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Fantastic nightmare of a module


I ran this Memorial Day weekend for PFS at Kublacon in the Bay Area. We finished the whole PFS sanctioned module in a run that took about 21 hours. And to do so I had to skip some encounters and simplify others. For a home game this would have easily been 30-40 hours of play over many long sessions.

With that context - this was among the most fun I have had as a GM. It took the most prep I have ever done (I would guess about 20 hours of prep) and even with that there are still encounters and items and combinations of powers and effects I would need to revisit for any future run.

As a module this is atmospheric with tons of opportunities for a creative GM to engage with the party as they conduct an investigation and as they explore the strange environs. It will have moments for all types of characters and players to shine. Though it will reward (and really require) a party with solid damage dealers (close and ranged) and it is best with a party without any gaps in roles. In PFS play I would encourage the party to be closer to the max than the minimum levels. In a home game I would be sure to level as indicated.

If I run this again I would probably also prefer a four or five player group (I ran for a group that was six players with three companion animals which could bog down combats).

If you are unfamiliar with the Occult Adventures rules much of your prep time will be in learning the ins and outs of those rules (PCs do not need to be Occult classes though a party with one PC that has Occult Adventure classes and skills might come in handy)

I also agree with the criticism of how the ending leaves a key NPC in an unclear state. For a home game following up on the loose threads this adventure leaves could spark a lengthy campaign. For a group that has played through Curse of the Crimson Throne this also has some great call backs to that AP and is set years after the conclusion of that AP.