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Great book, great adventure


This is a great addition to the adventure which is fantastic. I'm having a problem with the interactive maps in the PDF though, since they won't print with the grids, and stangely this one for once has a map with a hex grid rather than the standard squares. I have to say it does have by far my favorite NPC, I just have to make sure I lay the proper ground work for her introduction.

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Great book but...


This is an awesome book, I've barely scratched the content in it and love it. However it does seem to be missing something as I've begun to read deeper. The Moonchild class really interests me, but as I was reading I noticed that there are only 5 houses, if you get to 20th level you'd have access to 6 houses. Did one get cut? It also says they get Exalted Aspects at 18th level in the text and the chart says 16th. I'm thinking it needs some errata. It's still an awesome book with a ton of great content!

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Great but...


Great pictures, but it seems to be missing a page of the black and white images. The grouping with the kelpie is only there in the two color versions. When I counted there were only 65 images not 75 which makes me think they missed a page. I have a bunch of the other sets and love these things. I'm hoping they do more monster type figures.
**Update- all pages are there and the images are awsome!**