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OK... I know its out there but for some reason i can not find the rules on this. I might be remembering the old 3.x days about getting a bonus to melee attacking someone holding a ranged weapon, but I'm sorry i have to ask, is there a modifier to attacking someone while they are holding a ranged weapon? I know if they try and make a ranged attack while in melee that is an AOO. I am wondering this because or GM just had us go against a few firearm wielding baddies.

well if they are going throught the town have all the undead buried in the ground, or some how hidden, you could have an illusion of the bad guys in the middle of the square will a "hostage" crying out for help or something like that, if the party charges in have the undead start poping up or out of buildings and have the hostage but some exploding undead, "yeah!!! we are going to save that poor bastard..... oh wait now we have to kill him" swarm them with the cannon fodder and thenstart to attcvk the back ranks with half the main BBG and have the other half buffing from different directions. I like this plan because they will not be able to create a defensive line. But if they try adn snipe when they see the illusions in the beginning I would have the undead pop up in front of them (in the town square or wahtever) and then have the main force hit them in the back again creating two fronts. Make sure to have the lower clerics be within range to buff but have a few zombies in front of them. Also for fun I once used a few lvl 2 rogue ghouls, my players really didnt like that encouter. Anyways hope this helps.

Ahh not having time to rest can really suck, but if you are wanting to cast spells have you looked into a witch? I know they are not casting spells but the hexes are a one use per enemy kinda thing most of the time. of the three otions, alch, bard or summoner, I have played two, bard adn alch. I had a blast with my alchemist, forgive the pun, small amount of spells to be able to be using but you can make most of those into potions. The bombs can be dangerous for your team, but i use them at the start of a battle and then help with a llittle front line fighting with a sheild extract runnign and if things are goign bad drop the mutagen for some good fun, and alchemists have UMD, the Bard I played was fun but he was in a much more of a supportive roll then i think most people play them, i guess for me i liked the alchemist over the bard but it depends on your play style as well. Hope this helps

Hey, and welcome to Pathfinder. So for what I understand and for just detect evil, you can detect if there target is evil if they meet one of the requirements like: being a cleric of an evil god, being undead, I believe if you are 5 HD or lower with no aura's of evilness going on they just come up of not being detected. At least thats the way I understand it. For the Paladin he was acting for good with what he understood. That being said I dont think he should be punished for killing the good guys, unless he knew they were good before killing them. Sorry not making much sense right now about to go to sleep but I think as the DM you should decide on what happens to the paladin. Maybe he needs to support the family of those that died by his hand or something.... I dont know just an idea

Hey big fan of both Erickson's books and pathfinder, even though i believe Erickson wrote those books after the GURPS system, very interesting class you have looks pretty cool but why are you making this class? are you just trying to get a different feel for the character besides wizard?

something a little less powerful but still kinda of fun would be a group of drakes, might need to give them a template to make them a challenge though..

Ahh yeah taking their specialty head on is hard to do, you will either have to just crush them at their own game or make them pay for specializing so much. That is a tough one, what race are they and what is thier plans when ever they get into a fight? do they just blast with their most powerful spells all at once? It is hard when there are a couple of under powerful guys that just sit back and are more of a liability then adding to the combat power of the group. Im sure you could have oh i dont know say have someone mind control the rogue and just see what they do let them have an easy out but just put the fear of dieing at their buddies hands into them.... That is usually pretty fun.

Well, there are many ways of making somethign fairly easy turn into somethign every hard, for the sorcerer fire is the most common resistant form of energy, so get some creature that is immune or resistant to fire, the rogue could meet some creates with blindsight making sneak pretty useless(from what I understand) unless flanking or find somethign that is immune to sneak attack, I have not dealt with a lot of monks so I can't really give you much help on that, But i know I almost wiped one of my groups with some dark creepers/slayers, that see in darkness even if they have darkvision will get you, terrain and lighting is a great way to make things a little more difficult, these are just some of my ideas I hope this helps.

A mage-party would hate anythign with magic immunity

Ahh this problem... there are a few ways i have found to deal with this:

here are a couple of problems i usually run into:

1) super high AC: use will saves or touch attacks
2) high DPR: I like to swarm them so they cant focus fire on one guy and its fun to throw in dirty tricks once awhile

When I was running a Lvl 5 homebrew campaign I liked to make it so the enemies would use some tactics attacks from two sides so the front liners can protect everyone, or use terrain to your advantage, that or darkness gets in the way of a lot of things. When you get sneaky enemies it makes it so the PC's are a little slower to react and charge in.

These are just some simple ideas with what you have given me to work with but with running an AP your players might know what is coming.

But back to the main problem of wanting the non-opt. PC's to be able to do something, this might go out of the AP you are using but have puzzles in some fights. Like a enemy that is magically charged by something and some one has to figure it out before everyone is dead. Just an idea but I like more then everyone lining up and hacking at each other, you should be looking at how to make the situation work for the bad guys.

Again these are some pretty simple ideas but I hope it helps.


Well if they do have a comp. bow a little Ray of Enfeeblement will put them in a world of hurt for a short while even though its a 1st level spell, maybe enough time to get the minions into position to bring down the hammer. I know it made my PC archer hate life, well he had a bad fort save too.

Ahh ok but the wizard is a blaster so it really plays into what he wants. I guess I see a lot more fire spells then I see water based spells, hence my confusion.

Elemental Arcane Schools

Instead of specializing in a focused arcane school of magic, a wizard can choose to specialize in one of the elemental schools of magic. Like a normal arcane school, an elemental school grants a number of school powers and one bonus spell slot of each level the wizard can cast, from 1st on up. This bonus spell slot must be used to prepare a spell from the elemental school’s spell list. Unlike a normal arcane school, each elemental school requires the wizard to select his opposed element as his opposition school (air opposes earth, fire opposes water). He does not need to select a second opposition school. He must expend two spell slots to prepare a spell from his opposed elemental school as normal.

Ok so thats great, if you pick the fire school you have to spend more for water spells. But is there a list of spells that it affects? I have a fire mage in my current game and it seems like there is no really down side to this school. Ok i guess he will have to spend more for cone of cold or something but I think I am missing something here. Please if anybody has an idea of what you loss or the down side to this school is please let me know.


I have been playing a gesalt fighter/alchemist, which has been really fun. Got the fight beat down power with the utilities of the alchemist, plus the mutagen is pretty handy in a tight spot and the extract shield is really nice for going twf, in the games i play we need to be able to think outside the box and the alchemist has really helped that, and your a potion factory. But then again it depends on how your games usually play out.

AH HA, we have been doing it wrong. Thanks B.N.wolf it has been hard to find a good ruling on that in the books, or i have been looking in the wrong place. Our ranger is going to be very sad though.

Hey all just had a quick question about ranged attacks into melee, say there is person (A) fighting person (B) in melee and person (C) is on (A)'s side but (A) and (C) are in line with each other, let me do a little drawing: C---->(A)(B), my question is will (B) get cover or AC bonus from C even if C has precise shot?? Thanks Red.

Oh yeah they are all medium creatures

Im not seeing anything about not wearing armor or using weapons. But i may have missed it.

Hmmm looking at the feat you need a base attack of +8 so at what level are you thinking this is goign to be useful? I see that the hungry ghost monks get it at level 1 but I'm not seeing it as super useful.

ahh glad I read this thread my alch. will be able to do a lot more in a round now that he doesn't have to spend his move drawing his extracts or mutagen

So i have played around the the alchemist a little bit, i am no expert that is for sure, but i will try and give you some pointers i have noticed. Poisons are good if you are able to have time to make them not sure about your settign and game style. The home brew poisoning repeating crossbow sounds cool and if your GM says its ok then there you go. It would be nice not to have to poison each bolt every time but that will make your crossbow pretty powerful with infused bolts and poison, but then again there is still a fort save. Im thinking flight would be very good for your character because it sounds like you are much more of a bomber then a mutagen melee character. So for brew potion and the infusion discovery, yes brew all the potions you can for your group but infusion lets you use sheild which cant become a potion on your buddys, that and i liked keeping one extract slot open so i can have the ability to decide what is needed on the fly. sorry about typos and rambling just got off work need to sleep.

this might be a buzz kill but i though monks had to be lawful and barb's had to be any non-lawful. but that depends on if you follow these rules in your game.

what do you think of a monk? those unarmed attacks just got scarey. Unless im missing something about the monk

Well there are still creautres that are resistant or immune to energy types so you will still ahve to watch out for that. But yeah a BBEG with a bunch of DR is just another target for the Alch.

Im pretty sure you can take improved familiar, its a familiar so why couldn't you spend a feat on it...

Anyways with the tusks you have the secondary attack issue, which is a natural attack. With the 2h weapons you MIGHT be able to the tentacle as a secondary unarmed attack, not totally sure, but it sounds like a really bad idea due to AOO, the whole unarmed attack thing.

It seems like taking the tentacle discovery gives you more options. I know my Alch. had to drop his weapon on more then one occasion to toss a bomb into the fray. Anyways thats my two cents.

Ok so looking at low-light you can see twice as far as a human in dim conditions, so with normal vision and a light spell cast in natural darkness it states, This spell causes a touched object to glow like a torch, shedding normal light in a 20-foot radius, and increasing the light level for an additional 20 feet by one step, up to normal light.

I see this as low-light seeing in 40-foot radius of normal and then another 40-foot radius in dim. What if you had dark vision(60 ft) and low-light. With a light spell active would you use the first 60 ft with dark vision and then the last 20 ft using low-light.

I guess I’m wondering if you can choose which kind of vision you are using or if one kind overrides the another kind if it can be used.

Ok so in one of the gaming im playing in a paladin used their detect evil (SP) on one of the NPC's. My question is would the NPC's notice? And what would be involved with using the ability? The use of this is a move action, and reading the spell-like abilities entry it sounds like you just activate it. I guess i just need some clarification on it.... But then with monsters and SP do they still provoke AOO when casting in melee? And could you use spell craft to identify the SP when it is used? Thanks


Well i think Murderous Command would be a good spell for this character, along with ray of sickness. Not sure what role you are going to be playing in the party but those spells seem rather necrotic to me. And for a strange race I would look into Fetchling they get a +2 dex and chr, but -2 wis, and some other handy stuff.

You have to remember that you are doing this to have fun, if your not having fun stop wasting your time.

Eek!!!! that sounds like you have a group that wants to sit back and have you tell them a story, but then on the other hand not to tell them what to think or do and make sure you let them know when something important is happening.... And unless they want you to just railroad them with "this is what you can do next" adventures i would say find the players that you enjoy playing with and lose the dead weight. And the whole team thing is all on them, if they want to work as a team thats on them not you, along with thier character being intrested in the plot. But yeah good luck with that I dont think i would be gaming in that group for very long.

Hey looking in to the shatter spell and it states:

Shatter creates a loud, ringing noise that breaks brittle, non-magical objects; sunders a single solid, non-magical object; or damages a crystalline creature.

Used as an area attack, shatter destroys non-magical objects of crystal, glass, ceramic, or porcelain. All such unattended objects within a 5-foot radius of the point of origin are smashed into dozens of pieces by the spell. Objects weighing more than 1 pound per your level are not affected, but all other objects of the appropriate composition are shattered.

Alternatively, you can target shatter against a single solid non-magical object, regardless of composition, weighing up to 10 pounds per caster level. Targeted against a crystalline creature (of any weight), shatter deals 1d6 points of sonic damage per caster level (maximum 10d6), with a Fortitude save for half damage.

now im wondering about using the area affect on someone that is carrying potions. I know the spells says non-magical glass crystal .ect. but the liquid is what is magical not the container. I have not been able to find it on the web site so im asking hear if anyone has a good ruling.


Yeah i dont know... where the druid and ranger trying to kill the hell hounds chewing on the animal comp?? or where they just cracking jokes? and if they are having a good time thinking that it will happen again just say a deer shows up for the animal companion instead of whatever the player thought was going to happen and for him to attone he would have to keep the deer alive and not get it killed.

OK i'm sure this has been stated somewhere on the boards but i am unable to find it. My question is when a good cleric uses his channel energy in battle with undead does it:

A: heal friends/ hurt undead, depending on how he uses it


B: heal friends and hurt undead, everytime

I have been reading over this and i cant really tell which one it is from the way it is writen. And option B would make fighting undead pretty easy because clerics would just channel energy every round. Anyways thanks guys.


ok good, i was gettign a little worried that favored enemy evil outsiders covered a lot of creautes the way i was looking at it. Thanks for the speedy reply.

I have a quick question about the favored enemy. if you have fav. enemy of evil outsider and you are fighting an outside that is LE alignment but it doesnt say "outsider (evil)" would you still get the bonus from favored enemy???

So I had this come up last game and I was wondering what the rules are for moving into a square that is occupied by an invisible creature that you do not see. I have looked around for some ruling on this but i guess I am looking in the wrong places. Any help would be great.


Ouch that is pretty nasty.

So looking for the next monster that will try adn eat my PC's i com across the Behir. This little guys sounds pretty nasty but looking at its specail abilities i am a little confused.

For a referance.

The part im confused about is the constrict and rake part. Once someone is grappled do you deal constriction damage along with rake damage or just one or the other and then with being grappled by the Behir will it be able to attack others with its bite thinking that the legs will maintain the grapple? Im sure there is a very simple answer to this but right now i am just kinda confused. Thanks Red.

you've got an alchemist in your party i how he has plenty of bombs left torch the trees that are with in the 30 foot vision and then she will have to deal with the "black fog" as well and how many times has she jumped because there is a limit to this spell.

no good way out of that one. But im sure there are paladins out there that didnt have such a bad beginning.

Wow, sounds like someone had a rough gaming session.

Here is a good memory of friendly fire.
The party was in the sewers trying to track (something i forget what it was) and there was a half-orc rogue and an elf ranger in total darkness (these two players wanted to get into position bfore the battle started so that is why there was no light in the room). The half-orc seeing that the elf can not see sneaks over to give a friendly helping hand to get him into position. The elf failing his perception feels a hand on his wrist and attacks the half-orc and cuts him badly. Ofcourse the fight soon starts witht he half-orc yelling at the elf for attacking him and the elf yelling back that he didnt know he was there.

For when I DM I create the world and have an "event" happen, if the PC's decide to act of this information given to them then they play into the adventure i have made, if not then the world will change without their characters input to whatever happens. Whether it is the over throwing of a king, a orc horde taking over a kingdom or Timmy falling down the well and dying. Back to what do due with them if yeah don’t play along. First i would say find the characters motivation, is it to become a noble, great wealth(which is easy to play), or access to libraries and information about a family member or thing. This always gives me something to give in as a reward to the players after doing their part in the adventure. Also I always leave things very open so as DM I’m not to restrict to be able to change things around when needed.

mm i would believe that with a perm. enlarge person you would always be enlarged and with shrink item your items would always be shrunk, but im sure there are other with better knowledge of how is works out there.

So in the book it says that you memorize your words the same as any other kind of spell, but would that include the target word as well? so if you had the "spark" word, would you have to decide to have that as a "select" target word or "cone" as you prepared them? I am wondering if you can prepare the words a head of time and decide the target word as the situation arises?

Ahh thanks for clearing that up for me.

Guy B and C fighting Guy A

So i was wondering if guy A, who just got disarmed by guy B, would be threating to guy C who is trying to cast a spell and right next to Guy A?

That being said Guy A dosent have improved unarmed strike feat.

I cant seem to find a good ruling.

If someone is in total defense and an enemy starts running circles around them i would give them an AOO. just because he is defending doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a sword (or whatever) to poke someone with.

From the raging drunk explanation I would think so. It is a swapped power you can drink a potion for a move action but you cant move as fast. And with most of the alchemists powers in potions that would be a nasty comb. But then again im no expert.

Ok good Im glad that’s what others are thinking after re-reading the spell again after posting i had a feeling I had misread it the first time. Thanks for the clarification.

Im a fan of the archetypes, if you have two rogues in a party with can have the sneaky-stabby rogue and then the archetype sniper rogue for some distance damage. I feel that more options is never a bad thing. I like how they instead of just making the class better they swapped abilities and powers for the new ones makes it so you would still be a basic fighter and not the weapon master.

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