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Excellent Options and Flavor


This book is worth it for at least helping wrap up the possibilities for a oriental game.

With a fair amount of options, giving some lovin' to the combat classes UM left out. I love it for the guns information, the airships and all new rogue archetypes. A MUST for any table looking for supplements.

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Nice Handout Material


Just got this (actually, it motivated me to pick up the Companion Subscription), and it delivers what it promises. It'll make a great new handout for character creation for my group, since tend to make humans and half-breeds. The traits and treatment on Aroden also are awesome to see, whilst the migration map was probably the most useful for getting a good idea of what kind of person comes from where.

Nice to see a human-centric book. Now bring on the Neutral Deities!

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Worked Out Nice for Me


I brought some shortly after Sean K Reynolds mentioned it on his blog. What I like is the blank side underneath; flipping it sometimes lets you use a nice 'mirror' universe to a map. I enjoy the size of them, since multiple pieces can be taken and arranged together for a big grid.

Enjoy them. They are as advertised: Cheap, easy Maps.

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Great Buy for 10 Bucks


Thus far I've been impressed with this line- and the Osirion book continues it. It is nice to see a nation detailed out a bit, at least enough to inspire a campaign. I wasn't expecting much, considering the 10 dollar (or 7 dollar, if all you want is a PDF) price. For that amount, I expected not much.

But I'm impressed. A prestige class as well as feats, along with a gist of the region. This is nice buy for anyone who plans to run a game focused on Osirion or has a character from there. It builds off nicely what was started in the Campaign Setting.