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Here's a weird balance issue with the extra dice from potency : a +5 greatsword would do 7d6 damage on a swing (the base 2d6 + 5 extra dice from potency) for an average of 24.5, a +5 longsword would be on 6d8 for an average of 27.

On another note, ranged weapons now have builtin damage boosts thanks to potency. Less need for deadly aim or dex to damage is good.

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I think you could improve the readability of the forums by highlighting posts made by Paizo staff. You could do it in a variety of different ways : a different background color, a thicker or colored post border, maybe some sort of icon next to the avatar ...

It would make threads where interaction with the staff is expected much more readable. I'm thinking mostly of the 2E previews, but I'm sure it would help in support threads, playtests ...