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I will be playing in a one-shot where we are going up against a group that employs undead and shadow magic. I'm buidling a wizard for the party. The party includes a barbarian, ranged paladin, rogue, bard, and another undetermined. Clerics will have reduced spellcasting, so I was looking at a wizard. I'm in need of help in the build for countering undead and shadow magic, or creatures from the plane of shadow.

Thanks, ahead of time.

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Hello there,

I am currently a subscriber to multiple lines and am loving most of them. I am not at all interested in the boxes coming down the main RPG line, but would still like to get the Ultimate Equipment. Is it possible to skip the Bestiary Box and get the Ultimate Equipment and then cancel my subscription until a later date when there is a line of items that I'm interested in getting?

I would like to keep my other subscriptions in tact. And am considering adding another line. But I am just not interested in what is coming up in the main line.


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I have been purchasing from Paizo for a few years now and honestly, this has never happened before. So I want to start off with a congratulations. You made it this long before I got a wrong order, and I figure that's pretty good. However, I do need to let you know what happened and find out how we can best remedy the mistake.

I had ordered three items that were to be shipped immediately:
GameMastery Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Condition Tokens
GameMastery Invisible Character Pack
GameMastery Invisible Monster Pack

I received the Game Condition Tokens and the Invisible Monster Pack, but instead of the Invisible Character Pack I received a set of GameMastery Figure Flight Stands.

Where do we go from here?

Thanks for all the great products, and keep up the good work. I'm sure things like this are gonna happen once in a while. As I said before, I'm actually surprised it hasn't before now. And I can see how mixing these two items up would be pretty easy, they look very similar.


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I'm running a Kingmaker campaign and have been asked a question I'm uncertain of how to answer.

How would one institute a spy network? What would it cost? Would there be different costs depending on how good it is and how secret it is? I'm sure there is more, but I'm tired and its late.


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My players definitely stay out!!! You know who you are.

For those that can't read headings:

Don't read anything else here if you don't want to read SPOILERS!!!

Need Help!:

Okay, so recently my group had a session. This doesn't happen too often, we only get to play about once every other month. Mainly because my players come from over a 200 mile radius.

During our last session, we had two things happen. Both of which I had created to add a little intrigue and get the players more involved in their characters.
A short background, you can see my group at this link.
Here is what happened/what I added...
I created two NPC's, a son of King Ivoretti and a nephew to Varn. I had both men court Selena (the sorceress). Unbeknown to the players, Prince Ivoretti is courting Selena in order to gain the help of the players nation, which he would then later use to usurp King Ivoretti. But he needs a noble, and the only noble in my group is an Urban Ranger, who is a Bastard and can't prove his nobility. In order to prove his nobility, Prince Ivoretti sent an Apple of Eternal Slumber to Brianna, since Brianna and Allard are courting. In the hopes of getting Allard to kiss Brianna in her slumber, thus proving that he is a noble. However, Brianna was extremely cautious, and didn't trust a basket full of apples, and eventually figured out that one of them was a special apple. They then proceeded to scry on the owner of the apple. From there things kinda took a life of their own. Longer story shorter. One of the townsfolk is a transplant from Pitax, who is supplying Prince Ivoretti with information about the players kingdom. During the scrying, Brianna saw Prince Ivoretti talking to a cloaked figure, he said something about an assassination and a noble. The players assumed he was talking about the upcoming wedding between Esmound (the Paladin) and Lily. However he was talking about his father. Where I need help here, is that while I plan on having Prince Ivoretti killed before War of the River Kings, I'm not sure how to continue involving him with the players. Snaring them deeper into a subplot to kill King Ivoretti and then springing WotRK on them right after a failed coup.
Ideas for proving Allard is a noble? What else can Prince Ivoretti do to try to get the players to help him? Especially if he isn't the one courting Selena.
The second thing I'm having difficulty with is the courting of Young Varn with Selena. Right now, he is the one she has picked. Do I have Varn disappear with the rest at the beginning of VV right before a wedding? Or do I have him be the only survivor because he was visiting Selena during the raid?

Maybe I just needed to write this out so I could think more clearly on the subject. Anyway, thanks for reading.

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Can someone move my Kingmaker thread? It's in Gamer Connection and should probably be in Play-by-Post.

Mark's Kingmaker Build Thread


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I have asked the bard of the party to submit a review of each session as we go through the Kingmaker AP. We just started, and will be trying to meet weekly. I thought I would post a link to the blog he is keeping, so that others may laugh or cry at our adventures.

WARNING!!! There will be spoilers, so if you are playing in a Kingmaker campaign, you have been forewarned. Perhaps ask your GM before you read it. Just to make sure there isn't something you haven't encountered yet.

The "Surefooted" Bard's Blog.

P.S.-You'll have to start at the bottom/earliest dated post and work your way to the current one.

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I've been wondering, how long has your group spent in the Kingmaker Adventure Path?

My group doesn't seem to want to take time to stop and smell the kingdom building roses, so we've only gone through 25 months and are almost done with Rivers Run Red. (And about 6 of those months are exploration.)

I'd like to know if this is extremely short or if they are on target with the average group. They wouldn't even have taken that much time except that I forced them to take a minimum of a year at the end of Stolen Lands.

The Exchange

In my ineptitude of excel ability, I have tried to make a spreadsheet that tracks the monthly decisions made by the players in their kingdom phases. What I have created is a time consuming spreadsheet that takes away from the roleplaying and rollplaying. I know there are spreadsheets out there to track where the kingdom is at-a-glance, but they don't keep track of what was accomplished each month. For instance, when the temple was built, or when the tavern was added to the city. Or maybe when the hex with the radishes was added.

What is everyone else doing for keeping track of this? Are you just writing it down in a notebook? Or are you just bypassing this and adding stuff to the, very awesome, spreadsheets that are available as they happen and not keeping track of when they happen?

Here is a link to my inept spreadsheet. It's at the bottom of the page. Take a look, and let me know what changes I should make, if any. Or maybe I'm just making it harder than it is supposed to be?

Thanks in advance.

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I would like to substitute in some items for players that are specific to their builds. I'm looking for items in two ranges, 5k to 10k range and 30k-50k range.

Thanks in advance.

Spoilers ahead.


Here is a list of the characters:

Esmond, Holy Paladin of Erastil (King): Tries to be as high in AC as possible and channel/lay of hands is used frequently. Quiet, but forceful, he rules his kingdom by being manipulated by his fiance, Lily Teskerten. ;)
This one already has a couple of specific items in the 5k-10k range, so just need something for the higher range.

Ghuar, Feral Barbarian (Warden): Outgoing barbarian who won't take crap from anyone. Recent activity includes executing the bard Grigori by feeding him to Old Crackjaw.
Again this one has a weapon that meets the 5k-10k range, so just need something for the higher range.

The rest of these don't have an item in either range.

Allard, Urban Ranger (Spymaster): Tracker for the party, specializes in sword and shield. Bounty hunter and former militia member of Restov. Prefer bounties on those harming the defenseless.

Theodocious the Attrocious, Ranger/Rogue (Royal Assassin): Assassin. Likes his apples of enlarge, sneak attack, and stealth. Also involved in the private execution of Grigori.

Selena, Infernal Sorceress (Grand Diplomat): Is highly Charismatic and uses her womanly ways to get what she wants. A lot of enchantments are cast from these delicate hands.

Brianna the Witch (Counselor): Brianna and foxy travel everywhere together. She has the fly hex and uses apples to hold her potions. She has befriended The Old Beldame (who I rebuilt as a witch).

If you want to see more on the backgrounds of these characters, just stop by the Gamers Closet web page.

We recently had a player in our PbP campaign post a message, but its not visible to the rest of us. If we go to his profile and view recent posts its there, but it doesn't show up on our PbP.

The profile is "Seamus Fleetfoot" and the PbP is "A Tale of the River Kingdoms"

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I don't suppose there is an archive for the Wallpapers you guys post on the blogs? I would sure like to get my hands on all the wallpapers you've done so I can have my new Windows 7 scroll through them during the day.

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I just read the latest blog post by James Jacobs. Is there an allowance for adding these new rules to PFS? I would love to be able to use the alternate Pharasma friendly domain spells. How about the new subdomains which are not going to be put into print anytime soon?

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I would like to provide you with a frustration I am having with my downloads page, in hopes that there is a better way to view the downloads.

I'm not sure why, and I really don't need to know, but it seems that every 6 months or so Paizo is changing the names of their product lines. This results in books that have a common line being separated when I search through my downloads. For instance, my Player Companion books are separated into three (3) categories; Pathfinder Companion 3.5, Pathfinder Companion PFRPG, and Pathfinder Player Companion PFRPG. It would be so much nicer if these were all just put together in the same category: Player Companion. Instead I have to search through three different categories to find what I'm looking for. And the fun doesn't stop there. I just recently received my copy of the new Pathfinder Tales Novel, however it is not listed with the previous two Pathfinder Tales, instead it has its own new category.


Please, can we slim down these categories? Why can't I have a Category list like the links are on the side of the web page?

  • Roleplaying Game
  • Campaign Setting
  • Adventure Path
  • Player Companion
  • Modules
  • Pathfinder Tales
  • Pathfinder Society

    I don't need to separate out which edition or which specific line it comes from. I just want general categories. The only one I can see breaking down further would be the Adventure Paths, but only into the individual paths. As it is now, every Adventure Path Players Guide is also its own group.

    Sorry about the rant. Just something that frustrated me this morning when I went to download my new Pathfinder Tales and spent way too much time looking for it because it wasn't with the other two Tales.

  • Male Human (Shoanti) Cleric/1

    I will be working my way around to the "injured" NPC. I am waiting now to hear from Yergie as to what she is pinging off of the NPCs.

    The Exchange 2/5

    It says that once you've had 10 posts you can't change it. What if I have never played character X and rather than start a new one, I want to just change the name of the character to match what I am using?

    The Exchange 2/5

    If someone has already GMd the Con special, can they later play it and get credit as per the new "one each" credit rule? Or since it is a special, is it replay for "no credit" only?

    The Exchange

    My players have asked if they could have one of their familiars as a Magister. I'm very hesitant to do this. Any feelings? Can you give me pro/con as to why this should or shouldn't be allowed? Min/Max'ing this works, but how would the public relate to a familiar or animal companion being one of those incharge? For example, how would they handle the Paladin's mount being the Warden? This is of course assuming that the familiar/animal companion can speak common.

    Just looking for everyone's thoughts on the subject.

    Dark Archive

    Is there anything out there that gives a boost to the number of HD of Undead that a cleric can turn/command? A feat, trait, spell or magic item?

    I have an 8th level cleric who can command undead and I desperately need to be able to command undead who are 9 or 10 HD as I never get to face anything equal to my level or lower.

    The Exchange 2/5

    Found this image of Karelle at DeviantArt and thought immediately of Qadira. Thanks to *Hito76 for allowing us to view such a beautiful image.

    Do you have an image to represent your faction? Something more than just a symbol?

    The Exchange

    INFO: I am GM for our group for the Kingmaker campaign. We haven't played a session yet, but will play the first one on the 11th of September. I have 6 players. Barbarian raised by wolves, Witch (w/ fox) and Infernal Sorceress from Cheliax (both with Devils involved in their backgrounds - haven't read all the chapters yet, but hope to put that into the campaign somewhere), Paladin of Erastil from Brevoy, an Urban Ranger from Restov with a criminal background that worked for the city guard, but is now a bounty hunter, and a half-orc Two-weapon ranger from the wilds that is really good at tracking. (the rest are human)

    So far I have over 100 emails in my in-box that are pure role-playing. And they are doing a great job. I had them get their individual charters in Restov and slowly meet up beginning with the witch and sorceress, and then they put out a call for "protectors". So far the Paladin has insulted the Barbarian, twice. The barbarian has had women from the local brothel give him a bath, in public. The two rangers keep disappearing and reappearing, not telling anyone where they were or what they were doing. Which causes a lot of "huh?" moments. They have now hit the road and on the first night realized that it is below freezing out and there is a cold spell coming. You can follow along if you want. I'm basically taking there comments from their emails and placing them on a web page for now. Gamer's Closet

    Okay, so you're probably wondering why I said Over-hyped? Well, I've got one player who has read all the reviews of the campaign, and visits the boards often. He is extremely excited for this campaign. So much so, that it was all he talked about in an hour long ride on the way to a Pathfinder Society gameday. Also, they are doing such a good job with the role-playing already, am I going to be able to match it when we actually sit down and play?

    I'm just looking for advice. I haven't GM'd a campaign for a few years and its getting me a little nervous. Maybe I'm just over complicating/thinking it. All my players with the exception of one are people whom I have played with for the past 10 years, so I know they will be honest with me and we will have a good time. I guess I'm just nervous that I won't be able to keep up the already good gaming that is happening.


    The Exchange 2/5

    I've had it up to here with the constant "discussion" of how Josh's decision for buying scrolls is wrong/ineffective/or misunderstood. The only thing wrong is the people that keep on trying to destroy this rule by Rules Lawyer'ing it to death or pretending that they don't understand.

    PFS Guide 3.0 wrote:

    "All potions, scrolls, wands, and other consumables are made by wizards, clerics, or druids in Pathfinder Society Organized Play. The only exceptions are spells that are not on the wizard, cleric, or druid spell list. For example, a scroll of lesser restoration must be purchased as a 2nd-level scroll off the cleric spell list and may not be

    purchased as a 1st-level scroll off the paladin spell list."

    We all, and yes I mean all, understand what Josh is trying to do by this rule. (Baseline pricing for consumables) Don't even pretend that you don't, it just makes you look like a fool and it's just plain insulting to the rest of us.

    Quit flooding the 3.0 FAQ with this idiotic discussion. At least take it somewhere else where I don't have to view it if I don't want to.

    If this RANT gets removed, fine, so be it. At least I got it out of my system.

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    I'm looking at creating a bodyguard type character that is all about protecting a ward. I realize there are a couple of different ways to go about this.

    The initial way I'm looking at it is a Phalanx Soldier with Friendly Switch, Saving Shield, and so on. Providing AC to the ward and moving them out of harms way and taking their place. Under the Phalanx Soldier it allows you to use a polearm with one hand. Is there an option, feat or otherwise that allows you to use a reach weapon and still threaten the squares adjacent to you? Would Shield bash be the best option here, or is there an option to get the polearm to reach adjacent squares and 10' squares?

    Looking for help.

    The Exchange

    I have a player who's character is a witch. He wants to buy apples to use as potions. I'm fine with this, its a twist and a good concept. But, I have no idea what to charge for the fruit. I was thinking of charging 2 gold pieces for a bushel. This would be about 4cp for one apple. Any thoughts? How about other fruits? I'm running them through the Kingmaker campaign, so the region is the River Kingdoms. Apples should be available, as would raspberries, blueberries, plums, and other northern fruits. But southern fruits would be hard to get.

    The Exchange

    I received a confirmation email on July 21st. It says that the order was submitted. However, the order is still pending, while everyone else is getting their subscriptions. Just wondering why this is taking so long? I really want my APG! I don't think I can wait for mid-September to get it.

    Here's what's in the order:
    This order contains the following items:
    1 x Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Advanced Player's Guide (OGL) Hardcover (preorder) @ 33.99 = $33.99
    1 x Pathfinder Tales: Prince of Wolves (preorder) @ 8.49 = $8.49
    (Moved from order 1405057)
    1 x Pathfinder Tales: Prince of Wolves (preorder) @ 8.49 = $8.49
    1 x Pathfinder Adventure Path #36: Sound of a Thousand Screams (Kingmaker 6 of 6) (PFRPG) Print Edition (preorder) @ 13.99 = $13.99
    1 x Pathfinder Adventure Path #37: Souls for Smuggler's Shiv (Serpent's Skull 1 of 6) (PFRPG) Print Edition (preorder) @ 13.99 = $13.99
    1 x Pathfinder Player Companion: Orcs of Golarion (PFRPG) Print Edition (preorder) @ 9.34 = $9.34
    1 x Pathfinder Chronicles: Kingmaker Poster Map Folio Print Edition @ 13.59 = $13.59
    (Moved to order 1459277)
    1 x GameMastery Figure Flight Stands (special order) @ 5.09 = $5.09
    (Moved to order 1459277)

    Just looking for an explanation, and if there is something holding this shipment, if I can have that set aside to get the rest of the order.

    The Exchange

    I’ve searched the boards and only found posts to the effect of the same people playing different characters for multiple parties in Kingmaker.

    What I’m wondering, has anyone tried Kingmaker with different groups of players? They would consist of two standard groups of 4-6 players.

    I would like to try this. Keeping both groups in the dark as to there being another group involved in the campaign. There would be hints; maybe the ‘other’ group is sitting in the tavern enjoying a mug of ale. Maybe they pass them on the road. Or when they go to collect a reward/bounty, they are told that another group just collected that bounty and the description given is the ‘other’ group. Character descriptions would be given every time the group sees or hears of the ‘other’ group. Other things would be the removal of bounties or rewards off the board as one group collects before the ‘other’ gets the chance.
    Eventually the two groups would meet. I figure I could pull this off by having a room with a divider and eventually they would meet. After that they would play 5 or 6 players at a time with any combination of players or keep their own groups, depending on how the initial meeting ended. They may even decide to continue competing for the kingdom.

    I haven’t read all of the series, only the first chapter of the AP. Is this a possibility or just a pipe dream?

    The Exchange 2/5

    I have really enjoyed listening to a couple of different podcasts that contain information on Pathfinder and its many books and some modules. However, I have not found a podcast that focuses on Pathfinder Society. Since the majority of what I play is PFS, it would be really cool to have a podcast that would discuss rule changes when they came out, story lines as they become retired, maybe locations or individual NPC's in PFS that everyone would meet, and for the GM's a spoiler'riffic section that would discuss the latest published scenarios giving pointers and tips in running them.

    I would love to say that I would be publishing my first podcast on this subject, but alas, I have not the skillz, knowledge nor equipment to do so. And I have not the experience in doing a podcast either. Would love to learn how to and do one though.

    Just wondering what others thoughts are on the subject?

    The Exchange 2/5

    Okay, this came up in our game session tonight.
    For rewarding PA, does only one character have to do the faction missions, or do all characters have to do some of them? I know that sounds confusing, but I’m not sure I can phrase that any better without giving spoiler info.

    Playing #51 City of Strangers Part 1: It specifically says at the end of the scenario that “PCs from the Taldor faction who insult Dakar and take the beating earn 1 Prestige Award.” Does this mean that every PC from the Taldor faction has to take a beating, or can they all earn the PA if just one of them takes it for the team?

    Also, sometimes the message the PC gets from the faction does not quite spell out everything and even though the PC has done what they believe the message said to do, they didn’t do it correctly or they didn’t do it at all.
    For example, say a PC is told in a faction handout to deliver a note to a NPC. However in the scenario it specifically says that the note must be delivered without anyone else noticing. But it doesn't say this in the handout. Does the PC get the PA if they gave the note in full view of all the other PC's? Or do they miss out because they didn’t do the mission the way the scenario required, "secretly", despite the fact that the faction handout said that the NPC just needed to receive the note, nothing about how to deliver the note?

    This has come up before as well and so I was just trying to clear it up.

    The Exchange

    I have an 8 year old who has devoured every book I've sent her way. She loves to read and can't get enough. Especially anything I read, she wants to read it too, including flavor from Pathfinder Companions and Chronicles.

    Is there a certain rating for the soon-to-be published Pathfinder Tales novels? Will they be PG, PG-13 or R? I'd hate to have to tell her she can't read them until after she has her license to drive.

    The Exchange 2/5

    This was brought up on another thread and I was asked to move it. So here it is.

    Cpt_kirstov wrote wrote:

    ... where the 2 PA adventures you are only supposed to get both PA on some occasions (thus requiring a decent roll on a skill you may not have).

    Begin mini rant/frustration...(This is a frustration in my local group and I am unsure as to how others outside of our group feel about it.)

    My group has taken exception to this. We understand making one of the PA harder to achieve, but when they become impossible it just upsets and infuriates my players.

    For example...


    In the scenario where you go through the maze under Absalom, you need a DC 20 Knowledge (geography) check to map the maze for Cheliax. Or if you are Osirion or Qadira (not sure which), you need a DC 20 Disable Device to get sand from the hourglass.

    Now no one, not a single player, had an issue with the high DC. However, just because they happened to be playing a character that didn't, and never would, have the appropriate skill, they were unable to receive the second PA of the scenario. They felt cheated out of a chance to receive the PA. As the rules state, no one can achieve that high of a DC without being trained in those skills. Their comments were that it felt more like it was all based on luck, whether or not you had the right skill available. Now in the previously mentioned scenario, they didn't even have another character in the party who had taken any of the skills, so they couldn't even have someone from another faction try it for them.

    Now before I get stomped on, I understand that the second PA is supposed to be hard to achieve. But there still exists a suggestive nature that there is a chance to get it, when that is definitely not the case.

    As to what was mentioned above in the example...


    The player who was to map the maze, went out of his way to acquire the proper tools and equipment, even spending gold on a masterwork tool kit for cartography. Then when he said he was going to begin mapping, I asked for a roll. He said that he didn't have the appropriate skill. At which point I told him that he could map it, but it doesn't appear to be a good enough representation and won't work. Said player was ready to throw a fit. Thankfully, he is a reasonable adult and simply played on, even continuing to roleplay and map, though he wasn't going to get the PA. I thank him for that. But in lesser minds it would have been quite a scene at the table.

    I believe where this gets really frustrating is when you have played several scenario's in row with a character and are unable to get that extra PA just because you don't have the prerequisite skill/ability to get it. Is there an estimate as to how many 2nd PA's a character should be getting? 1 out of 5, 1 out of 10? It is also frustrating when a character from another faction gets their extra PA as a result of a NPC dying instead of capturing alive or vice-versa, something any PC can accomplish.

    I would like to suggest that skills that can be used untrained, should be used instead of trained skills. Make the DC high, that's not the issue.

    If the writers or Josh could give me a reasonable explanation that I can take to my players, I would greatly appreciate it. And please, don't just say "its supposed to be harder to get." I guess I'm looking for a reason as to why they are set up the way they are, not as to why they are harder.

    Again, I understand the desire to make the "extra" PA difficult to obtain. Our group has just become frustrated with it.

    Rant/frustration over.
    Thanks for reading.

    The Exchange

    I have not played 4E for about 9 months now, mainly because the rest of my group have moved to Pathfinder. However a friend of mine who lives too far away to play with regularly has said that he is tired of 4E because of the lengths of the combats and the inability of the GM to even threaten the lives of the PC's. He says that their combat encounters take a minimum of 90 minutes, but usually run 2 1/2 hours. (They are currently playing at level 20)

    I am curious, because I'm interested in starting a campaign with my daughter and a couple of her friends, is this typical or are they just not properly synergizing their characters?

    I'm trying to decide if I should use 4E or Pathfinder for their campaign. There ages are 8, 9, and 10.


    The Exchange

    I noticed that each deck of GameMastery Cards has a different symbol. However, I noticed this after I had already mixed several different decks. Is there a list of each decks symbols somewhere, and what they mean.

    Now, I'm not talking about the symbol in the upper right hand corner. I know that this symbol is weapon/armor/potion/etc...
    What I'm talking about is the symbol in the bottom left corner on the front.


    The Exchange 2/5

    I've put together a PFS wishlist of items that you can get at the Paizo store that help in the gameplay of PFS.

    Did I miss anything truly must have?

    PFS Wishlist

    The Exchange 2/5

    Recently in discussion during our monthly gameday the topic of replays came up. During the discussion it was mentioned that everyone should have characters from at least three different factions. Just in case.

    So the question I propose is...

    "What would the iconic characters be for the different factions?"

    Human cleric of Asmodeous for Cheliax?
    Halfling rogue freedom fighter for Andoran?
    Half-orc monk of Irori for Qadira?
    Half-elf bard for Taldor?
    Human wizard for Osirion?

    Not sure if these would be correct for the faction iconics, but am hoping that you the PFS community could help me out in this endeavor. I guess what we are looking for is if we were to create an iconic for each faction, what would they look like? Race, Class, Stats, Feats, Traits, Skills, Weapons, Armor... the whole package. Kind of like a premade character.

    If this has already been done, I apologize.

    I would like to create a couple Persona's for Firefox using iconics and the pathfinder logo. Is this allowed? I don't want to do something that is illegal. But I do want to be able to personalize my web browser with my favorite game.

    Just saw this on ENWorld. Go to ARMY BUILDER

    Can't believe that its allowed by the USTO. Interesting that LW waited until 5 years was up before they asked for people to stop using the term "Army Builder".

    Nothing like manipulating the system. I know some gamers that would be real proud of a feat like that.

    Here's the set up. We began the RotRL AP. Characters rolled 4d6 for ability scores. I allowed feats from the Bestiary for the Summoners Eidolon.

    The player chose a quadraped with claws, claws, pounce as evolutions and multiattack for a feat. Giving him 5 attacks on a charge, AC 14 (18 after Mage Armor) and 22 hitpoints. (Max hp at first level)

    We quickly found the 5 attacks to be very overpowering, and with an 18 AC and 22 hp he had as much AC as the best PC and twice the hp. The other characters quickly felt unneeded in combat.

    I asked him to change one of the claws, which he politely accepted and changed to Improved Natural Armor. Now he had a 20 AC after Mage Armor.

    When the characters leveled to 2nd, he took a tail as a new evolution and Improved Natural Armor as a feat. (Now at 29hp and 23 AC after Mage Armor.)

    Perhaps we are misreading the class, but this has played out as very overpowering, making it less fun for the rest of the group. How this will play out in higher levels, I'm unsure. But currently it is making the game less fun for the other characters.

    The only time the eidolon has been threatened has been when they come upon a creature with ranged touch attacks, i.e. the quasit Erylum (sp?).

    Any suggestions, or help is appreciated.

    My 8 year old daughter and a couple of her friends, all in the 8-10 year range, want to play "D&D" like her old man and his friends. But I don't want something as R rated as standard adventures run.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for PG or age appropriate adventures?

    Has anyone else run into something similar in the past? Or do most just wait until their children are "adults" before allowing them to play?


    My friends and I are looking into playing online, so that we can play a little more often. We have never done this before. I'm looking for suggestions on software/hardware and "how to" for online play.


    Recently listened to a podcast FTB where they talked about doing pocket sized rulebooks for RPG's. (One that actually fits in your pocket.) Say 8"x4"x1"?

    I would be all for this, especially since you are required to carry your rulebooks with you at conventions in order to use material from them for Pathfinder Society and RPGA. Would drastically cut down on the total weight of materials I would be carrying. And if done right, would be great even at home, where you could have a copy that floats around the table that doesn't take up your dice rolling or map space.

    Take out the pictures and simplify tables. Could even break up rulebooks. For example, if you were to do the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, you could separate out the things needed for making a character. Pages 1-157. And then have a second one with additional rules, combat, spells, magic items, prestige classes and the like. The only problem I see right away is that that if you want to play a spellcaster, you would have to buy both books.

    You could even do an annual Pathfinder Companion pocket book. Or Pathfinder Chronicles pocket book. Or how about a Bestiary pocket book?

    I know that there are many costs to this, and people will bring out the negatives about it, but it is not something I would buy in place of the actual books, but rather something I would buy as a supplement to them.

    Just my thought. I would buy them if they were done well.

    In "Fun with Pigs and Other Stuff", Bill Slavicsek mentions a new build for Fighters called the Tempest (which will come out with the Martial Powers book). Just wondering what other people think about this. Will this make a Two-Weapon Fighting Ranger pointless? Or will they add things to the Ranger so it doesn't just become a ranged weapon fighter?

    Just wondering if this will eliminate the melee Ranger as a class option?

    I know we don't have much info yet, but the preview given shows more advantages rather than disadvantages for taking the Fighter Tempest build over the Ranger 2-Wpn build. From what they are showing thus far, you will get more pluses to attack and damage, but you will be using lower damage weapons.

    Also wondering if anyone has any more information on this. I wanted to play a two weapon fighter, but I may wait now, knowing that this is coming out.

    The Exchange

    There are some questions and thoughts in the above information, that I would like answers/comments on.


    You can find it here.


    Thanks to whoever fixed my post.

    When can we expect to see Alpha 3 posted? Can you give me an estimated time table? Please?

    I only ask because I am beginning a RotRL "Burnt Offerings" campaign on Memorial weekend and all of my players are waiting till then to make their characters. It would be great if we could have the Alpha 3 version available before the campaign starts.

    Thanks for putting this out there for us to try. I downloaded it as soon as I saw it. I have a couple of concerns/reservations, but I will wait until we have a couple of adventures under our belt to comment on them.

    Thanks again, for everything you are trying to do.