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I hadn't thought about the explores from allies scenario, that's pretty awesome. I'm not quite sure my party can really exploit it, but I'll investigate.

Our playgroup is about to close out AD3 (things have been a breeze since we got past the base scenarios), and so we'll be picking our roles soon. I saw a couple of Kyra's posted on the midpoint thread, but I thought there might be a few more out there, so I'm curious for the people that have played her into AD4, or beyond, if they've taken Dawnflower's Flare or Everlight's Grace. The flare's impressive, but the extra card of hand size is also very tempting.

I used to play in this D&D campaign where the game master always had awesome music to match the mood/theme of whatever was happening in the game. I realized I've played through both Rise and S&S w/ no music playing, and I'd like to fix that as we're getting ready for Wrath. So, I'm looking for suggestions of thematic music/soundtracks.


I think we just have a different play styles. For the way I played her, three cures was helpful as she didn't do too much scouting before AD4; she just heavily explored locations and blessed everyone. All the better to take advantage of those sphere's you mentioned. She's a solid early nuker. I ran with two cures for awhile and was having to hold back a turn or two on most scenarios, and with the third one that problem evaporated (and it was easier to heal others, which allowed everyone to play a bit more aggressively).

She'd scout as more of a last resort for cards she couldn't use before hand reset or if we were particularly scared of hitting something at a particular moment (which wasn't common). The problem with scouting pre-stargazer is it doesn't actually advance your position.

I played Alahazra all the way through, and I think she is by far the most powerful S&S toon. One you get the Stargazer role card, she's truly amazing, and she's super solid before that as well.

Before you get the role card:

plan on using most of your hand every turn and then heal it all back, turn after turn. Start by playing three Cures (yes, three), and three attack spells. Play w/ Swab, and try to not use that to explore, but instead to use it to control what you heal back. Old Salt's another good ally, but you're pretty much using the others for their explores. Take blessings card feats first. Pick locations that are light on Monsters. Keep exploring until you run low on explore again cards or you're out of attack spells. Then heal yourself up if you need to, recharge the rest of your divine cards to scout, and draw back up to your hand size at EOT. If you happen to not draw any attack spells, scout a few times before the next player explores to get your hand size down. With three cures in the deck, when I get low on deck size, I opt to not recharge one of the cures so I can also get it back EOT using the divine swap ability.

After you get Stargazer:
Immediately take "may encounter boons when you examine cards". This is super strong. At this point you can drop the third cure, as you'll now be recharging a bunch of diving cards to examine locations rather than discarding them to explore. Focus on locations w/ higher boon counts, though you'll often help out on locations the rest of your party is looking at as well (you'll get a feel for it). I often examine a few times after I reset my hand just to get my cards in hand count down in case something nasty happens unexpectedly. If you draw multiple attack spells, recharge some of them to examine. The best thing about examining is it can never hurt you. You'll even find yourself recharging some of the cures you draw as you'll just have a lot fewer cards in your discard pile than you used to.

Overall tips:
Your other big role throughout the entire game is you can bless other people's checks fairly liberally, and that's going to help out a lot. Combining Alahazra and Oloch means there's a slew of checks your party will make that they would otherwise have very little chance of making.

You'll want to get to max handsize (with power feats 1,2,4).

Try and get as many items as possible to be divine. Letter of Marque is also nice for Alahazra, as you get to banish it once you use it so it won't clog up your engine for the rest of the scenario.

Have fun w/ her!

4-character (and player) group. We had quite the romp. No deaths, no failed scenarios, a couple were close but most weren't...many with over 10 cards left in the blessings deck at the end. Things got easier after Oloch got his third power feat...omg! After a few of the "B" scenarios, we added in the fifth player location to add some extra challenge, and played that way for the rest of the game (though I think there was one scenario in AD5 or AD6 with a really wonky setup where that didn't make sense and we just setup up for a normal four).

I'm also happy to report that the final check against the Hurricane King was Alhazara drowing him with a World Wave!

Our end decks aren't exactly what Mike asked for...they lack the final card feats, as none of us figured out what our final card feats should be...none of us were really sure we wanted to take them, as they tended to be fringe types that would dilute our decks. So we've sort of left that for a later time should we ever play them again.

Final ship: Abrogail's Fury

Character Name: Alahazra
Role Card: Stargazer
Skill Feats: Int +2, Cha +4
Power Feats: Hand Size 7,8; Light Armors, Add Fire, encounter boons!!!!!, Perception, survival
Card Feats: Spell 6,7,8; Item 3; Blessing 6,7
Weapons: -
Spells: Cure x2, Shapechange (always for hand size 10), Wall of Fire, World Wave, Control Weather, Tsunami x2
Armors: -
Items: Token of Remeberance, Pearl of Magic, Crystal of Healing Hands
Allies: Old Salt x2, Master of the Gales
Blessings: Achaekek x2, Pharasma, Erastil, Hshurha, Abadar, Sivanah

Character Name: Damiel
Role Card: Grenadier
Skill Feats: Dex +3, Int +4 (we used the extra buff on him)
Power Feats: Hand 7,8; Weapons; add +1, "add Acid, Cold, Electricity, or Fire", additional d12; when you succeed at a craft check...
Card Feats: Weapon 2; Item 7,8,9; Ally 2, Blessings 5
Weapons: Humanbane Crossbow +2, Flaming Longbow +2
Spells: Cure, Shapechange (for the d12+2s)
Armors: Sniper's Studded Leather
Items: Potion of Flying x2; Tot Flask x2; Poteion of Heroism x2; Fuse Grenade; Potion of Healing; Bottled Lightning
Allies: Pierce Jerrell; Imp
Blessings: Abadar x2; Milani; Achaekek; Cayden Cailean (aka, Beer)

Character Name: Jirelle
Role Card: Pirate Queen
Skill Feats: Dex +4, Wis +2
Power Feats: Hand 6,7; (check to defeat ship), (reroll 2 dice), diplomacy, reveal Swashbuckling to gain add Swashbucking, if on ship you may move at EOT
Card Feats: Weapon 5; Armor 2; Item 3,4; Ally 4; Blessings 6
Weapons: Keen Rapier +3 x2; Skyrocket Crossbow; Humanbane Gladius +2; Crossbrow of Retribution
Spells: -
Armors: Eel Skin Armor, Howling Skull Armor
Items: Hurricane Crown, Ring of Regeneration, Impossible Bottle, Besmara's Tricorne
Allies: Lady Agasta Smythee, Alise Grogblud, Tessa Fairwind, Haneilius Fitch
Blessings: Pirate's Favor, Besmara, Erastil, Hshurha, Abadar, Milani

Character Name: Oloch
Role Card: Battle Chaplain
Skill Feats: Str +3, Con +1, Wis +1 (it appears Oloch was playing down a skill feat by the end)
Power Feats: Hand 5,6,7; add 2!!!!; return cards at start of turn!!!; when you encounter an ally...; when a player plays a blessing on your combat or str...
Card Feats: Weapon 5; Spell 3; Armor 4; Item 2; Blessing 6,7
Weapons: Old Salt's Rapier +2, Grayflame Mace +2, Flaming Falcata +3, Venomous Pike +2, Icy Boarding Pike +1 (this thing lasted the whole adventure once he got it)
Spells: Cure, Holy Feast, Righteousness
Armors: Brine Dragonhide Breastplate, Fortified Breastplate, Shark Skin Armor, Besmaran Vestments (there were armors banished for temp closes in the last scenario)
Items: Immortal dreamstone, Ring of Rat Fangs
Allies: -
Blessings: Gorum x2, Achaekek, Sivanah, Hshurha, Milani, Gozreh