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oh the munchkininafacation of Pathfinder continues or maybe its the Xenafacation heroes that carry swords but only fist fight so cliche

martial arts YAWN YAWN YAWN

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Call me unimpressed but it seems that PF2 is falling into the D&D 4th type game too cute and childlike as it trys to play like a video game. of course I will wait until I see my actual hard copy playtest book but I am feeling less likely to make the switch with every blog post I read about goblin and gnomes pc's and all the BESM artwork maybe its not going to be a good fit for a gamer with 40 years of playing under my belt.

Deranged Stabby-Man wrote:
Well, we know that Rogues get Dex to Attack and Damage from other blogs... with melee, but now the big question: Do they get Dex to damage with Ranged weapons, or are they constantly outshone by the burly knight or orc barbarian with bows and crossbows? And before you start quoting Shadiversity at me, I ask this: What race, since Tolkien, has had the reputation for being the most devastating archers: Strong Orcs, or Dexterous Elves?

But Legolas was an elven warrior not a rogue and with most rogue having high intelligence take the feat that adds Int modifier to missile damage most fighters use Int as a dump stat

Am I the only one tired of the clichéd tumbling rogue ala Xena? What's next the mandatory sword twirling feat and annoying whoop? Rogue's are ugly enough without that silly stuff. I must be one of the few rogue players who refuses to tumble never have never will. The Grey Mouser never tumbled nor did Hanse Shadowspawn. I guess I am showing my age.

this is something I might have to try even if I don't migrate to 2ed

Frank would definitely be a Dhampirs regardless of class

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I am new to the boards

Has anyone ever tried to convert Rocky Horror Picture Show into a Pathfinder adventure? Looking for ideas or examples. What level party
/ I am already trying to make this idea work for my themed Halloween game.

Am I the only one who seems to find the arcane archer(since its beginning) to be a prestige class that doesn't seem to be worth taking? So I guess my question is

As a player do you find the arcane archer to be a worthwhile option?