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Diego Valdez wrote:

Hello Rene,

I have made sure the voucher was correctly applied and issues a refund of $50 to your card. You should be able to see it once your bank processes it.

Wonderful. Thank you.

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Below is how the order confirmation appeared. I used a $50 voucher Code for running in PaizoCon Online 2020. The credit was not applied. I was charged the entire $67.87 on 6/24/20. Can this be corrected and my bank credited the $50. Thanks.

Order 27222194
Submitted Tuesday, June 09, 2020 09:43 AM
Status Complete
Purchaser Rene Ayala
Payment Method Rene Ayala
Visa **** ****
Gift Certificates Redeemed Y47A **** **** DLQZ
Subtotal (11 items) $55.00
Shipping & Handling $12.87
Order Total $67.87
Store Credit to Apply $50.00

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Having a blast with Hook Mountain Massacre. The Black Magga scenario is freaking awesome!!

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Update: finally, finally - finally got past Thistletop. The next scenario has great cut-aways (is that what they're called) immersing you in the story a lot more. Now I'm bummed I passed that so quickly because the minions were on the top of the deck in most locations and I hit the big boss to know where it retreated.

Yeah I know, in regard to my earlier post I fall under the phrase, "give a gamer a free donut and he'll complain there's a hole in it."

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Longshot11 wrote:
Rene Ayala wrote:
Edit: also, the modifiers aren't correct when I use a magic weapon. The paladin with a +2 melee bonus and using a +1 weapon shows a modifier of +1 and not +3.

Any chance you were at the Waterfront and didn't pay attention?

As for the dice, we've discovered something of a rule on the d12:

If you fail on 1-3, you might chance a roll (though you'll probably fail).
If you only fail on 1 - throw those Blessings in right away!


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hfm wrote:
I haven't noticed that the dice rolling is anything but random. I roll good, I roll bad. I'm actually somewhat risky with the blessings since I like to use them to explore, I cut it kind of mathematically close most of the time and end up on the winning end more than not.

wanna swap tablets? Mine must be broke or yours is lucky.

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I'm agreeing with the most recent posts. I'm getting a disproportionate number of 1's and 2's. No, I haven't tracked them but it's gotten to the point I show others as a joke to witness my rolls. When I buffer the rolls with two Blessings it knocks it out of the park. When I don't the results are consistently on the lower third of the number range. When something to the equivalent of rolling a 2d12, 2d6, with a (+4) and hope I make the 10 combat check (which most of the time I don't) is past silly. It's getting me to the point of putting the game aside. I couldn't wait for the game to release and binge played it for a week. Now I play it during a commercial or something because I know I'll fail the scenario, again. I've lost count after my 12th attempt to finish Approach to Thistletop which comes on the heels of similar play experience with the previous scenarios. I would strongly suggest (hope) the designers look at the coding. We - not I, as I'm not alone - think there is an issue.

Edit: also, the modifiers aren't correct when I use a magic weapon. The paladin with a +2 melee bonus and using a +1 weapon shows a modifier of +1 and not +3. Also, when I reveal/discard to set up a combat/check die roll, but then change my mind and tap the "X" to cancel it I've had cards disappear and the dice not being correct when I try a new option (for example, choosing a weapon or spell for the Druid, then backing it out for shape change I don't get a d10. It stays as a d4 and I lose the card I discarded. I try to back out and reapply the same option again hoping it'll correct itself. Closing the app and opening doesn't reset/correct it.)

Edit-edit: I have an iPad Air 2. I'm not experiencing the hang up issues posted by others. I did the quest hang up issue but the workaround is in the Obsidian Entertainment tech forum as a known issue being worked.

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Such an awesome idea! Wish I was around Jacksonville at this time. Dang, I'm jealous! I just might "borrow" the idea and propose something similar here. Is that cool?

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I don't fully know the history of Winter Fantasy, I guess. I thought it originally was a convention run by WotC to showcase their own products and campaigns? I know Baldman Games took over organized play coordination for WotC. Did it expand from that point to offer other games? I attended WF once back in the Living Greyhawk years. Only WotC products and games were there at the time. Could it be they want to pull it back to showcase WotC only? Just musing. I don't know the backstage operations of that convention. I would just offer a suggestion that any non-WotC product game coordinators understand that history. It'll help in repairing any relationships and build a better working environment. David is a great guy so walk in knowing that and not approaching it as confrontational. Again, just looking in from the windows and trying to help.

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Thanks, Michael. That was pretty cool of you.


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Check the calendars for the following locations as well.

Petrie's Family Games runs PFS often.

Gamer's Haven is active

Enchanted Realms has regular games ef=page_internal


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Looking for one player to join a veteran group for Mummy's Mask. We are near the middle of book 3. Lost a couple players due to scheduling. Looking to add a #5 seat player.

Current PCs
Wizard (cohort of cleric)

We play every Saturday (with some exceptions if 2+ players can't make a particular date). Open to move to Sunday nights.

Please reply directly to sundevilgrad98 (at) gmail . com


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I buy my PFACG stuff on Per Tanis's comment about sending these to distributors does this mean my pre-order for Deck 4 will come with the extra correction deck? Or will Amazon put a price on it?

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I'm running at The Compleat Stratagist (E. 33rd St b/t 5th and Madison) from 11am - 2pm. The goal is to complete two scenarios.

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Cool, thanks again.

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That cleared up a lot, guys. Thanks. With these mental roadblocks gone I'll get reading the Guide. I could have more follow up questions but not tonight.

Oh, one more, so when Vic said "scenarios to be used for Adventure Deck 2" that meant the first deck released separate from the base set because the base set has Adventure Deck 1?

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Ok thanks. A couple of follow up questions.

When I buy the monthly adventure path deck (I'm thinking of the 6 decks released for Rise of the Runelords), is that the adventure deck with 5 scenarios?

If the adventure (path) deck has 5 scenarios what does it mean, per Vic, that Paizo is sending scenarios to the store? Per above, they're in the adventure (path) deck??

How do I instruct my store to get these scenarios if they're not in the adventure (path) deck?

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Can someone point to a link(s) or posts or reply laying out this terminology in the most simplest of terms. I have zero background on card games so something that is basic terminology to others is foreign to me. Think, "the sky is blue" and I ask "what is sky?" "what is blue"? So I'm asking please explain a new term if you're replying (or point to a reference). Thanks.

Scenarios: when I buy the monthly Adventure Path decks to play how does this term factor into it?

(a post from Vic) "...including the first scenario to use Adventure Deck 2": what is an adventure deck compared to scenarios? what is adventure deck 1? adventure deck X?

(a post from Vic) "...releasing a brand-new scenario to stores that can be played with just the Skull & Shackles Base Set": Am I reading only retail stores get them? I can't? I need the store to register and download something?

scenario, adventures and Adventure Path: what are the differences?

Much appreciated.

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We'll soon see Dire Sharks with freakin' laser beams attached to their heads?

Maybe we'll also experience debates with the Venture Captain who sent us out on who shot first?

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Game is cancelled for lack of interest. I'll try again in Sept or Oct.

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Scenario: PFS 03-15: The Haunting of Hinojai [5-9]

Date/Time: Saturday, July 26rd, 2014 @ 7:00 PM EDT US [-4 GMT]

GM: Rene Ayala

Game Client: VTT with Google+ Hangout (voice)

Ever seeking long-lost secrets, the Pathfinder Society sends a team of agents to explore a reportedly haunted house in the Dragon Empires nation of Minkai, hoping they can uncover the secret behind the legendary location's tormented past. A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 5–9.

Notes: We are a few players short. Please join us.

Free account required: Go to

Sign-ups: Go to Warhorn Sign-up.

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I've posted a few games on my Warhorn site. June 22nd has alternates waiting but July is pretty open for signups.


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Rachel Hill wrote:

Looking at:

26 free
27 pm free
28 free
1 afternoon/pm free
2 free
3 free

Pick a date and time. I'll even run both scenarios, just not on the same day.

I'd like to join the table if you guys decide on July 3rd for Refuge of Time.

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Bruunwald is 100% correct. Roleplay-wise, the PCs were such an insignificant threat your in-game answer is exactly what I'd imagine Torch would say. Like Bruunwald said, being a little loose on how the PCs get to the objective is necessary to keep the players involved and having fun. You did great.

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I'll run for you if you can't find a game that's fits your tourist schedule. I'll ping the group and see who is interested. Message me though the Paizo site in your account profile. We'll coordinate through that. Give me a list of scenario options and I'll shop it around to fill seats.

Any day in your visit works for me. Can't run during normal business hours.


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Andrew K wrote:
I have a Venture captain right here in my AZ city? Wow, I'm kinda surprised by that one.

Huh? I was the VC for Seasons 2&3. Then Jason took over and still presently in the position. They run a ton of PFS every month between Phoenix, Sierra Vista and Tucson.

So the question really is, "Where are you, Andrew? The adventuring party is waiting at the tavern with an empty seat and a tankard waiting to be filled."

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d10 roll: 1d10 ⇒ 5

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There is a weekly Wednesday game.!forum/pathfinder_nyc

Check the The Events link here in the PFS page. There are occasional Tuesday games. I know there are some Monday and Saturday games but the GMs don't post them on a Google group or here on the boards. You'll need to attend or visit the Wednesday game to uncover that signup location.

I planned to run games in either Manhattan or Brooklyn but work has sidelined it until Summer. Here is my Warhorn page to keep an eye on starting in July.


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Smart-aleck. Coulda just said it's in the Guide. I had limited my research to this PFS page.

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Sweet, thanks so much.

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Rachel Hill wrote:
....It's one less person to doze off in his underwear....

Uh-oh, my secret is discovered....

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5 hours is the target. Online play technology is close to face-to-face now. I agree with what was stated previously re: tech issues, frequent afk's and brb's and skipping the optional encounter.

My best input is this:
- to keep everyone on target by limiting the tangent conversations that don't apply to the task at hand. I've sat at games both F2F and Online that takes the session into hour 6 and we're still not close to finishing because people are talking movies, TV shows, other games and comparing PC builds that aren't even at that game table.
- when party decisions arise allow a few minutes for discussion then take a poll with majority winning. Scenario decisions shouldn't be treated as a jury where everyone needs to deliberate and unanimously agree. Get them to a comfortable point where everyone has had a chance to speak then call for a vote - and move on.
- be fully prepared before starting. this can't be stressed enough. With online play it's a bit more complex having to set up maps, layers, stats and tokens.
- lastly, get everyone focused to start within 10-min of the scheduled game time. I've seen tables chit-chat for almost an hour before starting. I understand RPGs are social and we all have friends at the table. I've asked players to put these conversations on hold until after the session.

Good luck.

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Rachel Hill wrote:

Since I got booted off my local table tomorrow night (no hard feelings) I'd like to run something online.

Something as in open book. Is there something someone would like to play?

This would be for Saturday, April 12th at 6.30 CDT. Because of Daylight Savings Time, whatever that is, I'd recommend you convert your time zone to USA Chicago, Illinois, just to make sure we're on the same page regarding the time.

But seriously, was there something people wanted run? A free RPG day module? A 7-11? A random Blackros scenario? Give me some ideas, and I'll happily work with you to prepare a good table.


EDIT: If people want a module, I'm happy to start earlier.

I'd love, love, love any of the following:

Below the Silver Tarn 7-11
The Chasm of Screams 7-11
The Golden Serpent 5-9
Portal of the Sacred Rune 7-11
The Refuge of Time 7-11
The Fabric of Reality 7-11
Words of the Ancients 7-11
Rivalry's End 3-7

(I know a couple of those are being offered in the recently announced online convention but I'm on a project that will probably cause me to cancel the entire list I've signed up for before the end of this month.)

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Searched the messageboards and can't seem to find an answer. Is there any stance or anything said about how to convert season 0 scenarios? Choosing monster A from the scenario with equivalent monster B in Bestiary X is easy and done. Encounters with core races/class/levels I can pull from the NPC Codex, again, easy and done. What about custom stat'd creatures that are advanced with class levels (e.g. zombies with fighter levels, ghosts with barbarian levels). Do I convert that to PFRPG myself without worrying about violating something I'm not aware of?

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AZRIALE wrote:

I am sorry to say that this game is canceled due to personal life coming up.

I was looking forward to it but will run later with more prep work than I was able to do this time.

Hope it's not bad news. I was looking forward to it as well. I would appreciate it if you can keep the table sign ups and just confirm with us when you schedule it next. This way we don't lose our seat and have the option to bow out instead of losing it by not catching the repost in time.


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AZRIALE wrote:

1.Torgrid 89041-12 (inquisitor)

2. Rene Ayala 4061-3 cavalier



ok lets see if this takes off like crypt of the everflame.

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Cory Stafford 29 wrote:
I get that it's hard. The info about the pre-gens was useful, but not one post addressed my original question.

Not surprised.

I haven't played it yet but I have played hard scenarios. Also, you didn't mention your class (or i missed it) so i can't be class specific. My suggestion is a potion of CMW for everyone. I know you have a life oracle but what if that PC goes down. You'll need a back up to get him up. Get area effect attacks like alchemist fire. And lastly, grab silversheen, oil of bless weapon and cold iron and/or adamantine weapons. Nothing will make combat go sideways than DR and swarms if you're not prepared.

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Jeff Merola wrote:

Current Roster:

1. Jeff Kosky - Cleric 9
2. Patrick Harris - Paladin 9/Ranger 1
3. Charlie Edmond - Fighter 7/Monk 2
4. Wayne M (possible) - Paladin 8/Samurai 2
5. Gerald C - Wizard 11 or Oracle of Life 10 or Monk/Living Monolith/StawartDefender 11

Is a seat still open?

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Wolfspirit wrote:
We had a couple late cancellations and have spots for tonight (and probably tomorrow as well) if anyone is trolling for a game :)

i had hoped to play but didn't get a link. Can I join now?

Grand Lodge 4/5

Do you have a seat open for Saturday's game?

Grand Lodge 4/5

Warhorn has always been gracious supporting GM and coordinator needs and requests for all gaming systems. This latest update is fantastic. I wish someone had thought of that when I was coordinating. Wow, was it a feat in itself to constantly add scenarios descriptions.

Congrats to the VC/VL community for improving PFS play yet again. Thanks to the guys at Warhorn for their constant efforts to make the Web site the best for everyone.

Note: Warhorn operates through donations. They are in the middle of a Q1 fundraiser. If every GM, coordinator and player donated $1 per year (that's per year, guys/gals) just imagine what they could do with that budget.

Grand Lodge 4/5

Didn't see that coming. For a company like Paizo to be the most liberal, most inclusive and the most respectful to everyone's beliefs they actually made someone feel like their Constitutional right was infringed upon? Wow.

I lived in AZ for 18 years where open carry is legal. It took a few years to get used to it as I was coming from So.Cal when freeway road-rage shootings was making the news. I personally would feel better that people left their weapons outside of the gaming tables. I've heard stories of gamers throwning things, slapping and kicking others at the table. I'm talking grown men doing this. I don't care if someone believes they are responsible carrying a firearm - leave it at home or locked in the car/truck. Make a gunslinger to compensate for the next 5 hours.

I support Mike and Paizo on this announcement. Everyone is free to play PFS at home or online where the ruling won't effect you.

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It wasn't so bad. Or at least I don't recall it being so bad. I just remember it being a magical place.

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I was thinking something similar to what Jussi just proposed. Boons are an option to consider. Local conventions do need a draw. I don't attend them anymore because there isn't a reason for me to spend any money to play a scenario I can play at my FLGS. But I do understand others love conventions and seeing them dwindle and die is heartbreaking. There should be something special offered to draw in additional attendees, or rekindle the desire for those who stopped. But withholding scenarios for conventions to get them first is not the way to do it. Scenarios and players shouldn't be part of a hostage-like situation. Fracturing the player base into regions halfway through season 5 won't work.

I think the answer could lie in boons. At GenCon a person earns a token for each game played. Turn in two to roll a d20 that corresponds to a boon. To answer the resource cost issue, there are 20 boons that are already created. There wouldn't be a resource cost to create anything new. To answer making conventions unique and draw more attendees, perhaps allowing conventions to offer some of these boons could be enticing enough to attract additional attendees.

GenCon is an important event for Pathfinder Society so I would say don't release them all. But perhaps 5 - 10 of the 20 until the next GenCon when a new batch of boons are created for the next PFS year, and this proposed regional boon-convention season. Some may argue the boons aren't that great. But that's a matter of opinion. Some compliment an existing build while others are good for a new character build. If a VC or VL could work with the convention coordinator to pull 3-5 out of a pool Mike and developers want to release perhaps that could generate an increase in attendance.

I played LG and understand the argument why Pathfinder could be better if we created regions. The only reason I got back into gaming was LG and its regional-based model. I thought the concept was fantastic. But I realize that can't happen for the reasons given by Paizo staff and the fans who've replied here. The interruption and gear-up to such a model would break the system I feel is working very well - and improving every year with the leadership of Mike Brock and his VC's.

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June Soler wrote:


To secure a slot, please email me the following information at junesoler (at) gmail (dot) com.

Your name
Character name
Race, Class, and Level
Desired token (if any)(link or attach to the email)

Current Roster:
1. Robert Ashby - Wizard 3
2. Lee Acker - Wizard 1
3. Charlie Edmond - Swashbuckler 1/Paladin 2
4. Miguel junar - Bard 1
5. Janey J - Fighter 2 or Ranger 1
6. Mike Hadfield - Oracle 2


7. Rene Ayala - Warpriest 1

Visit for more information

I will run the next two parts on the following dates.

DEC 26 will be the 2nd Part

Jan 1st will be the 3rd Part

Grand Lodge 4/5

I will sell my event tickets for...(pinky on corner of mouth) miiillliiiooon dollars.....

Seriously, good luck, folks, hope you find tickets some way, some how. The event didn't sell out until recently. A big chunk sold quickly but then the last hundred-ish took a few days.

Hopefully all goes without a hitch for mustering, judge assignments, session communications between staff and GMs, after game reporting and chronicle completion. I've run the specials and it takes honest prep time, being in sync with the staff's instructions and constant, open communication.

See you all in a few months.

Grand Lodge 4/5

My Dhampir grew a tail. (sigh)

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Furious Kender wrote:

This is my pet peeve with pathfinder knowledge rules as I've experienced them.

Dear Furious,

Doug gave an example to help the initial poster. It doesn't wholly represent the rules. In your situation it wasn't a rules problem it seems like a GM problem who defers to dice to make his/her decisions. I've played for many years at many conventions and game days and rarely come across this issue like you explained. A person should have a very good idea what they're facing with 10+ over the DC to identify a creature. That's how I've experienced it when playing.

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Natertot wrote:

Finally got to four stars!

Nathan Meyers
NYC GM/Player

Wanna make 5? I can be your special project as I need pretty much all of year 3. (Wink)


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Michael Brock wrote:

I wanted to take a quick minute to .....

Congrats Rob!

Mike, I was expecting you to say something about the Fresh Prince of Bel Air the way that post started.

Congrats, England's Captains. I was there the first time during these past Olympics. London and the surrounding countryside is wonderful.

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