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Okay so I can't find any spells or abilities that gives the cowering condition.

So, I decided to ask the board for help.

So I was looking through the options for wondrous items and came across the Scabbard of Vigor.

Now at first glance it isn't great, or even good really. It is only once per day and the bonus doesn't stack with the enhancement bonus of a magic weapon. The kicker is when you realize it is only 1800 gold.

"But shadow" you say "it's 1800 because as you said it isn't very good," well well my friends! What were you too say if you had 3 of them? or 6?? for the price of a +2 weapon you can get 4 of them (1 extra 1000 gets you 5), now put 5 of whatever you have as an offhand weapon in each one and grab quickdraw. All of a sudden 5 times per day you can get a +2 bonus for five rounds (that's 25 rounds!) or use some to get a +3 (yes more then the +2 you were going to buy) for 3 rounds.

#1: +2,
#2: +2,
#3: +3,
#4: +2,
#5: +3. That is 21 rounds a day with a bonus and 6 rounds with a bonus higher then normal. I know what you are thinking "hey two problems, first that didn't save me any gold on my second weapon and they all take the belt slot."

Well you didn't think I'd leave you with those concerns unanswered did you? First: sure it only costs a little less (or a little bit more) from the start, but you get a limited +3 so it's better and you only need to buy a couple more when you would normally have to spend 10k to get +3, now you have it for a fraction of the price. Second: yeah at the start you have to assume battles wont make it past round five (or 3, which they often don't) but you should be grabbing sheaths 6 and 7 as slot-less (maybe only 7 for big boss fights).

Sure your off hand weapon(s) wont have things like holy on them, but your main hand will and straight bonuses are pretty optimal. At higher level you can turn all your off-hands into +1 holy if you'd like but that is 116k in gold (unless you only put it on a couple for when your not fighting neutral monsters).

Yeah just a thought I had, thought I'd share it. heck you may only need 3 at lower level and not 4 or 5 so it is possible to save even more when you only need 5 by the time you'd normally be getting that +3 (that is 9000 compared to 18000). Wow that got long.


Str: 10
Dex: 18
Con: 8
Int: 17
Wis: 14
Cha: 10

Feats set in stone: Dodge, mobility, weapon finesse
Feats I'd like: Focused shot, Twf

Available gold: About 10,000

So with BAB and DEX I am at +13, Is it possible to get to +20? Can it be done even with TWF? (just for first two attacks obviously).

Feats/ranger combat style and 10,000 golds worth of equipment are what I have to work with. Possible? or is 15-17 as high as I can get it?

What exactly is the damage table for huge monks? Their progression is unlike any other chart and my best guess is that it goes 1d10 2d8 2d10 3d8 etc. Any other thoughts?

It has a 1 hour casting time, lats only 1/hour per level, costs 50 gp per hit die, gains no special abilities, and can turn on you if you DM whims it, and if he doesn't it still has little reason to stick around or contribute to any meaningful task.

I like the idea of a lesser version of this spell, I am just having a hard time justifying taking it over zombies.

Okay so i distinctly remember there being complaint that while the ninja was balanced it overshadowed its parent class the rogue, and while I found this a bad way to judge a class it's fair for some to think that way.

Now the new monk archtype comes out and everyone's singing praise that it "fixes" the monk. Where are all the "the monk is being overshadowed" threads??? What makes this upgrade okay but the ninja such an offense?

This combo sounds very fun to me, I had a question about the limitations of implant bomb though. How many can you place in one creature? especially one you don't plan to have long in this world

How would this work for the ninja? would round per level abilities be active for four extra rounds?

if you multiclass sorceror with wizard can you cast spells in your spellbook spontaniously as a sorceror? You know the spell and it is on the sorcerors spell list so why not?

I am pretty positive I just can't find a rule but I'll ask anyway.

Not that I'm complaining, but I noticed the Zen archer can select parting shot at 6th and shot on the run at 10th even though shot on the run is a prerequisite to parting shot.

Granted the monk doesn't need the prereq but they are usually still in order on bonus feat lists.

Anybody know the particular reason?

Okay so rather odd query, if you were a 9th level sorceror (starsoul bloodline) or just had a neckless of adaptation, could you roll around in an adamantine airtight barrel and be immune to just about everything? (barring falling in lava or something like that)

Does coating a cold iron weapon with silversheen give it both properties?

For the purposes of someone not having to pay for every bullet they ever use, is it possible to load things other then regular bullets (like sling bullets) into a gun?

maybe even with less damage and no armor penetration

Okay so I had a character concept that really only works with an identical twin. Two prissy elven duelists that challenge other pairs to duels, just for fun.

Elven Fighter 6/Duelist 5 (I know one higher then most builds but I need riposte for it to work)

AC: 28 (+8 DEX, +4 INT, +1 Ring, +4 Armor, +1 Dodge)
HP: 46

DEX:18 (21 Racial+Stat Boost, 27 belt)
CON:8 (6 Racial)
INT:15 (18 Racial+Stat Boost)

1st feat: Weapon Finesse
2nd feat: Combat Reflexes (retrained to lookout at lvl 10)
3rd feat: Dodge
4th feat: Mobility
5th feat: Paired Opportunists
6th feat: Outflank
7th feat: Step up
9th feat: Improved Critical
11th feat: Critical Focus

+1 Wounding Rapier (28,000), Belt of Incredible Dexterity (+4, 16,000), Bronze griffon (10,000), Ring of protection (+1, 2000), Mithral studded leather (+1, 2025), Gloves of dueling(15,000), Other (8975)

Attack: (technically none)
Parry/Riposte: +21 (+25 AOO/Flanking)(+29 AOO and Flanking) (+11 BAB, +1 Weapon training, +8 DEX, +1 Weapon focus)(+4 Paired Opportunists, +4 Outflank) 1d6+8+1 Bleed

I am trying to think of ways to further increase the attack bonus but I am drawing a blank.

Essentially the damage is hardly necessary because both duelists use full round actions to use their parry with all of their attacks, every time one uses riposte the other gets an AOO, if either critical the other gets another attack causing the first to get another AOO (%25 chance for either to crit) and they spend their whole turns using AOO’s to do some damage (minimal) but more importantly increasing bleed damage (wounding weapons stack bleed damage)

So they can both get up to 8 AOO’s each, causing 16 bleed damage that they can increase next turn and the monster/npc can do nothing (almost) to hurt them.

Now I realize they aren’t hard to counter, Monsters with more then four attacks (Still handle-able) and hordes of enemies (especially massed archer fire) kill their strategy, along with things immune to crits and bleed slowing them down, but obviously that isn’t the primary function. and an alchemist (good for hordes) and a cleric (heal whatever gets through) can make up for it.

Any glaring flaws in the build? Keep in mind this is intended for two identical PC’s

Edited: belt, gloves, and step up

I am working on posting a duelist build and I ran into a couple questions about the parry ability.

1. Can it be used if you provoke an AOO? (such as by being tripped with greater trip)

2. Can it be used on your own turn from an AOO? Say you use a full attack and forgo your first attack and use your second to make a disarm maneuver without improved disarm.

Edit: side question, wounding weapons say they stack with themselves so thats all good, but does it stack with other bleed damage?

I recently used these in a game (they are sooo cheap!) and they proved to be overly effective.

I was beginning to wonder if I could have these follow me throughout my adventuring career. In order to do that I would need a few ways to increase DC's and attack rolls, damage too if at all possible.

Any ideas?

Okay so here is the situation. In the campaign I am currently in I started as the anti-party member. The DM wanted someone to push the story along because our group tends to get distracted so I got to be one of the bad guys (well bad to the party, their all CN which in our group means do whatever you want, I am LN)

So it started out that one of the player characters got a secret mission and enlisted the other soon to be party members in order to help (not telling them the subtleties of the mission because he was in an understanding with the DM that his character would be killed for knowing if captured)

Due to players failing because I am so awesome, they were all captured and had the choice to either die or be placed under mind-compulsion to complete a mission by the baron (guy whose house they broke into for their mission), which would be led by the barons trusted guard (me) and the compulsion requires them to further the goal of the mission each day and to follow my orders (here is where things get troublesome)

Staying in character (the mission was important to my character) and doing my job of keeping everyone from getting distracted, the other players OOC mentioned that their characters did not have a problem with mine (no quarrels in character) but that they OOC hope he dies soon and hate having him around.I don't want my character to just follow the democratic vote of the party (usually the only way to keep people happy)

so after this long introduction I guess my question is how can I stay in character and not be considered the campaign douche?

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