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Skeld wrote:
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Hawkmoon269 wrote:
I know a guy who wants just the cards. So that is definitely true.
Count me in this camp too. I'm sure the miniatures will be cool, and part of me wants them, but I've really found the Pawns to be so much easier to store and manage, while still looking great. That makes me not want to buy the miniatures sets, but I don't want to miss out on the exclusive cards either...

I'll likely put my cards up on Ebay or offer them to someone here.

-Skeld [/QUOTE

As someone who is interested in the cards and not the minis, I would gladly divide up the cost of the sets if someone in the US is willing. Please message me if so!

After a quick glance am eager to try out with the husband. Nice work on the flavor text and arrangement - thanks for adding to the fun!

Thanks for finding and fixing a problem we didn't even realize we had yet, Paizo! :) Merry Christmas!!

ThreeEyedSloth wrote:
He is correct. You earn your role card and power feat at the end of Adventure 4.

That's disappointing - some of us chose our characters with the assumption we'd have the roles for at least half the campaign.

Hawkmoon269 wrote:

I two would love such a product and would be willing to pay for it. I'm not able to justify the expense of buying the adventure path RPG just for the story, but at a lower price point I'd pay to get something that gave a bit more story to each scenario.

And, while there isn't anything "official" like what you are asking for, though there is this fan made one.

I also would love such a product from Paizo and would also pay for it. We play with some who GM the RPG and they insert interesting comments from time to time about back story, and it really helps with the flavor.

My husband and I have two campaigns at home as well as 2 OP characters at our FLGS. One home campaign consists of us playing two characters each. Lots of flavor to play more than one sometimes.

For the record, of the two of us I am the one who often is the most eager to play, asking him what he'd like to do with the evening while "looking innocently" at the SS box on our table hoping he'll be up for a good scenario. And (insert eye roll here) No "shopping" usually unless it's at our flgs. Wow.

Amen and thanks, DaveRiley.

Theryon Stormrune wrote:
Myfly wrote:

The third announced one is

my customized plunder die ;-)
This is also a promo, right?
You're buying us all a plunder die?!? WOOT!

Wow, thanks!! This is quite generous of you Myfly, and much appreciated!

Andrew L Klein wrote:
Agreed. It sucks that you have to pay such a high VAT, but that's not connected to Paizo even remotely. It's like me asking Dodge to give a bonus to my car because my state has high registration fees.

Yes, agreed. No one controls where you live, what hobbies or games you enjoy, your income level, etc. They offer you a choice to buy their product (and how many of said product). You choose, or don't choose. The resulting price and associated taxes, etc. are therefore a result of your choice and your responsibility. Just like the rest of us.

As per normal, the usual disclaimer apology if this has been asked or explained elsewhere...

I am so excited to begin OP (this weekend here in southern Indiana), and if the VO is willing would like to go through the scenarios possibly twice: once with one class deck character and again with another cd character. Probably Wu Shen and either Zarlova or a sorcerer. Is this allowable, reportable? Is anyone else doing this or want to play more than one cd character?

Did the happy dance last night when we received our email!!

Me too!! Feels like I keep refreshing my email inbox once every 10 minutes...

Ah yes, have started over with another set of characters, including Damiel. Would be interested in the ruling on the recharge...

Like Pluvia33, I really enjoy the flexibility and range of Lem. So I'll be getting the bard deck first. Probably also the sorcerer, druid, and wizard decks. Ok, if I'm honest I'll probably try to convince my husband we need them all really. :)

Most notably for us, Blessing of Saranwrap...