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.......Do I get anything for a natural 1?

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This was my first SkalCon. It was an amazing experience. I got to play Stella, a character very heavily based on myself, in both 1-99 and 1-98.. She's still inherently tied to me, but has been giving new drive, purpose, and determination. She's made mistakes, but is very adamant that it's the scars in her skin that let the light in. And she wants to be that light for everyone else.

I got to play with Jaye Sonia and Clinton Boomer for the first time, having an incredible experience that resulted in Jaye banning me from touching his cards ("we're Dancing with the Dead!"). John Dehning and I properly met at that table, and he and I had a really good rapport. It was largely outside of my comfort zone, but in a really really good way.

I got to play both 1-99 and 1-98 with another one of the authors for 1-16, one Nate Wright. He's an incredible guy and I'm glad to be "dreaming of our future" with another compatriot.

Gary Norton was a great GM and a great player, both when he GM'd 1-99 and 1-20, and when he played 1-98 along with us and our group made an assumption that we really shouldn't have.

Thank you, all of you. This was one of the best conventions I've ever been to, and the community was consistently fantastic. I love the Minnesotan vibe, and I'll be sure to go back next year. <3

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Super glad to have worked on the quest pack! It was a great experience to work with Natalie, Nate, and Tineke, and I'm very proud of what we've all done.

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So I'm reading this scenario, as I'm scheduled to GM it in the next couple weeks, and noticed something odd. Page 22 mentions a "Seasoned Explorer" boon that I otherwise can't find any mention of and which isn't on the chronicle.

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captain yesterday wrote:
Just so I'm sure, it's from Potions & Poisons, correct?

Aye, captain.