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We may have another problem though guys, i just found this crazy spell called fly, it actually lets me never get attacked by a melee until like level 9! (When fighters can theoretically get boots of flying) Waaay more op then crane style.

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Shadowborn wrote:
Crane technique: If do right, no can defense.

Freakin sweet.

On a side note, this feat is obviously supposed to emulate deflect arrows but for melee attacks. Why is it do you think the designers decided to give this one an extra bonus over deflect arrows? The bonus being that gargantuan and colossal weapons don't stop it.

It isn't unbalancing, it just seems inconsistent, thoughts?

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Any chance of locking this thread right now?

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Sean K Reynolds wrote:

I'm not Vic or Lisa, but IMO the best way to sum up our reprint policy is: "If a book sells out of its print run, and we have a reasonable expectation that reprinting it would continue to sell well, we'll reprint it." There are exceptions (for example, we didn't reprint the 3.5 campaign setting when it sold out because we knew the Inner Sea World Guide for the PFRPG was coming soon), but that's pretty much how it works out.

So far, all of our core rulebooks have sold well and we've gone to at least a second print run. We expect UM will be the same. And as the time for the UM reprint approaches, we'll compile all of this information into an update PDF (like we've done for the other hardcover rulebooks) and revise the UM PDF for everyone who bought it.

I was perusing this thread and noticed this bit of business policy. Now it seems to me if a book was not sold out and the reasoning was poor quality (hard to read sentences, unbalanced mechanics, general cookiness) it would make more business sense to re-print the book (with edits) and re-release rather then thinking your customers didn't want the kind of content in the particular book.

I mean UM is probably the closest thing paizo has to skirting this line, as through these boards and real life I know at least 70 pathfinder fans that wont buy it, for reasons of unclear writing and not getting as much content for a majority of spell-casters. If UM sells well that's great but if not making a revised UM might be in better interests. (Of course people who bought the unrevised would probably want a free copy so it may or may not balance out).

Just my thoughts.

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But it is okay to tell your DM

"I stab fluffy in the face, repeatedly"

Dm: "What why????"

"It is part of a 24 hour ritual to turn him into a dragon :D"

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hida_jiremi wrote:
Someone needs to tell the Paizo staff that "+3 to +5 to all saving throws" does not equal "1 skill point." Seriously, what the crap, Empyreal Knight? >_<

Does he trade any other abilities for something weaker?

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So wait, the fluff argument is that your family heirloom is mundane... yet you didn't take rich parents so obviously you don't have rich parents.... and yet you expected your poor farmer heritage to afford a masterwork weapon? What?

As far as mechanics go yeah it is about the power of a trait now. Not that my group uses traits.

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Cartigan wrote:
Yo mama so fat, when she falls 150', she does 20d6 damage. Oh snap.

I'm sorry this was done wrong.

Ahem, Your mama so fat and dense when SHE falls 150' she does 21d6 of damage.

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yes, because my shrunken gnome alchemist riding a wild pseudo-dragon chasing down a deer wouldn't have happened if my DM didn't mention that we hadn't eaten

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I'll be honest, if the movies actually followed empire Palpatine, they would have been hell-a boring, or extremely good depending on the director, we would have gotten some sudo political drama.

If it went anything like how robot chicken envisioned it I would watch that over actual star wars any day, and I LOVE star wars.

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One of the options is to go super saiyan. If none others seem appealing, this still should.