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Lord Fyre wrote:
Liz Courts wrote:
I have a Sihedron tattoo.
That is because of your enslavement to Runelord Alaznist.

'Tis not Alaznist she serves. ;)

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James Jacobs wrote:
Runelord of Lust wrote:
Yay, I'm an original! ^_^

You are!

Unless you're a clone.

Shhhhhh. >.>

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Yay, I'm an original! ^_^

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Arikiel wrote:

Aslan the Destroyer strikes again! Tremble before his fluffy might.

Anywho! I would post something for my cat but all he ever does is lay around all day. Unless profound apathy is a power there's not much to write about him. >.<

I hear Krune is looking for a familiar.

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Mahavira wrote:
Misroi wrote:
I'm sort of disappointed the mancatcher won't be a Runelord weapon. It seems a natural for the Runelord of Lust to have.
I'm pretty sure Sorshen doesn't need a man catcher, she seems to be able to catch them just fine as is.

It's true.

Alaznist is a she, so technically she's a mistress. Just sayin'.

It's delicious. You should really give it a try.

Azure_Zero wrote:

That is what this sin is all about.

Sin, sin, sin, get your red-hot sin right here! Rawr.

Dark_Mistress wrote:
Neat. Though I of course am waiting for the Lust book myself. :)

Me too...for obvious reasons.

That Karzoug is pretty wily isn't he? Glad I could teach him a few tricks about enticing people.

Howell Talbot III wrote:
Yes...that CRAZY barbarian, indeed. Would someone PLEASE convince Ostog to put on some clothes?? It's so....uncivilized.

No it's not sweetie! I grant you that my civilization is more enlightened than yours though.

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Runelord of GeneticManipulation wrote:
I assumed they came from you.

You *did* get my care package! ^_^

Runelord of GeneticManipulation wrote:

No, I think that was you. I remember: You kept forcing hapless peasants to "abduct" you and tricked strapping young idiot knights (wasn't there an order of those around? No, wait, I always confuse that: All knightly orders are like that!) into rescuing you.

How many actually survived you thanking them? At length? In a number of ways. Some anatomically quite impossible without the use of magic?

Oh, you silly. They were all quite willing, I assure you. Sadly, some of them expired before they could thank me properly - I hope their remains were delivered to you in time.

Has no one rescued my favored? I hear she's quite...profuse with her thanks.

Lissala, poor wretched thing, was our patron of rune magic. Perhaps you should have a chat with her?

Oh wait.

She's dead.

Varisian Wanderer wrote:
Calistria does seem to have some sort of connection to tieflings... Perhaps some of her outsider minions are responsible for such fiendish bloodlines? A non-Chaotic Evil version of Succubi or Incubi maybe? Creatures of pure, undiluted Lust?

Yes. Lust. Lust we like.

Joshua J. Frost wrote:
*flees this thread*

Come back sweetie!

Callous Jack wrote:
Careful...he may want a hug from you...

I want a hug!

Gary Teter wrote:
Aha. OK, now I know where the bug is....

Squish it! Squish - oooh, he's pretty!

Joe the Aboleth wrote:

::telepathically:: Don't think we don't know what you're trying to do. Didn't the last several people you "hugged" end up in your well?

Well...yes...But they did honestly enjoy themselves. :)

Joe the Aboleth wrote:

Remember, hugging counts as a grapple, and we have extra appendages.

So do I. ;)

First King wrote:

So, you would "hug" an Aboleth, but not a disembodied head?

That is life-ist, Lust.

You never asked, my king. Do you need to be appropriately hugged too?

Joe the Aboleth wrote:
::telepathically:: Didn't we teach you anything?!? You're supposed to be flushing them down your runewells. And if you keep your runewells in your bathroom, we don't want to know what else you've been flushing down there. See, this is the kind of thing that made us come and take our magic back.

But I wanna play with them first! And I never said my runewell was in my bathroom. Boudoir yes, bathroom no.

I think squidy-face just needs a hug. *hugs*

Runelord of Greed wrote:
Casts Flesh to Stone on the invaders, then turns the statues into gold with Polymorph Any Object

*takes statue, puts in bathroom, uses as a ... towel rack*

Runelord of Greed wrote:
It would appear these . . . things are invading my, I mean, our capital. Any suggestions on how to remove them? I could make some lovely gold statues . . .

They would look nice in my spa, all shiny gold.

Joe the Aboleth wrote:
::telepathically::What's this!?! Didn't we spank you all and send you off to bed for a couple centuries? (And more importantly, didn't many of you enjoy that? - Sloth, Lust, I'm looking at you.)

Oh, indeed I did. Please, spank me again, but I want the Triskele of Aboen like you promised.

Runelord of Greed wrote:
Yeah, I could get a smaller share of what we conquer!

Unacceptable! I move that the real Runelords say that these "new" so-called runelords are Weaksauce. All in favor, say "Aye."

Runelord of Greed wrote:
Afterwards, I suggest that we domesticate the post-eating bug and train it to control the flow of information.

Aww, he just needs a little love...

Runelord of Wrath wrote:
The whole world shall tremble before my migh- ooh, shiny....

Awww, does Wrath need a little massage?

Runelord of Greed wrote:
My minions are from Leng.

Really? Tell me more about your minions, they are new to me. Are you interested in, perhaps?

Runelord of Sloth wrote:
I may spend all my time on the couch, but it's certainly more productive than spending it in bed.

I'm quite productive in bed, thank you. ;)

Runelord of Sloth wrote:
Are we going to fight, or take over this measly little website?

Since you don't have anything I want anyway, this website is as good as any.

Now, who's this little queen acting out above me...

Lazy lout. If you had any drive, your realm would be larger than it is, rather than relying upon your forebearers accomplishments, such as they were.