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Hypothetically there's a level 5 cleric with desecrate, animate dead, and the feat undead master. This causes the character to have a 36 HD animate dead pool. What stops the character, beyond me saying no, from raising a high-CR, 18 HD creature under his controls such as the Ice Linnorm? What does a skeleton Ice Linnorm lose from a regular Ice Linnorm? I know he won't find high CR HD things, but I'm still concerned this will become a problem in the future.

My DM is convinced and so am I that the fighter isn't as good as other martial classes. So he wants to increase their skill points to 4+int and give them a Taunt like in 4e. Now I know some people may consider this mechanic unrealistic, but many things aren't that realistic in the game itself. A taunt mechanic for the fighter would give him something that not many others classes can do. So I would like to hear how you guys would do a taunt mechanic for the fighter. Would he penalize their attack rolls if they attack friendly units? Would he be allowed some free movement to catch up to the person trying to attack his allies? Attacks of Opportunity perhaps? Can he mark one, two, or maybe even three targets? How do you think the abilities should scale?

What do you think would happen? I mean look at how ugly those things are for Christ sake. I think they would be chased out of town with torches and pitchforks personally.

Currently I'm planning on DMing sometime in the future an Adventure Path. I'm thinking of either doing Crimson Throne or Kingmaker.

Also I'm thinking of a few simple houserules to buff the rogue by merging the rogue and ninja class together and giving them something like dervish dancer for free. Also I want to give fighters 4+int modifier for skills. I'm also reverting flurry of blows back to when it wasn't twf. I plan on banning the adopted trait, the master summoner, and remove magic item creation feats.I want to encourage roleplay by allowing them to look for certain materials for the magic items they want rather then giving them a free pass on creating items.

As it now stands I'm thinking of doing Crimson Throne because it appeals to me more and seems like a better choice for a newer DM. Also, I know that's a decent amount of houserules for a new DM, but I think you guys can help point me in the right direction to encourage roleplay and people to use the rogue/ninja class more often! Thanks in advance.

Currently right now I'm working on a hexcrafter bladbound magus that plans on focusing on illusion magic and agility to defeat his foes.

I'm wondering what are some good traits that I can grab that will make disguise, stealth, bluff, and/or perception a class skill.

Also is there anyway I can use int or dex in place of wis/cha for any of those skills by a feat, trait, or item?

Also what are some ways to further improve his ability to lie and/or stealth?

Thanks in advance!

Why is the item cost 3750 to buy but 1375 to make?

I'm wondering if I can somehow make a small area of land turn into a warm forest area so if my ape dies I can revive him.

My friend is making a ranger with a constrictor and is looking for some advice on how to get his grapple higher.
He's going human but wants the extra feat and he's taking animal boon. Also we're reassured the DM will house rule that the snake doesn't need improved unarmed strike to take improved grapple.(If it's even required) So what are some items and/or feats he can take to make his snake grapple better?

Does anyone know of a good form fill-able character sheet that won't cost me money and isn't on excel?

I'm currently struggling to find a way to get decent ac on a melee druid. I'll be level 4, 15pb.

I desire a mimic chest dice box. Does anyone know of such a dice box? If there isn't one already made I suggest that someone should develop it!

I'm making a back up character and he's going to be a druid.
I need help with armor class, spells, and magic items. We're level 4, standard wealth. Also is there something like ironwood but permanent for druids? I'm thinking of full plate.

I sort of want to be a substitute healer, a summoner, and somewhat melee oriented.

Are the new plant companions only accessible by druids with the treesinger archetype? I'm wondering because I want to make a druid with the treant sapling companion with the world walker archetype.

Currently right now our group wants to implement a critical miss or failure chart. We're thinking whenever someone rolls a 1 and then confirms with a miss there should be a chart for what happens. List some ideas for critical misses!

The character is for an evil campaign and will be a Tiefling Rakshasa-Spawn.

15pb, 5 dump, 1 trait, starting at level 4

Ability scores
Str 7
Dex 12+2
Con 14
Wis 10-2
Int 14
Cha 15+1+2

Is pit touched worth it? Also is going crossblooded for infernal worth it?

grabbing extra skill points with favored class.
umd, spellcraft, bluff.
Considering stealth, disguise, intimidate, and diplomacy.

Improved initiative.
(need another feat)(probably iron will if staying cross blooded)

MW Backpack
Cloak of resistance +1

Need help with:
Another feat
Will saving throws
getting more skill points

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This is a discussion about the most silliest and/or ridiculous characters you've seen played. One of my friends played a half vampire in 4e and he was convinced that his character had to act like a savage. We were playing a heroic campaign. He even ripped the head off a head of a dead guard and started to drink the blood from it in front of the captain of the guard. Another funny character was a rogue with no ranks in stealth, disable device, or perception. This rogue also had a flaming weapon which he tried to stealth with on. I've also seen a paladin will a penalty to cha and int try to walk down some stairs on their mount.

I've been thinking about approaching my DM with some various idea's on how to buff the rogue so people will pick them again.
My current ideas:
Agile enchantment as a class feature for specific weapons.
Ways for them to get better perception and sense motive bonuses.
A point pool similar to ki or perhaps grit.
It might also be interesting for them to have a revision to sneak attack.
Ways for the rogue to dodge and deflect attacks.(the rogue gets decked really easy.)

I would also like to develop a good homebrew archetype for a knife thrower. Someone that have bonuses to damage and perhaps a couple ways of getting a full attack off from range that applies sneak attack on every hit. (without losing trap finding and trap sense thank you.)

So, what are your ideas to buff the rogue?

A few individuals are convinced that summon monsters can disable traps just fine. However my DM seems to like using traps in a different way. Sometimes setting off traps will create a cone of flame that engulfs the entire hallway, other times when the summon gets pushed down the hallway the floor beneath the caster falls through instead. He puts his triggers in interesting locations so setting off traps rarely ever works. Often times it bites you in the butt. So I would like to hear about other people's DMing experiences with traps and what you like to see when traps come rolling up in your game.

What is your favorite bard archetype and why?!

Have you ever thought of making a character that would just be funny to play? Well here's the thread to talk about it to people you don't even know! Personally I think that a pole dancer fighter/paladin that uses a polearm would be quite enjoyable to play.

Okay for my DM's campaign I'm making a zen archer. It would help to get some advice on items, feats, and types of ammunition.
Human level 4
15 point buy, dump 5, one trait
str 12
con 10
dex 14
int 9
wis 20
cha 7
precise shot
point blank shot
perfect strike
weapon focus
point blank master
deadly aim
improved initiative
trait is wisdom in the flesh for climb
qinggong for barkskin and featherstep
vows are cleanliness, truth, and fasting
favored is for bonus skill points
skills:climb,stealth,acrobatics,perception, and sense motive maxed.

future feats: alertness, monkey style, cluster shots, and perhaps combat reflexes with snapshot+improved ss.

For items I have an ioun torch, ring of sustenance, and +1 magic composite longbow(+1 for strength) 1325gold to spend
I think the ring of sustenance is good because it allows me to keep watch over my party and it makes sense with the vow of fasting. Also is there something that's a better source of light that doesn't cost a lot and I don't have to hold? (I like the ioun torch because it reminds me of a disney movie called the black cauldron) So do you have any ideas that could help? I need mostly help with ammunition types.

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How do they interact when effecting the same person.

Can you help me think up some reasons why a dwarf would be a monk? Could you also help me think of some motivations a dwarf monk might have? I'm asking because I like to play dwarves and a zen archer monk seems to work well with dwarves. However I'm having a hard time seeing a dwarf being a monk.

Tell us some of your stories dealing with your stats getting dangerously low. Perhaps you even had a character with a stat that is 7,6,5,4 or maybe even 3!(Yes a 3 is possible with point buy) Our last game I had my main stat strength drained down to 11. Since I was the main damage dealer the fight almost lead to a tpk.

I think that the monk should be able to spend ki to use the spell earthquake. Of course the monk would would be the epicenter. Just think about it a monk making an earthquake that launches shrapnel into the air. Then he jumps on the shrapnel ascending higher and higher towards his enemy.

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Let's talk about the deities that you feel are awesome! MY favorites are
Asmodeus, Zon-Kuthon, and Nethys.

I'm wondering what other people don't see at their table. For ours it's things with mounts and druids. The last time I saw a druid was a year ago and it was a Japanese loving girl that played her character like an anime character.

To go along with the holiday spirit I suggest we get a thread started about how to create st.nick. Post your ideas and thoughts about what others feel Santa should be like in the pathfinder universe.

Does anyone know of where I could get a compilation of the The Apocalyptic Texts? I want to extract ideas from the texts to make my witch. Thanks!

What are somethings in pathfinder that just seem plain out weird.
For me I think it's the spell Skinsend.

You cause your own skin to peel off your body and animate as a magical creature you control. You may project your consciousness to your animated skin or return it to your actual body as a standard action. When your consciousness is in your body, you are helpless (except for transferring your will to your skin, or dismissing the spell).

Your possessed skin is identical to you in all ways, except the following: It has only half the number of hit points you had at the time you cast the spell, and cannot be healed above this maximum; construct type, traits, and immunities; Str 3, Con —; DR 10/piercing or slashing; and compression (as the universal monster ability). Your skin can take any actions you could normally take in your own body (such as to fight or cast spells).

When your skin leaves your body, your body’s hit points drop to 0. Your body cannot heal damage naturally while you have no skin, nor do spells that cure hit point damage work on your body; only regeneration (from a regenerate spell, ring of regeneration, the regeneration monster ability, or any other effect that can regrow missing limbs) or heal can regrow your skin and allow you to heal above 0 hit points.

If your body is regenerated before your skin returns to it, the skin dies and your consciousness returns automatically to your body. Your skin can be preserved with gentle repose and is suitable for any purpose that requires some of your flesh (such as a resurrection spell) or any magic or ritual that requires a creature’s skin.

When your skin returns to your body, you regain hit points equal to your skin’s remaining hit points. If the spell ends before you reunite with your skin or if your skin is killed while you are in your body, you remain helpless and at 0 hit points until your full body is restored to you (requiring powerful magic, as described above). If your body dies while you are possessing your skin, you die when the spell ends, regardless of how many hit points the skin has left. If your body or skin is slain with your consciousness in it, the spell ends and you are instantly killed.

This spell leaves long scars on your skin where it split apart, although these fade normally with the use of healing magic.

I'm thinking of playing a witch because they seem fun, flavorful, and good. What I want you guys to do is throw out maybe a couple of sentences for a character concept.
An old swamp witch that believes in a mysterious prophecy. The earth must be wiped of all life to start again. A reincarnation of the earth itself.

Hello pathfinder players I'm thinking of playing a witch for the next campaign I'm going to be in. It's going to be urban setting and start at level four. I'm wondering what are some good items I should get with my money? Should I just get beads and an int booster alongside a wand and some armor? Is there any good items that improve hexes? What are some easy ways to increase dcs for spells and hexes other than int increases? Also does anyone know of some inspirational reading material to get ideas from for playing a witch? Thanks again!

Currently right now I'm in a group that has some roleplayers, some combat geeks, and some that mix in between. I was approached by a fellow player with a statement that I often outshine the party mechanically and on top of that I roleplay well. Last campaign we had a bard that used a short bow with 8 strength and 14 dex. a twf rogue that never attacked and it was a low level campaign, a urban barbarian spirit totem that dumped con, a 2h paladin, a cleric that was a healbot, and a bloodline fire sorcerer. I was the paladin. Should I feel bad for outshining these characters? Should I feel bad that half of them don't roleplay so I often take the reigns instead?

I have some players I've played in the past with that I don't like how they operate.

A guy that never runs from battle because it's cowardly and then complains we could have won if we had stayed.

The person that makes the weakest character possible and averages rolls on d20's at about 6.

The guy that always plays a slutty woman half of the time.

The player that plays the same personality every game.

the girl that plays druids, ninjas, and is basically a weaboo.

The person that doesn't care to role play ever.

The party face, half assed optimizer that gets angry when others do better than him at something. He optimizes things that aren't that good to optimize.

The player that complains I'm playing a cheesy character since I'm using power attack on a paladin.

The player that only plays charismatic characters but insists he's a shy and quiet person.

The people that think chaotic neutral means chaotic evil.

The people that reference parts of the game to video games they play that aren't role playing games.

The player that does stupid things and asks if I'm mad bro.

Regardless of all of this they're still my friends and I like playing with them for the most part. What might explain half of these actions is that the players I play with are teens. Other then one person that is.

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Please list your top three favorite classes and why they're your favorites.

Mine so far are the summoner, alchemist, and paladin.

The summoner is cool because of the ability to play multiple characters and the great support, damage output, and versatility it offers.
The alchemist is somewhat of a skill monkey with great damage and personal buffs and on top of that they're flavorful. I like the paladin because of survivability, damage, the ability to be the face, and his flavor. Whenever I play a paladin I replicate images in my head of space marines that purge heresy and conquer evil.

My summoner is going to be a half elf boy abandoned by his parents because of an elven culture that despises human's. My mother is from the elven society known for necromancy and to supposedly be vampires(named the vontess). My father is an architect and a cleric of (haven't decided religion), and is known for creating chapels that breach the lands of darkness with light. My father was impaled for spawning the seeds of corruption, and my mother hanged for heresy. Before they were both killed my father left me within an abandoned chapel in the hopes that god would protect his only son. Something did, it was a gargoyle. This gargoyle is the protector of the chapel and his fate was intertwined with the little half elf boy. He's the one that taught the boy magic, He's the one that has watched over him for years, He is the boy's Stone Guardian Angel.

This is just a general outline and I thought it would be interesting to play in our campaign. So what I'm asking of you is what should be the names of the chapel, the gargoyle, and the boy. Also what is a permanent way to increase carrying capacity without increasing strength?

Health. Is it maxed for the first HD? Otherwise my Eidolon will have 13 health at 2nd level and that's pretty pathetic.
If I have claws for my Eidolon do I have to get another set of limbs for a slam attack?
Also is there any errata for lifelink because it sort of seems like a useless ability.

So my DM and myself got into an argument about allowing another player to play the race aasimar. I feel that it's not overpowered and it would be an interesting race considering we also have a tiefling in the party with 5 cha. He said that the race is overpowered because it has two bonuses to stats, resistances to three energy types, and the ability to cast light. I argued that having a penalty in a certain stat usually means that you're not even going to use it so it doesn't matter whether or not aasimar have no penalties. I also stated that light isn't that useful, and that the resistances given are mediocre at best. He allowed tieflings but not aasimars and I don't know why. I would also like to point out that they're other races that have a lot more going for them then aasimars considering races such as gnome and halfling. So after him just saying you need a level 1 adjustment to use the race(which is pointless considering that the only class that would be an aasimar is probably a cleric.) I suggested that he could adjust the race. He said what's the point if he could just play a human. Am I in the wrong?


Level 3.
I want to make a kid summoner that has his eidolon watch over him. That's why I want to dump wisdom because a kid wouldn't be wise.

Stats: Dex highest, Cha, con, str, int, wis.
Race: Human, Halfing,Fetchling.
Feats:augment summoning, Point blank shot, Precise shot, rapid shot?
Weapon: crossbow, bow?
Spells: Enlarge person, mage armor.
Need a lot of help here.

Is LoH considered magical healing for the purpose of activating the ability of the feat Fey Foundling?

Hello fellow adventurers I'm here to discus how parties can be both absent minded and gullible if not stupid. So last session we could assigned to find a goblin fort and a finger for a necromancer that they were holding on to. Once we found it both the barbarian and me noticed that the platform the goblins were standing on had pillars supporting it. So we started chopping and completely forgot about the item we needed. Our cleric didn't do much. Our sorcerer wasted charges on her magic missile wand and the bard just made it worse. So at first our idea was going great considering that at least all the goblins would be dead and we could rummage for the finger. However then our bard started to chop at the pillars with hardness of 5 with his 1d6/1 shortsword. After that he picked up burning logs and started trying to toss them at the hay near by to start a fire. It took him three turns to bring a log over 25 feet that could of taken him 1.5 turns. So the structure collapsed which started to fuel the fire and set the entire thing a blaze. Our new party member was in the fort and so was the finger. So in the end we lost 4 MM charges, two CLW charges, a party member, and the quest item. Once I realized this I almost started crying with laughter.

So I was thinking how awesome it would be to use hamatula strike with a sword cane. Perhaps that a human magus could use true strike to trip then hamatula strike to grapple when they're on the ground. How awesome would it be for a fellow party member just to sweep an enemy then step over him with his cane stabbing right into him, holding him down in place?
It would be interesting to make a NPC that could do that and CDG when they're grappled in such that way. Don't know how long it would take to CDG though. So tell me adventurers if you were going to make a mobster what would be your weapon of choice and what would stand out about your character?

This thread will be a discussion about your past and near recent experiences when it comes down to plain retarded decisions. I'll start out with a session I had today. We had a side mission that told us to look out for three different rare flowers. A nightshade lotus, a winters breath, and a cerulean tear. Both our cleric and sorcerer headed to forlorn row to look for the nightshade lotus, for it was rumored to be in unnatural dark places. They were being trailed by a group of thieves and knew they were. That is they knew they were being trailed by a group of people. So they turned around and asked why they were following them. They asked why the cleric and sorcerer were in such a place like this, after all its not that safe. The sorcerer replied, "We're looking for a rare flower called the nightshade lotus. Apparently it's supposed to be some where around here". The one of the thieves replied, "Well I think that there might be some in the way back of that alley where the bush seems overgrown. So our two adventurers say thanks and go back to look. They mugged our fellow party members for 900 gold. There were six of them and they should of stolen 200 golds worth of armor and 950 golds worth of wands. In the mean time the bard, the urban barbarian, and the paladin(myself) went to check the shores for cerulean tear flowers. We ended up capturing a thief boating illegal passengers across into the caves. What's interesting about this is that the caves are spoken to have dark necromancy in them and are prohibited to go into. These caves are another likely option for nightshade lotus flowers. Guess what, because we arrested that thief we got a one time access to search the caves. I told those two to not go off on their own.

Hello fellow adventurers I was wondering something. How do you tell how many charges are on a wand without getting a new one and keeping track of the amount of charges? I'm asking because of the fact that we got ripped off on our last wand.

Lean on me, when you're not strong
And I'll be your heal bot
I'll help you carry on.

Hello fellow adventurers, I need help to help out our cleric to stop being a heal bot. In your own personal experience what is the best way to perform combat in order to avoid making one character just a heal bot. Give items, feats, and/or strategies in order to help. Thanks again adventurers!

Fellow adventurers I call upon thee for advice dealing with the matters of a low level campaign. Our DM initiated an encounter dealing with goblin raiders and a dire hyena. The goblins seemed to hit quite often however only did around 2.5 damage. But when the hyena hit it dealt around 14 damage, and knocked prone. How do you deal with a situation in which once you try and get up you'll get another 14 right to the face knocking you unconscious? The goblins started attacking at night so myself the heavy armored guy had no armor and was in melee range with the dude. Of course we didn't know the rule getting up from prone provokes AoO. However it wouldn't have mattered considering what I rolled to hit.

For example Power Attack is in all 2H builds at some point. The same is with Deadly aim for archers.Also Augmented Summoning for conjuration wizards, sorcerers, and summoners. So tell me when does it go from being overpowered to necessary. I'm speaking of the overall effectiveness of the character employing the use of such feat I'm comparing them to other options.

I'm wondering if people could help me out with magical enchantments I should be looking at for my paladin. Please make sure they're within a 7th level budget and if you could put priorities for each. I'm running a nodaichi and I'm aware of the PHYS belt items and MENT headgear items as well. Also I'm looking for the enchantment that confirms crits and an armor enchantment that gives exceptional resilience on the battlefield. My character has invested in intimidate and it would be nice to have a boost to it. I have only some of the books so I'm asking for help of the individuals that have looked through several more books more than I have to find better alternatives and perhaps interesting items. Thanks for your help.

So here's the deal, I'm considering that playing a paladin would be an interesting and fun experience. The thing is that I don't understand why the class itself has so many restrictive role playing mechanics in itself. However I might just press ahead and just go with it. Now my question is, how do I play a paladin that isn't a moron that runs trying to save various people that need help. Also how do I avoid some codes contradicting each other. Is there any alternative to the paladin class that gives different codes? Perhaps for a chaotic good paladin? Thanks for everything you guys have been helping me narrow my decision down quite a lot for my up and coming pathfinder game.

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