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Cultural flavor

Every race or nation has a theme for their names

Aasimar Angelic/Demonic e.g. Surya

Catfolk Musical terms e.g. Clef or Etude

Orc typical orc names and African tribal names, e.g. Shaka Or Grok

Goblin generic goblin names

Dwarf hard syllable names e.g. Ingra

Elf and Hafling hippy/nature names e.g. Rainbow, Autumn

Drow Greek and Roman names e.g. Ares, Aeneas

Kobold generic kobold names and icelandic names with an emphasis on H and s sounds. so Hagar would be Hasar.

Lizardfolk names heavy on H and S sounds e.g. Hasa

Knoll - more laughing and growling sounding e.g. HarRar

I ditched a common tongue because that's lame, too easy, and makes several spells pointless. It also relegates the linguistic skill as a dump slot.

So bam. just like our world, linguistics is now important as f%!!.

In the beginning no one in the group spoke the same language.

Cato and Krum know what's called old imperial, the rest know Goblin or Orcish (which is the similiary equivalent of spanish and french.
Eventually Cato picked up the Orc language so their common language isn't any human tongue but Orcish. How f%#$ing different and awesome is that!?

I based the languages off real world languages, so if they know a related language they have a bonus to their linguistics skill to be able to partially understand a foreign tongue.

Here's a chart that I hope shows up right.

Orc german
Goblin dutch
Sylvan ? (something latin or greek based)
lizardfok(draconic) Icelandic
kobold (draconic) Icelandic
catfolk Itilian
gnoll korean
dwarven kazakh
halfling french
drow greek
humans English
Enohin portuguese
Sendai Arabic
Old Imperial Catalan
Celestial Latin

good enough.

Apparently I can't edit a post after x amount of time...

Races of Sendai.


With their celestial blood, they’re considered the most holy and highest class of all the races. Most royalty either has Aasimar heritage or desperately want an Aasimar to marry into the family. People are generally nicer towards Aasimar and more trusting of them.


Tieflings are on the other side of the plane touched coin. People generally hate Tieflings and even shun and ostracize them. Being part demon or devil they are viewed as the spawn of the enemy of all citizens. They are rarely seen in larger cities. For the most part they are relegated to the fringes of society and civilization.

Dwarf & Duergar

They are generally treated well as master crafters. There’s no stupid Dwarf/Elf or Dwarf/Orc rivalry or hostility. They’re usually a stern, serious people, until they get drunk or high. Then they become boisterous.

Elf (Half-Elf)

Still held in high esteem b the other races, they themselves feel their racial power slipping. It’s said that their race was once ethereal beings on the astral plane and that many came to material worlds where they eventually took on corporeal forms and lost a lot of power. Over the millennia they lost more powers including immortality. Finally, the disappearance of the Elven city-nation was the nail in the coffin. Full elves essentially became extinct and what were then considered half breeds are what we now call elves. Many feel as if their race is cursed to descend further in devolution until finally they either die out or are no better than animals. In an attempt to prevent this, many elves seek to bond with Aasimar to bring in a ‘higher’ bloodline.


Think of the Orcs of Sendai as similar to those of Elder Scrolls. Though lacking cognitive attributes, they are the strongest race there is. Their prowess on the battlefield is well known and respected. Orcs gravitate to military careers and physical labor. Half-Orcs usually follow the same patterns as Orcs, even though they’re not as strong.


Pretty standard no deviations. They’re the height of a 5 year old human. They’re often mistaken as such.


After Aasimar, Drow have the most social presence. They’re the longest lived and most magically talented. In times past Drow royalty and noble houses would kill off any of their offspring who failed to inherit Drow Noble Magic. Now they’re more concerned with the growing numbers of green skins, humans and half humans. Therefore these failed nobles are allowed to live but not breed or inherit. Drow houses usually control the wealth and political power of whatever settlement their in.


Nobility would immediately kill a half-drow child. Drow commoners however are only shunned and ostracized. They’re viewed as weaking the Drow race and strengthening humanity. Parents of half breeds are often killed by mobs or flee out of that fear. To other races a Half-Drow looks just as Noble as a full Drow, however a full Drow will at best ignore this disgrace.


Most Hobgoblins are found in Ishtara, Baku, or the Goblin archipelago. As such they’re not looked upon too kindly. They’re usually viewed as pirates and slavers. A Hob will have to prove himself to a community before they treat him fairly.


Goblins represent the greatest threat to the ‘civilized world’, even though Goblins have most of the worlds cutting edge technology. A goblin who isn’t apart of a group of respectable individuals will quickly find himself being chased out of town for being a pirate spy.


Kobolds are viewed neutrally by all races except Lizardfolk. Lizardfolk and Kobolds are the only two sapient reptilian races and Kobolds are notoriously weak and pathetic. Lizardfolk, who are some of the most capable warriors in the world, view this weakness with absolute distain. Kobolds however have much pride in themselves, they do after all carry dragon’s blood. (This claim further enflames the ire of Lizardfolk) Kobold folklore tells stories of mighty Kobold warriors who had stronger than average dragon blood and took on the power and characteristics of dragons.


Rarely will one see a Lizardfolk in a position of power that isn’t martial. They are however the very best amphibious assault specialists in the world. On average they are twice the strength of Kobolds. They’re over twice the height of Kobolds. Physically, Kobolds represent everything Lizardfolk hate. As one of the weakest races, Kobolds are absolutely detested by Lizardfolk. It’s to the point that they never settle among each other. If a Kobold is unfortunate enough to run into a Lizardfolk, he’ll most definitely be teased, tormented, bullied, and assaulted. Lizardfolk best get along with Orcs and Gnolls, who’s martial prowess is respected and rivaled.


Gnolls are not too fond of water so rarely do they take to the sea. Instead they often become land based militia, security, mercenaries, or the like. They best get along with Orcs and Lizardfolk who recognize and rival their combat abilities. They’re slightly less amicable towards Drow who after the great war tried to enslave them. For most this is ancient history with no relevance to today’s world.


Oddly enough Catfolk and Halflings get along and desire each other’s company more than any other races. That is to say, no other race gets along with any other to such an extent. Many suspect it is because both enjoy the arts and leisure. Both races are also well known to delve into the shadier professions as well. What most people don’t know is that Catfolk are one of the original inhabitants of planet Sendai, even though they are not Fey.

Meet the Game mechanics

I've made minor changes to almost everything. If I was smart enough to figure out how to share a google doc I'd do that.

Ships: I made only two major changes to ships, their speed and their maneuverability. We use a hex grid rather than square. Ship's maneuverability have 3 categories: 1, 2, 3. 1 the ship turns 45 degrees. 2 the ship turns 135 degrees, and 3 the ship can 180. I also slightly improved the speeds of ships. So a sloop or caravel can literally do circles around a galleon.

Which reminds me of another change. I made ship sizes, armaments, and crew sizes based off real world ships rather than the crazy random b+%!%&$! Paizo did.

Arquebus does 2d8 damage but still takes forever to reload.

blunderbuss does 4d4 but range is very short.

There's a ton of other minor changes but none matter for your reading pleasure.

Meet the Crew

Place holder because my laptop with that info is dead.

Meet the Heroes

Cato - Drow, Sorcerer - Comes from the nation Sendai.(Isolationist, xenophopic, magic-phobic) Arrogant, charismatic, used to things going his way. Fights using his charisma and spells such as sleep or color spray.

Gareth - Human, Brawler - Comes from a small city state from the Nation of Confederation of City-States. Foolhardy, Brave to the point of danger to his well being. Kills people using only shields or grappling.

Blix - Goblin, Psi Warrior - Comes from a different city state from the Nation of Confederation of City-States. Quiet, self assured, is obsessed with the emerging technology of firearms. (I used a different system for psionics because Pathfinder's is stupid)

Krum - Orc, Wizard - Comes from a warring 3rd world nation called Baku. He enjoys damaging spells and using a big ass orcish axe that he throws via magic.

stuck behind old people

stub toe

sharp pain (like a sword to the chest)

seeing someone hurt your comrade.

theft of your food

waking you up too early


fast food

the party not letting you pee.

the party making you be quiet for too long.

the pit your party walked into spells too bad to tolerate.

losing at some contest or combat

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Is he one of those who believes riding in the "slipstream" saves gas or is he just a doofus?

It's called drafting and it's proven.

Mythbusters even did a test specifically on 18 wheelers.

This might become on of the fondest memories she looks back on. Let her ride her awesome spider, Lucas.

If we wanted things telling us what we can't do we'd go back to reality.

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Merellin wrote:

So, Maybe it is just me being thick and not getting druids but.. Why do you, As a druid, Adventure with a group of crazed adventurers? When I think Druid, I think a old man who lives in a sacred grove in the forest, Guarding his woods ad punishing those who try to destroy the woods he protects. Sometimes healing or aiding those who seek him out, Or helping the farmers crops and animals.

I'm having trouble seeing why a druid would be traveling the world adventuring, Aspecialy with a group of crazed murderhobos (Normaly called Adventurers. Yes, I know not all adventurers are murderhobos, But most tend to do some murderhoboish things every so often)

Me personally am like a RL Ranger, so I'ill give my personal take.

I try to educate people to not be afraid of things out of stupid childhood experiences or ignorance. So I handle 'scary' things in front of them like bees, bud daubers, spiders, centipedes, etc. I know what's dangerous and what's not for my area. I know what's aggressive.

So by teaching people not to pointlessly fear things I hope to have them build a small trust in these things and not kill them on sight, thus ensuring my goal of protecting nature.

Another reason a druid would be around these people is to teach them conservation. reduce, reuse and if possible recycle. water management, composting and other forms of conservation too.

A druid may adventure if their area was destroyed and they venture now to protect and invigorate natural areas they travel through.

maybe they secretly break animals out of zoos when they enter cities and being with a party is a good cover and useful bodyguards to take out greater threats to nature, e.g. nature destroying necromancer.

maybe the druid numbers are getting too small so they join a party to venture forth to recruit and maybe even train new druid acolytes.

Maybe they were forced into druidism by their parents and now seek their own life away from where they grew up.

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Alni wrote:
Thedmstrikes wrote:
Alni wrote:
I did that. Almost got killed by my own party after he got away. How did your cleric think it worked?
He thought casting it on the bad guy made him not attack the caster of the spell...

This is a failure of both player and GM.

Just because a player doesn't understand a spell doesn't mean the character isn't intimately familiar with it.

As the GM if you know it doesn't work that way it's your job to enlighten them to their error.

Willful ignorance of your spells are one thing but a honest misunderstanding like that just shows bad GMing.

Same with the bow string snapping and killing the player. That's just stupid and isn't physically possible. It'd have to be the size and tension of maybe a scorpion or ballista.

I'd be done with either group right then and there.

avr wrote:
SamuraiTsumo wrote:

anyone care to post a summoner higher than level 1 to show us how it's done?

To what end? Do you just want to see what a mid or high level summoner can do, or do you want to compare it to some existing character, or what?

all the above, why not.

anyone care to post a summoner higher than level 1 to show us how it's done?

Alertness: +2 perception and sense motive
Breadth of experience: +2 on all knowledge and profession checks.
Disconcerting Knowledge: Demoralize a foe by proving you know its weaknesses.
Eagle-Eyed: Distance penalizes your perception checks less than normal.
Eagle Eyes: Ignore up to -5 due to distance on visual perception checks
Careful Sneak: Do not apply armor penality for light and medium armor under conditions.
Exquisite Sneak: restrictions removed except for running & charging.
fleet: +5 speed
Formula Recollection: when a spell is cast, record its formula later.
Black Marketeer: Use black market connections to gather illegal/illicit items.

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Merellin wrote:
So, Random question of the day! What is your favorite small sized race in Pathfinder? Personaly I'm liking Halflings, But am curious about other small races.

My favorites are Goblin and Dwarf.

A lot of people view dwarves as greedy Scotsmen for some reason.
I view them more as if vikings were about the underground rather than the sea. They're sturdy, like to drink, enjoy a good brawl and strive to master whatever skills they set to.

Goblins are great because they represent the near opposite. Some have them clever and crafty along the same line as gnomes or dwarves.

Some have them chaotic and insidious. Sometimes they're viewed as a swarm of poorly trained and porly equipped pawns to weaken heroes before the capable enemies approach.

In my world they're all the above. They're a people who have been spit on by everyone else and it's about time they get their revenge.

I've seen a thread or two about poisons as a whole but those threads are like 7 years old.

So here's my new poison system.

So basically its broken down by what it does and the rank you use.
to the right is the chart for the 5 ranks. each rank improves your dc to harm the target but also increases the price. points in alchemy are a big factor in how effective your poisons will be. I generally run around at lvl 12 with C rank poisons because they're cheaper than B and still about as dangerous.

html wS0b%2Bhp3lVcCGRBCxqFJZnhBYrzQTd051QgWYJZcGZDBt%2BrULfJGLYrFER6bU%2BlTD

direct link wS0b%2Bhp3lVcCGRBCxqFJZnhBYrzQTd051QgWYJZcGZDBt%2BrULfJGLYrFER6bU%2BlTD

I would show your companions what buffs you can cast on them and let them choose one or two each. The rest of your spells can be debuffs or counter spells. Luckily you can drop a prepared spell for a heal which is awesome.

My party for example, I apply a poison to our fighter's sword & bull's strength, cast barkskin and/or bull's strength on our Monk. I've used blur a lot on them too. A lot of what I prepare is based on whom we'll be fighting. We're all about preparation.

So totally stealing SirGauntlet's file I added my own stuff and kept a lot of his that I like or am considering. MM7o/edit?usp=sharing

Your 5th level investigator would wreck my 9th level in a fight (with no prior prepping)

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I've pretty much played everything. I've played male and female. Caster, non caster, chi user, etc.

I have a preference towards more stout races such as dwarf or orc. I prefer stealthy classes like ranger or rogue. I don't like playing good characters so I'm usually neutral or evil.

Right now I"m playing a human male investigator, neutral good. bla, should have gone LN.

I play him very egotistical about his intellect. He's often the speaker of the goup (except when I personally don't want to and pass it off onto someone else) I"m also the investigator (duh) and planner for our group. Once he's figured out what needs to be done he'll often sit back and let the meat shields swing their big swords in all their barbaric glory. It was his intellect that led to the party negating the opponents abilities and preying upon their weaknesses. Any idiot with a stick can win the battle once I've properly prepared you for it.

He also doesn't like to be messed with. Some gate guard was extorting my caravan so I poisoned the gold I gave him, giving him the runs for days.

Oh I'm also not too keen on playing a wizard. Have yet to ever play one.

This intrigued me enough to register.

I want to follow this thread since I'm a lvl 9 Investigator (alchemist/rogue)

I've mainly made poisons but I started stocking up on smoke sticks, sun rods, grease, alchemist fire, and antitoxins.

I'd love to know if there's more useful mid level things I can create.