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Your group is sitting down to dinner in your usual private dining room and discussing the stories flying around Korvosa when a harried-looking Sergeant Soldado appears, wrinkles of worry creasing his face.

"Pardon my interruption, friends, but I just heard you were back in the city and unfortunately, I could use your help. I would not ask you if the circumstances were not urgent. Your crew has a reputation for getting things done, and of all the people I know in Korvosa, I think only you can assist me."

He shuts the door and, if offered, sits ready to relate his tale. You are pleased to see Grau looks much better than he did when you first saw him. He is shaved, bathed, and sobered up. He wears his uniform with pride, and while his distress is evident, it, so far at least, has apparently not lead to a return to the bottle.

Will give you a moment to catch up, read, and react before moving on with Grau's story.

Soldado looks weary and strained, but smiles and greets you warmly. "Hail friends, been away, eh? A few days in the country? Things have gone to hell in a handbasket while you've been away. This sickness, blood veil, they are calling it, has broken out all over the city." He waves a wagon full of a families belongings through to the bridge and then turns back to you.

"Have a message for you, so I am glad to bump into you. That cleric Vaultkeeper Dhatri wants to meet with you at the Grand Vault of Abadar. Seemed like a decent fellow. Said you worked together on Brienne's case earlier. YOu think this disease is what she had?"

Soldado sighs, still not looking, "By order of the Queen, everyone leaving Korvosa needs..." he stops when he looks up and sees his old friend Crux standing in front of him. "Oh, well. If you don't have papers, I am sure we can make it work. Where are you headed?"

He is already waving you through the last checkpoint. "Appreciate what you and your mates did for Tayce and her family. I couldn't have helped them the way you did. So, if you don't have the papers don't worry."

Soldado stops the group as they exit. "All must present papers of identificiation. None may pass without." He does all this without really looking at the group, instead his eyes focused down the long line of people he still has to work.

"I need a favor," Grau says, his eyes not looking up at you. "But you've already done so much for me, I hate to ask." He finally looks up a bit sheepishly at first. "It's nothing to do with my love life, or my drinking, this time. It's...well, it my niece."

He pauses a bit, sips a coffee placed in front of him by the waitress, and then continues. "You see, she's sick. I don't know what she has and neither does anyone else in Trail's End. She's broken out all over in red pocks and can barely keep down food, or even the swill that good-for-nothing herbalist gave her. Her mother's talking about going to the Bank of Abadar, but her family can't afford to pay the prices those clerics would demand. I am forced to work double duty with the king-slayer still on the loose and can't make the trip over to Trails End to check into it much myself."

"Then I remembered you and how you handled yourselves in the riots and that episode with Blackjack, and figured you could help me out. A bunch or resourceful folk like you, I'd bet that if you don't already know a way to fix this you must know who can. Surely, you won't sit idly by while a child suffers, can you?"

Knowledge Local or Geography DC 10:
Trail's End is a small community northeast of Korvosa proper, named disparagingly for the number of Varisians who settled there. A few Shoanti and some disaffected Chelaxians make up the poor, reputedly dangerous, neighborhood.

Grau shakes his head in wonder at the concept of Blackjack actually standing up to the Queen. His eyes grow sadder as he says, "You were there, right? Did you see Sabina there also? How was she? I suppose that scoundrel Vencarlo Orsini was present as well, defending the Queen, I suppose?" The contempt in his voice for his former sword master is quite evident.

Pleased by the outcome of the morning's events, but a bit frustrated to not be in the know about them, the group retires back to their lodging point at the Three Rings Tavern in North Shore.

As you approach the inn, the smiling face of Sgt Grau Soldado greets you warmly on the walk outside the place. "STrange days, eh friends? Heard about the excitement at the Castle, and the escape of the suspected regicide with Blackjack? Of all the crazy things, Blackjack is just an old codger's story. He ain't real, right?"

What you know about the Three Rings:
N7. Three Rings Tavern: This quiet tavern belongs to retired adventurer and former Pathfinder Theandra Darklight (originally Theandra Mulnsk). Theandra earned enough coin as an adventurer to buy a decrepit tavern in Five Corners and fix up. A lithe beauty in her adventurous youth and starving childhood, Theandra took to the settled life with great gusto, and today she appears somewhere closer
to matronly. Despite her indulgences, Theandra remains a good-natured and friendly person, ready to help a friend in need and always hungering for a tale of high adventure and daring-do. A few years ago, Theandra lost a few fingers when a bar brawl turned ugly, which led her to hire the half-
Shoanti barbarian Tauk Par as a bouncer. Theandra likes to keep her bar low-keyed and quiet, serving as much coffee and tea as mead and wine. Tauk Par watches over the place like a hawk, eyeing regulars and newcomers
alike with the same barely concealed dislike. In addition to its extensive variety of beverages—alcoholic and not—Three Rings also gathers a regular breakfast clientele with its Varisian sweetbreads and Gebbite cream-filled pastries. (from Pathfinder Chronicles: Korvosa)

Feel free to discuss and debrief about the first book of the AP. You have a bit of downtime also to interact with the city as you see fit - that may include selling items, buying items, crafting, or other RP as you see fit. The start of the second book will come soon.

The earrings and beryl have a combined value of 800gp. Quite a bit of a haul in truth. Loot Tracker updated.

Grau is more sober by the minute, his piercing green eyes losing their glazed quality, and turning more of a bloodshot red. The looseness of his muscle tone replaced with hard packets of leanness.

"In truth I was a student of the great master. I learned much from him, not that I get much chance to display it. But I was nothing compared to her. Sabina Merren, the finest woman a man could meet. We both fell in love with her, I think and that led to the fight that sent me to the guard."

"Sabina and Orsini carried on for a bit, but she denied him as well. Those injuries you talk about, they were from her, not I. Sabina went to be the Queen's bodyguard. Now with the King's death, she has great power and influence over the Queen, both in the throne room and in the bedchamber, if you believe the stories. No offense, sir." he says bowing to Corso. "But that story has the ring of truth to it."

Embarrassed, he says:" I am afraid I have acted the fool and let me emotions get away from me. I will return to duty tomorrow and face my punishment. The City needs strong guardians, not drunkards and cry-babies. Thank you, friends, for calling me out. You have a friend in the Guard should you need it."

He gets up and walks out, as steady as you've seen him all day. Perhaps headed down the right path.

Starting to sober up a bit, Grau looks at you morosely. "The King is dead, man. The King...dead....And now the Queen is ruling the City. That b!$&* of a Queen. Bad enough that, but SHE's there also. She's right there with the Queen, man, right there. Every day and every night, you can bet on that!"

A tear trickles out of his eye, streams down his cheek and plops on the table.

"After Orsini and I had that fight, I thought she'd come around, but who knew she'd end up in Castle Korvosa. Who in the Nine Hells could've seen that coming?"

So perhaps, he's more lucid, but still isn't making a helluva a lot of sense.

Know Local DC 17:
He mentioned Orsini. The only Orsini you've heard of is the famous fencing instructor Vencarlo Orsini. He was injured in some quarrel or another (some say a lover's spat) and is mostly retired.

While we have a little downtime, check out the items in Loot Tracker, and see what you want to sell vs keep, and who claims it. I'd like to get it settled before we go into next adventure section.

Reeking of stale sweat and ale, his uniform stained and wrinkled, Soldado takes the tongue lashing from Ulgrim without blinking. He nods to Iozif, but doesn't seem to recognize him.

"You all go on ahe'd. Think I'll jesh stay here in the street fer a while. Doan wanna go to the Citad'l. Shabina'sh not there ish she? What about Orshini, that bashterd? If he'sh there, I'll go."

It doesn't take much of sense motive check to see that Soldado is indeed drunk. His skill with sword masked his stumbling drunk condition, and as the fight ends, he staggers around, reaching for a pocket flask.

When called out by Ulgrim, he peers at the dwarf soldier foggily. "Wha' diff'nce duz it make, mate? Th' King's dead, an' she's gone, an' I'm here. No reashun not ta take a lil ole drink, it makes me feel s'much better."

He slaps Ulgrim on the back good-naturedly, and offers him a hit of the bottle. From his look and smell, it's a bender that has lasted a few days.