First time cleric at first fight... boss fight. Advice Please!

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I'm getting ready for my first battle ever as a player.
I'm playing a dwarven cleric(5) of Brigh.
My equipment is less than optimal - holy symbol, chainmail & small hammer.

Tomorrow night, my cleric is gonna get chucked in the deep end.

GM has indicated a boss fight this game session.
Based on gathered intel, I expect to face either a cleric or paladin backed up by a golem-like construct, and maybe some town guardsmen, possibly including a mage or some wand firepower.

Got any advice on what spells to prepare or tactics to apply?

I expect to fill the roles of healer and maybe buff-debuff.

Several players have indicated that they think the cleric should be a frontline fighter - I disagree, for this character.

My party has a human fighter and a stryx monk, a halfling bard and a tiefling rogue as well as a druid - though maybe not for this fight.

It's looking like I'm gonna have to run standard cleric play but...

If we have a day to prepare against the attack, I want to (ab)use Rogue Genius's Animate Construct spell (their version works like Animate Dead for constructs and animated objects) to prepare for the battle. Question is, will my GM will accept that spell.
If he does allow it, what should I animate?

I would show your companions what buffs you can cast on them and let them choose one or two each. The rest of your spells can be debuffs or counter spells. Luckily you can drop a prepared spell for a heal which is awesome.

My party for example, I apply a poison to our fighter's sword & bull's strength, cast barkskin and/or bull's strength on our Monk. I've used blur a lot on them too. A lot of what I prepare is based on whom we'll be fighting. We're all about preparation.

Depends on your strength. If high enough buff yourself and prepare for melee. If you are more pure caster buff allies and maybe prepare some offensive spells.

Shouldn't need to cure until post-combat unless you are high enough level to have Heal. Also summon monsters!

Taerzik wrote:
holy symbol, chainmail & small hammer

That's it? Seriously? You're fifth level, and own 152gp worth of equipment?

Assuming you are restricted to 152 gp worth of equipment (I'll Echo VRMH at this point - Seriously?!) then first I'd try and buy a longspear (or persuade the GM to allow you to trade the hammer for it). Review the rules on reach weapons. They can be very effective for a secondary fighter, and can make it easier to help your rogue get flanking - they'll thank you for it.

Spell-wise double check the bonus type on your buffs - you don't want to overlap with the bards competence bonus to attacks/morale bonus to saves.

Protection from/Magic Circle vs good (if the intel on fighting a paladin is accurate) especially if the rest of the party is as under equipped as it doesn't stack with rings of protection/cloaks of resistance.

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