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Never Enough Monster Books!


There can never be enough Bestiaries for me, I always hated the fact that D&D never went past a 4th or 5th monster manual, and I’m really, REALLY happy to see Pathfinder reaching the 5th with still so much passion and heartfire for more monster books left!

The best thing of Paizo is that they really listen to our wishes, takes this book, last time I checked I wished for Cherufe, Karkadann, Therizinosaurus, Assassin Bugs, Xiao, Scitalis, Cervinal, Ahool, Mngwa, Akaname, Amarok and MANY others, and look how much of it made it into this book. Awesome!
Even my first wish I made on these message boards has made it into this book, the Plankta, which is a monster based on the Wandering Rocks or Planctae.

Of course there are bad things and good things, let me make a list of my personal thoughts after reading all of it.

+ Awesome collection of monsters for any adventure, of every CR, of any time.

+ Lots of mythology monsters that nobody ever heard of (well I asked for most of those, but most people don’t come further than knowing their dragons and minotaurs) which are really interesting too meet!

+ Monsters taken from movies or inspired by movies and similar stuff. Think of King Kong, Flubber and some SF movies.

+ Some left-over monsters from D&D that still needed to be paizonaized, think of Brain Moles (which got so much cooler and even got an upgrade) and Caller in Darkness.

+ Lots of strange, bizarre and awesome abilities never seen before.

+ 2 new outsider groups, one of which is so creepy and awesome, it instantly made me love them more than some outsider groups we already had.

+ A good mix of evil, neutral and good creatures.

+ AWESOME and beautiful artwork, which is always true for pathfinder books.

Now for the things I think they could have done better.

- Too much re-used artwork from AP monsters, I don’t mind Adventure Path-Bestiary monsters being re-used for this book, but new artwork for such creatures would be welcome, so people that also bought the AP get at least some new eyecandy for the creature.

- Some creatures (like the Aerial Servant) could have been replaced by less similar creatures, I mean we already have Air Elementals and Invisible Stalkers, we don’t need this D&D creature at all, they could have better add the strange and unique Digester, Arrowhawk or Ravid.

- Some outsider groups again didn't get new members, like the Div and Proteans.

This following thing is my opinion, you could judge the creatures entirely differently:

My favorite monsters in the book: Aatheriexa / Aeon, Othaos / Agathion, Cervinal / Ahkhat / Akaname / Amarok / Angel, Empyrean / Apallie / Assassin Bugs / Brain Mole Monarch / Caller in Darkness / Cerynitis / Cuero / Death Coach / Therizinosaurus / Nightmare Dragon / Echeneis / Encantado / Fastachee / Gegenees / Gray / Both Gremlins / Grim Reaper / Heikegani / Isonade / Karkadann / Kawa Akago / Kikimora / Peuchen / Plankta / Polong / Pyrausta / Sahkil (all) / Saxra / Scitalis / Sha / Shen / Giant Mantis Shrimp / Su / Tiyanak / Tizheruk / Tsukumogami / Ursikka / Wizard’s Shackle / Wyrmwraith / Xiao

My favorite creatures in the book are Vilderavn, Mngwa, Ostovite, Bone Ship, Cherufe and Papinijuwari.

My least favorite creature is the Putrid Ooze, mostly because I think having 3 black oozes into one bestiary is too much, and the Putrid Ooze adds nothing in my eyes. Also the Ants and Frogs in the book are not really inspired and just add size instead of strange abilities or appearances they could have. And I already said what I think about the Aerial Servant.

Overal this book gets a 5 star ranking from me because Paizo always manages to bring me my addiction in the form of an awesome book full of useable terrors and friendly faces that can enhance any game or just feast your eyes on the awesome artwork and fluff in the book.
I hope to see lots and lots more Bestiaries coming to us in the future, as only Paizo can make every new Bestiary something completely new and awesome. Keep them coming!

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Another awesome collection of monsters for every fan!


You really got to love Paizo!
I mean, what other game-company listens to, communicates and jokes around with fans like they do?!?
You have a wish for a monster you like to see in one of their products? Just let them know in the Bestiary-wish topics and when you are lucky that same monster/idea will end up in one of their awesome products!

I’m a bestiary junkie, so it’s probably unfair to see a review coming from my fingers… but I want to try it anyway.. so here goes!

Paizo Bestiaries have always been diverse, surprising, cool and full of dangerous critters suitable for ANY game and adventure, but none of the previous bestiaries are as diverse and terror-worthy as this one!
It’s full of monsters for any type of player and adventure! From huge city-crushing Colossi and Kaiju, to small cuddly and playful Pipefoxes, Pooka and Tooth Fairies that every player want to cuddle with until they find out some of their teeth are missing! ;-)
Undead rise from every corner, bizarre oozes slither around on countless pages, constructs of all types and sizes crush their way into your adventures and beasts from your worst nightmares will haunt you even further!

This Bestiary revamps monsters from D&D such as the awesome Formians, the improved mudmen named Mudlords, the colorful Sea Cat and the original Lurking Rays which will surprise you with their originality!
It stats up monsters from the most horrifying and awesome movies of all time, such as the plants from the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the all-consuming Blob, Grendel from Beowulf that will tear your limb for limb, the horrors from the Mimic movies, heck… even Godzilla isn’t safe for this Tome of awesomeness, and if you have a high imagination, it also stats the murderous rabbit from The Holy Grail! (Almiraj comes close enough!)
It also holds tons of monsters from all types of Mythologies and Folklore stories from all over the planet such as the bizarre Asian/Japanese monsters known as Gaki, Bakekujira, Gashadokuro, Kitsune, Harionago, Hyakume, Jinmenju and Rokurokubi, the Greek and famous Graeae, Argus, Lampad, Karkinoi and Maenad, from the cold Norse come the Einherjars and Svartalfars, the European came up with the Fachen, Erlking, Huldra, Fossegrim, Buggane, Alpluachra, Selkie and of course the horrifying Spring-Heeled Jack!
And many, many more such as Abaia, Kapre, Julunggali, Rukh, Qallupilluk and Tikbalang! And then there are the Jack-o-Lantern and the horrid Rat Kings!
It’s a must-have book for fans of Mythology, fantasy stories and Folklore! (such as myself!)

The book also adds in to the ever-growing numbers of Drakes, Dark Ones, Clockworks, Devils, Dinosaurs, Giants (Ocean Giants are awesome!), Golems (Blood and Coral!!), Gremlins, Kytons, Lycanthropes (some that terrorize the seas, lakes and skies) and the new and awesome Psychopomps! (Well not really new, but they are new to the Bestiary books!)

There are many awesome new templates in this book, and while I myself aren’t the biggest template fan in the world I must admit these templates will rock your table! As with this Bestiary you can turn ANY creature into a monster of shadows or covered in deadly fungi, mummy horrors of any kind and form can be brought to life, and then there is the Nightmare Creature Template which will turn some already scary monsters into monsters that your players will not soon forget!

Fans of dragons will be very happy with the extremely awesome and very colorful Outer Dragons which come straight from the cold void of space to terrorize your adventures even beyond the safe borders of Earth and/or Golarion!

New to this book are mythic creatures for truly epic mythic adventures and the Demon Lords, Kaiju and Great Old Ones! These extremely popular and epic awesomeness creatures are a must-have for every DM and fan of monsters!

Fans of the monsters of Lovecraft commit a serious crime when they ignore this book…
The Bestiary 4 gives immense attention and detail to MANY of the horrors Lovecraft dreamed up, think about horrors like the Cthulhu, Flying Polyp, the faceless Nightgaunts and the terrible Colour out of Space! And these are only few of them, there are many, many more hiding in the shadows of this book!

But not every monster in this monstrous tome wants to eat your bones, crush your brains, drain your blood, pull you through mirrors, absorb you into their endless mass, infest you with terrible diseases and poisons, rip your skin off, or even want to steal your teeth or talents…
Some of the creatures can be turned into precious allies or teammates! Think about creatures such as the beautiful Swan Maiden and the awesome and kind Empyreal Lords, making some adventures a little bit easier for your players, and bringing some love to the table.

Of course there are also some monsters I don’t really like or which I even dislike, but with more than 250 monsters in it that isn’t so strange as everybody has its personal preferences, like I don’t really care for real-world animals and playable races, but many other people(including you maybe) may be really hooked on those!
It’s a thing of taste, but everybody will get what they want from this book as it’s so incredible varied!

And even if you don’t play the Pathfinder game at all this book will fit very well into any art-addicted, monster-book collecting persons collection! The book is full of AWESOME and STUNNING artworks that really fit well together and give a very good picture of what the monster should be or what it can do!

So what are you waiting for? BUY IT NOW! (The more people who buy it, the more chance there will be an even better Bestiary 5 in the near future! And I really hope we will see a lot more Bestiaries from Paizo! Bestiary 10 here we come!!!) ;-)

Keep up the good work!