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Personally i hope PFO will do well i just hope it is not like DDO i played it for awhile and i hated how it was nothing like the really dungeons and dragons. Mind you i know not every one is in to that kinda game but if you make a game based around it don't butcher it just try to make the system more interesting.

that being said i do hope it is free to play i have played WOW and such and i hate having to pay 15 bucks a month or 30 every 2 for cards i personally think it is a waste. that is why i am switching to Guild wars 2 and daiblo 3(though daiblo is not so much an mmo lol)

Hey i would like to Suggest a race. i would Like to see Some Form of Were-creature playable such as the Tibbit was in Dragon Compendium for 3.5 i pretty much got it just for them (though it does have other cool things ^^). i would be sad if Dhampir is in this but not some were-creature (though Dhampir are cool) i am personally more of a fan of were-creatures. other races i love to see are a Changling like race,a Fey,fairy type,Half-drow,a race with 4 arms would be awesome for once. other then that i also Love for the race-affiliated weapons to show up (like some one else said above) i loved the first time i found them in a book i think it is an Awesome idea to bring back.

Hey i just wanted to Say i LOVE the ultimate magic. i thought that the Magus was a Perfect blend of magic/melee which i have not felt from many class's i seen.i LOVE the Words of power System and i Really hope you can expend on it.and over all it is a pretty great book i am looking forward to Ultimate combat

Hey i have yet to post on here but seeing this has Really caught my interested and wanted to give my input. I can see Ninja and Samurai as Alternate class's or archetypes but what i would personally really love to see is the gunslinger have it very own Class. Any other book i seen with a gun type class in it didnt Feel right always felt like a Ranger but with a gun they barely changed a thing So i hope you guys do more ^^. i also cant wait to see the vehicle Combat and even Get Airships finally Thank you ^^