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These bears... always trying to get away with something.

houstonderek wrote:
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The OP suggest being a vindictive ass to the players is a good thing. His suggestion serves no purpose but to annoy the players. I have seen GMs lose games for this type of behavior, and to encourage it is a terrible idea. It detracts from the overall gameplay without adding anything. If a GM I didn't really know that well did something like this, I would probably never play with them again.

And Houstonderek, I find you insinuating that only "modern" players would have an issue with this really insulting. I have been playing for 16 years, and have never had a consistently fun GM pull stupid s&!@ like this. Some bad ones have, and like I said, their games fell apart.

The OP was being sarcastic in his prologue. If he was really trying to be an intentional asshat, then I'd be inclined to agree.

It is unfortunate that sometimes things are taken a bit literal around these parts. ;)

Let's just reboot from this point and see what comes next Monday & go from there.

Stop being a game warden :P