+36 for another -4 to hit (use it without the stand)

    2) weapon used aside, being able to use double barreled firearms like that is just broken, firing 6 shots at a target gives a 46.86% chance of getting a critical(not including confirming it, just a 19 or 20 coming up on any of the rolls) and a .006% of a misfire assuming the use of a double barreled musket and both barrels are using paper cartridges.

    I know a designer said that's how it works, but sometimes the designers and the developers disagree on things, i'd say this might be one of them.

    to further prove my point, once you hit 16th level using a double barreled weapon you have 56.95% chance of getting a critical and could be rolling up to 32d12+36 (if all attacks hit). it'll actually be easier on the table for the target to roll their fort save not to do from the massive damage first.

    it's actually possible for a level 16 gunslinger to take a tarrasque into negatives using double hackbut, dead shot and dead eye, in one round

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    Sounds like it should be fine, since the bags can only hold so much volume i'd try to work out how much space the golem would be taking up. so assuming a medium golem fits in a 5ftx5ft square and could be what, 6ft tall, we have some rough dimensions, but the golem isn't going to have that much room, nor will it need it, so i would allow it to be squeezing into a smaller space 2.5x2.5x6 or so. and that works out to be 37.5 cubic feet, which would fit into a bag of holding type 2.

    Anyway i'd just like to thank you for the imagery i got when i read your post. A wizard with a bag of holding type 4 filled with tiny animated objects (mostly dolls with brushes and such for arms), dumping them in the middle of a room and commanding them to clean

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    ugh, i'll probably kick myself for this later, but i'll do it, but first, questions, how are ability scores generated? elite ray? 15, 20 point buy (randomized, probably cherry pick a few arrays and randomlly pick one)? also should all classes be weighted evenly? as in you're just as likely to get a 2h barb as you are to get caster bard? i'm already getting ideas on how to do this, but it probably won't be 1 click, you may need to press a button a few times as RNG isn't as random as i'd like

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    maybe instead of using excel this project should shift to a browser with java script, could be easily done to be used online or offline

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    Vuvu wrote:

    Someone make a concept based around the

    Disposable Weapon Feat!

    human fighter 7

    H) Quickdraw
    1) Precise Shot
    F1)Pointblank Shot
    2) Disposable Weapon
    F3)Splintering Weapon
    4) Deadly Aim
    F5)Double Slice
    6) Improved Two Weapon Fighting
    F7)Weapon Focus(Chakram)

    focus on getting high dex and strength, get LOTS of stone chakrams(fairly cheap, 2s 5c each) anytime you hit, you break the weapon, either confirming a crit or causing an extra 1d4 bleed damage. you'll want to get a bag of holding rather quickly

    also stupid feat taxes, i don't think rapid shot would work with throwing weapons, but snap shot (and improved snap shot) does seem to work with thrown weapons

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    OmegaZ wrote:
    Ok that makes sense, thanks. Definitely gonna grab some of the metamagic feats and Spell Focus: Necromancy.

    just be sure to get Spontaneous Metafocus from Ultimate Magic as spontaneous casters cast Metamagic spells as a full-round action or longer(unless you're using quicken)

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    lastspartacus wrote:
    Do what I do and allow crits to multiply sneak attack damage.

    You can't and for a bloody good reason

    dear god, can you imagine a ninja TWF with keen wakizashis using the invisible blade trick?