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Wonder if she still thinks I was drunk that night.

'Ahhh lil' sis and her ferret, Fran, it is so good to see you. " He twirls around and kisses his sister's cheek. He winks at the hedgehog. "It's wonderful to see you again and your companions." he takes Andrea's hand and kisses it. "I was reminiscing about the fun spent here."

With a wave of his hand above his head, 'Kind Master, my friends are parched and my cup seems to have sprung a leak of some sort."

Taking the final draw on that tankard, he answers his sister's question. "There is an armada within eye-shot, so doom is at our doorstep."

When it is time to go, the party leaves for the Hungry Hound. when they get there they find the cheery tavern owners, happy as ever. The tavern seems to have steady business going and the gossip is rich. There are several customers drinking to their last day of "freedom" before martial law.

"Twas guud while it lasted." one familiar person proclaims.

Rance nods solemnly, then gently removes the firewater wine bottle from his sister's grasp. He replaces the precious bottle with a more disposable item, should she decide to throw it.

He looks up, "I hear Talbard's shop was raided and torched." He adds "Tiny's shop was torched...heard they gutted the man, revenge for supplying items to the Missepi's."

"I hear Thrune is preparing to send a blockade...eventually." He shrugs, "Don't suppose Thrune was overly thrilled with the Mayor and that devil mishap." He refills the wine goblet, "least that's what an informant indicated...reliable information is scarce right now." his eyes fall on his sister, "Last time Thrune blockaded it ended our family's fortune and name."

He shakes his head in disgust, "Lord Drovenge is dead, his grandkids have seized control of his estate, businesses and...the council." He rubs his chin and drinks his wine in a hurried gulp, without thinking he refills his goblet. "Several supporters of the grandfather have been...neutralized or are in hiding. They are knocking out rival clicks and several freelance magic shops have been torched." He hurriedly drinks his second goblet. "I was visited and requested to put my entertainment on hold, hence the reason I'm home this fine morning."

His hands tremble slightly, "Several vendors at the duskmarket have vanished and well...the market is er,...is gonna be hold for a while." He points to his arse, "they've effectively bent me over." he shakes his head, "The move was massive and well coordinated. I'm sure more will happen over the next few days."

He waves everyone inside the his flat, "Yes...yes...I bet its been some adventure." He heads over to bar and begins poring his sister's "friend" a glass of water, while fixing himself something much more calming. He generously pours a firewater wine for himself and his sister. "You sure you don't want something with a bit more a kick?" Talking to Gerard while he holds the wine out for his sister. 'So, er...Frank...water, wine, rum, what's your pleasure."

'frank do you care to elaborate on how this miracle occurred'

His eyes grow bigger, "So you taught the porcupine how to talk." he grins as he teases his sister, knowing it drives her nuts.

He turns to Gerard, "So you are a..." His sentence trails off.

"Euphemia! Where have you been...for heaven's sake I've had the city scoured for you." He rushes towards you for a hug then stops dead in his tracks at the sight of Gerard. "You brought a bodyguard? He nods, "The help can stand...em, well, out by Big Pete."

Rance and his body guard have bit of skip to their step when they head down, "A wonderful morning to all." He stops and sees the surly, "I assume your the source of the booming voice." He does an exacerbated bow, removing his large floppy hat when he does. "I'm Rance Lucca at your service." You must be "Duncan Redhammer...simply loved your performance in that dreadful play...although you my friend, earned by a few extra platinums that day."

"If there is nothing else that I can do for you, I will be off." a mischievous glint in his eye.

The gamber proceeds to kiss Shadow's backside. "I must be off, collect a few winnings from yesterday." His tempting lips linger a bit longer, "Should you ever need assistance, never hesitate to call on me." He gets up and his body guard has already slipped out of the bed and is donning her armor.

Rance wakes with Shadow wedged between him and his body guard, legs tangled and wrapped. A pleasant smile on his face.

Rance willingly walks Shadow, and his body guard, up to Shadow's room for the evening, carrying a new bottle of brandy with him and three glasses.

Till we meet again good innkeepers," he salutes those at the bottom of the steps.

His fingers drape over the elf's hand and leans in to whisper in her ear:

Shadow only PG:
His playful tongue flicks out and tease your left ear, slowly tracing the outer edge. Followed by a slight nibble on your lobe.

Rance nods at the confidence,

Shadow only:
"A trouble soul is hard to mend...if ever. If I can be of any service, I'm pleased to help."you know he is sincere, the offer was more than the physical.

His right hand lightly brushes the elf's left hand.

Rance grins his eyes move from the gorgeous mysterious elf to the trusted half-elf body guard. "A gambler should know when to stop but feel like I need to roll the bones again." As he bites on his lower lip and pours brandies of the table.

Relaxing with Shadow and the others, the tavern is close to being empty due to the lateness in the hour. 'Blasted beast stalk the eve, good folks can't rightfully stay our past dark.' He says in contempt.

He turns to Shadow, "Your a mysterious one." He grins widely.

He directs the case of brandy to the bar, and the tobacco to another table. "A gift to the Fair innkeepers," he mentions to Han Ciderwood. Then he discretely passes two coin purses to an Jannette Ciderwood, "for your trouble and hospitality." A small peck on her cheek he walks back to Shadow.

The is small interior stable in the building, Rance leads everyone down to it. he has an escort of 4 guards with him. Waiting in the stable is an ornate carriage that seats 8 comfortably. I may not be noble blood in Thrune's eyes but I've enough coin to challenge some of families.

With the carriage is footman and driver. There are six mounted guards on heavy warhorses that surround the carriage as you leave.

After making stops at the various lofts and apartments, the carriage arrives at the Hound. "I'm in good hands, see you in the morning." he instructs his guards and carriage.

There are several wide eyed folks on the street and in the tavern, that see this display. [b"]After you milady"[/b]He holds his arm out Shadow.

Andrea1 wrote:
Faelyn Sindrel wrote:
Faelyn Sindrel wrote:
Andrea1 wrote:
Faelyn Sindrel wrote:
And a bath...perhaps for three?
Andrea nods and hears Rance announcement of a carriage. Delightful! We can probably head out right away. Perhaps you could drop me off so I can get a friend and then join us at the Hound.

"No trouble at all, happy to wait to. You've had a long day its time to relax."

Rance picks up a pouch of coin and weighs it in his hand, hearing the pretty half-elf challenge to the hulking half-orc gets his attention, then he picks up two more pouches. "I've a carriage."

Rance glances over at the dangerous look elf, "Perhaps you would enjoy some company this evening, I've plenty of good tobacco and a few bottles of that brandy to add to the excitement."

The group knows Rance is flamboyant and mischievous; however, there is nothing malicious in any action he has taken. If anything he has been refreshingly honest and man of his word with the group.

Rance smiles, "The Hound has the best spiced cider in town."

"I enjoy many friends and debauchery, if you seek to release tension without the fear of retaliation, I enjoy a good celebration." He smiles at the elf, who is warming up to his advances.

"Some say they are protected by powerful magic." He pauses, "They are more reclusive since the shadowbeast, certainly."

"So you seek the red robed devils...the spirit is true in his words. They are deadly assassins and they specialize in making their targets completely disappear, so they can not be resurrected." he scoots bit closer to the elf as he reaches for the brandy. "I'll be able to refill my cellars after tonight." Commenting on the liquor.

The AP has him as human but the time gap makes no sense, he'd be like 100 years old, so I'm going to make him an elf.

He sits down next to the mysterious elf but speaks to Truk, "I know of some fight clubs...the pits they call them...Westcrown is eager for its blood sport. I have no interest in this type of brutality but others do, two enter one leaves." He sips his fine brandy, "Not the sort of fighting I'd recommend even for those, challenging for the affections of lovely ladies."

3 of 5 questions completed.

"I see you are wearing that lovely necklace, it certainly pales in comparison to your beauty, as I mentioned before, but then what could ever frame your soft skin so elegantly."

He stops to hand Truk his beer. "Here you go, you should fine this has the type of earthy body that you may enjoy." He cheerfully offers. "So you want to enter the the pits?" He inquires from the half-orc.

"My ...my elvish friend, you are so quiet, can I get you anything." graciously gesturing towards Shadow.

"My good friend, you sound parched another brandy or a hearty nutbutter brown ale? Rance asks the half-orc. The beast gulped such fine beverage down in one gulp. A small sigh.

Rance leans over and lights Lucrezia's cigar with his, his face inches from intoxicating female. His warm breath puffing happily. He pulls away, "Being this close to pure beauty, Elysium must be calling." He mischievous winks at the archer.

Rance sits there blowing smoke rings, each one slightly larger than the one before, they look as if they are swallowing the one ahead of the next.

Rance sits back sipping his brandy, occasionally swirling it around the snifter.

Rance raises his glass at the toast.

"No...Thrax has not cheated before. He, obviously, feared this battle. Why else would he bring in a second caster? he never did that before." He smirks, "Then you all have fame."

"I have wonderful Nidal blackberry brandy, about the only think drinkable from that country, but it's stunning on the palate." He moves to the bar and opens the bottle. He pours snifters for everyone. Then opens two ornate tobacco boxes, I pulls out several leafy papers, then liberally places the cherry and maple filler. His hands slowly and methodically rolling the cigars. "My best smoke." He dips the end in one of the brandy's, then he hands the first one one to Faelyn, thereafter he repeats the process for each contestant that came to the room.

"Hail the victors." as his steady hand sparks the tinder.

Rance leads you up to his luxury suite, standing looking out of the window is his prized possession. "Here he is as promised," with a double wave of his hands and low bow towards his unfortunate guest.

"I don't suspect that you made a friend in Thrax." He shrugs, "Thrax has made an exorbitant amount of money betting on himself, a loss hurts him financially, status wise and his ego."

"I'm am interested in this statue of mine, if he does have special qualities." His wide smile is showing a full array of teeth. "Perhaps, that will provide you with some questions that I may be able to help with." His thin brows rise a little bit.

He looks from the elf to the human..."which topic is it delvehaven, or the Sisters of Eisteh...apparently you lost interest in the statue?"

Rance looks at the half orc, "I am a source of much information, I made a simple business deal with the party. They agreed to fight in the summoner contest and I have agreed to information on a subject matter. If the information the party wants is to know where a fighting pit is, I can arrange it. Right now, I simply want to close my end of the agreement."

Truk'tosh wrote:

Still waiting for a reply from Lucrezia.

Rance Lucca wrote:
Well he is my prize statue if you think you can commune with stone, I'll show you to it." He says with a graceful bow and wave of his arms.

Truk rubbed the sore spot where the rhino's horn had dug into his ribcage. The wound was gone but the pain still echoed through his body.

"There's also the additional work I asked you about", Truk says. "The crowd loved it when they saw real people in the area, not wizards's pets. Did you have something in mind or know a place somewhere else in Westcrown?"

"You handle yourself well...but if that is the information the party is really seeking, a pit fight for you, I'll place you in the pits." He glances at Lucrezia, "Is that the information you see from me?"

Well he is my prize statue if you think you can commune with stone, I'll show you to it." He says with a graceful bow and wave of his arms.

After roughly a hour the last of the crowd leaves. The gear left behind for you is:

(2)+1 longswords
(2)msw daggers
+1 mithral Quarterstaff
Hellcallers Cup (1500 GP value)

Rance pays out the following coin:

Ailyn = 2000 gp
Janiven = 4000 gp
Brotherhood= 968 gp, 1192 SP
Orn = 712 gp, 1256 sp
Talberd = 4000 gp

Lucrezia = 4000 gp
Faelyn = 4000 gp
Orsin = 6000 gp
Truk = 6664 gp
Shadow = 2400 gp
Andrea= 3440gp

"So my friends...that was wonderful...lots of money was earned and a fantastic show to boot." his grin is large, 'What information do you desire, was it see my statue Ghaelfin?" He pauses guickly the continues, "Why the interest in the statue?"


"Since Thrax forfeited, I declare that they are the champions and the spoils of victory are theirs. Thrax's dishonor forfiets his staff and his body guards have so honorably given their weapons to their betters."

The is an announcement over some sort of voice magnification system, it's Rance, "MANTRITHOR THRAX HAS FORFEITED THE CONTEST FOR CHEATING! THE SIXFOLD PLAYERS OF LARAZOD WIN THE HELLCALLER CUP!"

Rance looks at Shadow, and feigns like he did not hear or understand her meaning.

"After Thrune came and changed this city, the only thing I have worthy of pride is my ability run a reputable contest."

This is his polite way to suggest that he will not fix a contest.

Thrax and his group wait in one staging area while you are led into the
other one. Rance announces the fight, introducing Thrax first, "We have our undefeated Champion Mantrithor Thrax," but he is obviously more excited to present the Faelyn and his group. “It is with great pleasure and pride that I have sought and secured the hottest warriors on stage "The Sixfold Players of Larazod, fresh from their recent triumps on stage.” He obviously butchered the name of the play but the crowd roars with excitement. "Can the mighty Larazod crush Thrax's horde from from the planes of hell and beyond? YES, YES,YES! All bets are officially closed! He steps away back into the staging area you all entered from.

"We are on...lets go out and announce the contest." There is pep in his step, he truly loves the entertainment business and making money.

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