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I'm the worst GI Joe ever.

Did someone call for a G.I. Joe?

What? Where am I? Oh great, not here again...

KaeYoss wrote:

If you're on number 3 for the day, that explains a lot actually.

What's all this talk of bases? I was on the base all night! I swear! You don't have any evidence I did any of that! What's that? You have a video? What's that? I left DNA evidence? Well...

F%!@ YOU!

The Jade wrote:
Studpuffin wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
Hehheh...JUNKmail. Of course now I'm terrified to check.
It's never quite what you expect. He sent me a picture of a rusty bicycle... so go figure.

That was no bike. That was my member's "balloon animal" version of a tesseract. I do parties. No really. Entire parties.

As for the rust... er... that's just a pesky souvenir from a lost weekend in Bangkok.

Who hasn't had a lost weekend in Bangkok? You might wanna see a doctor. It sounds like you met Lady Candelabra. I remember her back when she had fewer wrinkles, and more parts...

Sean Connery wrote:
Pure-breeds get enough love. Give moots love too.

I wish I'd never written the screen play for Zardoz. I'd just come off a six week bender in the Philippines with a stop over in Bangkok, the week after that was just kind of a blur... but I had a movie deal staring Sean Connery. How could I say no? Boy, I should've said no.

Irv wrote:
Fitting and proper, a plastic hero for a plastic nation, made in China, for a country owned by China.

And knowing is half the battle!

Cobra? Those guys? One time they shang-hai'd my parrot and convinced me I had amnesia. I broke free, kicked there asses, then partied until I had amnesia. Duke was so pissed, I apparently spent all night making prank phone calls to Snake Eyes asking him to speak up and writing bad fan-fic about Lady Jaye getting it on with Baroness. He threw my ass in the brig for three days, but it was worth it! I think...