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2 posts. Alias of captain yesterday.


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There's a reason we're only CR 1 I guess.

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Incidentally, I call them "kwill-poth" usually, but I have done "klip-poth" too.
That's the great thing about made up words, everyone is right:-D

Technically Qlippoth isn't a made up word...

Unfortunately it doesn't provide English phonetics and the different transliterated spellings could indicate different acceptable non-Hebrew pronunciations.

Well someone had to make it up, last I knew words didn't just float out of space like Flumphs, or did they? Perhaps we're all just cogs in a grand alien propaganda campaign...

Edit: D'oh! Forgot to quote again! Well, I'm not doing it over:-)

Did it for you =)

The word's literal translation is 'Husk' or 'Peel' or 'Shed Skin', so it was probably at least in some part a normal part of language that was co-opted for use in this metaphorical/religious context. In that sense, it's as "made up" as any word in any language - by which I mean since we still only have immensely fragmentary knowledge of how languages originally developed (barring religious or mythological sources such as the Tower of Babel story, etc.), it doesn't tend to fall under the umbrella of what we usually mean by "made up words". =)

Yup, that was us.