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I used to play in this D&D campaign where the game master always had awesome music to match the mood/theme of whatever was happening in the game. I realized I've played through both Rise and S&S w/ no music playing, and I'd like to fix that as we're getting ready for Wrath. So, I'm looking for suggestions of thematic music/soundtracks.


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Syrinscape partners with Paizo, by the way. They make tabletop mood music.

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Mood music is highly group dependent. My last few experiences with it were very poor, mostly due to volume. A couple were public events using Syrinscape, the others were home GMs just picking CDs they liked. (At least at home we can work together easily so everyone can hear.)

I'd ask your fellow players if they want mood music and (if yes) what they'd like. If you have to pick, I'd suggest selections from an instrumental adventure movie soundtrack like Indiana Jones. Regardless of the choice, play it quietly so people can hear each other. (Again, group dependent.)

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I've got a friend who really likes Lord of the Rings' soundtrack for that kinda thing.

I suspect it takes a lot of work from the DM to customize it enough to match moods. Or a very scripted campaign. I could see doing like a suggested track per scenario, but I wouldn't want to have to do enough music to fill an entire playthrough.

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The Diablo soundtracks work great for Wrath. :)

Midnight Syndicate Has several Gothic themed CDs that might be appropriate for Wrath. I used their D&D soundtrack for Runelords.

Two Steps From Hell is a good choice, I feel.

ThreeEyedSloth wrote:
The Diablo soundtracks work great for Wrath. :)

The Diablo soundtracks are great for just about everything.

I tend to use the 1995-2011 Music of Diablo 15 year anniversary CD. It's got a great flow.

I also like the Quake soundtrack, but that's more apropos for Call of Cthulhu or Delta Green sessions.

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I'd find the OST of Dragon Age: Origins very fitting - both as music, and thematically.

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