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Doesn't the fact that every class is pretty much a choose your own features buffet kind of make 1e style archetypes obsolete since they are built into the system, but even more customizable?

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Most tables I have played at have some crazy stat generation method chosen by the GM anyway. If we are talking PFS then I really think the time to get across issues with the point buy is when we have actually played with them during the playtest instead of when we have some vague and incomplete impression about it from the blog.

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Went from all small races getting a negative to Strength to all getting bonuses to Charisma. I would like to hear the thoughts of the designers behind what ability scores are chosen for each race.

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I find it more likely that Oracle will be brought into the Sorcerer if anything, but I just want it to stay its own class.

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4E Warlord is my favourite class in any edition/version of D&D, so anything that brings it to Pathfinder works for me.

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Didn't the Dwarven empire fall like 2800 years ago, with the fall of Tar Taargadth? After which the Sky Citadels had to fend for themselves and it didn't go well for all of them?

It feels like "used to have a really great empire, but that collapsed a while ago and Dwarves have been in decline" is a thing that's true of pretty much all fantasy Dwarves.

Mostly because all Dwarfs borrow heavily from Tolkien.

But, for example, the Rhulic Empire of the Iron Kingdoms is still going strong after millenia. They weathered the Orgoth and countless other things. And they don't just survive, they thrive.

To be fair, Iron Kingfoms puts a spin on most ... Shall we say, "classic" fantasy tropes. See the Elves out to murder all magic besides their own, most Undead are also Steampunk based, Druids being "If it has a wall tear it down" and Dragons being living vessels of Corruption.

Plus those Elves are the youngest of the races, created by gods that thought they could do better. They failed miserably. IK is a great setting.

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So our AC is going to get our proficiency bonus added to it isn't it?

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Arssanguinus wrote:
That is an unbelievably flat bonus distribution. One would think there might be slightly more difference between someone untrained and a legend.

How about the fact that they can take feats that will completely change how they can use those skills? Plus you can't just ignore that ability score bonuses will still make a difference.

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I am really wondering how many skills PF2 is going to have. They seem more specific than in PF1.

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In one of our high level playtests, we accidentally had a poison with a DC that was way too high (so we fixed it, of course). But the coolest part was that the dwarf was so dwarfy by that point that despite the fact he couldn't make the save, he just toughed it out to the end and was still pretty much fine afterwards.

You know, one of the things I love about LOTR (of which I am, sadly, about finished with the hundredth-odd re-read) is some of the feats of, say, Legolas, my favorite of the Fellowship. He is, without straining, able to discern differences in heights between the Rohirrim, and the color of their hair, at "but five leagues distant." That's some 15 miles. Similar feats of visual acuity show up elsewhere, and it's something I've always liked. Plus, the descriptions of him sleeping, if it can be called such, while walking, upon the strange paths of Elvish dreams.

Things like that really excite me as a possibility here. One thing I've found missing in a lot of fantasy games is that the ancestry abilities often aren't that spectacular, and usually they're just little things there at the beginning and then never again increase. The idea of being able to strengthen one's Elven heritage (or Dwarven), and have some of that mystique, and power, and "otherness," sounds very exciting to me.

A+ post. I love the idea too and can't wait to make the most Elven Elf imaginable. Combined with the fact that class feats are supposed to let martial characters do incredible things that seem supernatural/magical and... Well I am going to do my best to make Glorfindel.

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I really like the idea of classes being modular like this. No two clerics or rogues or fighters need be the same. For this alone I want to make PF2 my main game.

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I haven't played PF1 in a while as is, most likely PF2 is what will bring me back. I at least plan to play test, but it's hard to find PF players where I live so I might be stuck with 5e either way.

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More than anything I want a martial class focused on leadership, comradery, and tactical acumen. A Cavalier without a mounted focus or a 4E Warlord type of class. The person you follow into the breach.

After that I would say Kineticist, Witch, Oracle, Magus, Bloodrager, Inquistor, Investigator, Summoner and a base class Dragon Disciple.