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Our playgroup is about to close out AD3 (things have been a breeze since we got past the base scenarios), and so we'll be picking our roles soon. I saw a couple of Kyra's posted on the midpoint thread, but I thought there might be a few more out there, so I'm curious for the people that have played her into AD4, or beyond, if they've taken Dawnflower's Flare or Everlight's Grace. The flare's impressive, but the extra card of hand size is also very tempting.

I used to play in this D&D campaign where the game master always had awesome music to match the mood/theme of whatever was happening in the game. I realized I've played through both Rise and S&S w/ no music playing, and I'd like to fix that as we're getting ready for Wrath. So, I'm looking for suggestions of thematic music/soundtracks.