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Styrofoam wrote:

Serovox doesn't have any used batteries for his explosive blasts. I figured I would give him a few so he could use that spell. For those of you who have run this, have you been giving him a bag of batteries, or do people mostly ignore that spell component?


Completely ignored the component- didn't really get to use AoEs much with how the fight went down. The biggest scare for my players was the Wall of Force.

The Solarian rushed in when Serovox followed her right after in initiative order. Serovox separated the Solarian from the group with Wall of Force and went one-on-one in melee.

I used the Gatecrasher to harry the Mystic so she couldn't Dispel Magic for a few rounds. Thanks to the dice gods the party got an great scene of their Solarian getting her arm lopped off from Serovox's critical hit.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Rulebook Subscriber; Starfinder Superscriber

Heya! My girlfriend tried creating a Paizo account using her gmail account but never got the verification email so she's stuck in this limbo where she can't log in or try a password reset to get logged in. This has happened for both her gmail accounts.

Support has confirmed the accounts have been created but we're waiting on a follow up about not being able to log in and not getting verification emails.

I created my account using gmail and never had this issue. We're waiting to hear back from support but we wanted to check the forums and try and see if we could crowdsource a solution.

Thanks in advance if you have any ideas!