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I tend to ask players to mantain coherency. So if someone wants to learn a new language via putting a rank in linguistics, he should roleplay that. Do the same to skills who the player don't have already or feats that don't seem to be obvious, in some cases make them search for masters.

But it all are up to you as DM, i'm afraid.

Abraham spalding wrote:

1. They don't get to unless occupied by an ally or they make the appropriate acrobatics check.

2. Creatures with concealment do not provoke.

3. Broke? Please vanish is a level 1 spell -- wizards, bards, sorcerers and the like already had it for a full level. It only lasts 5 rounds and dispels if you attack.

But a wizard, bard and sorcerer wasts a standard action doing this. And rarely can cast it five times at second level. I would'nt say its broken cause i haven't see it in play yet... But seems pretty powerful for a level 2 character.

ItoSaithWebb wrote:
No no no, they don't grow from their stomachs because it is obvious that they grow from their appendix, that is the secret organ of their regen powers.

XD could be too, ¿why not? if you like it

I was taking a look to the past, back to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Trolls had rules to cut their arms, legs, and heads fairly easy, the funny thing is that it didn't prevented them for attack! Severed members of the trolls could attack to anyone near them, (and not blindly, it was the troll still who commanded them, the rules even specified that separeted parts of the troll had no malus for being... well... in pieces) and the severed member would only die 24 hours later! Of course the troll could take the member back and reatach it. So in that edition you could sever the head of a troll with your vorpal sword, and not only he is alive, but his head is biting your feets, funny ¿right?

Thinking about it, a Dungeon Master on Pathfinder could use this rules (maiming and decapitation are much rarer now, sadly) and this incredible conscius state of his own scattered parts could be the reason for the troll "selecting" which part of itself regenerates, and a troll would select the biggest one, because, hell, it's easier, less things to do.

In the end i think that any GM would use diferent rules for the really unspecified incredibly regenerative abilities of a troll.

Krome wrote:

Honestly I would say the answer depends upon why it matters...

does it work the same way every single time for every single troll? Sometimes is it the head that grows a new body? Sometimes does the body grow a new head? Does it depend upon the individual troll? Does it depend upon the temperature? Does it depend upon if the blow came from the right or the left?

Which works best for the story the GM is trying to tell? Is it a player trying to screw over a GM decision, or a GM trying to put some fun in the game?

It matters why it matters :)

Now Jacobs has stated the official Paizo opinion, but when it gets to the table, the GM makes the final decision and Paizo's opinion is just another opinion among many.

as far as 40/36/24... seriously? Who is going to get down and count the number of cells in each piece to be sure it isn't perhaps 39.99/36/24.01? Which piece regenerates is the one that makes a better story. The numbers don't have anything to do with it. If the little toe nail on the left foot is the one piece that makes a better story then that is the piece to regenerate. If the left molar is the piece that makes a better story then it is the one to regenerate. If the body makes a better story then it does. I don't care at all about percentages, mass, or anything else. If the decision is important then go with better story. If it doesn't matter then forget and move on.

So true i could cry.

I'm mastering a campaing in an own world, one of the first adventures was to the players and his little-army to hunt and fight a murderous troll that had defeated dozens of men single handely.

Basically, that troll was cunny enough to chop away one of his own fingers and leave it hidden, and then go fighting with that funny little humans without much worry of their fire-things. The players fought him, killed him, and burned his pieces and then enjoyed a party in the same place they killed the monster... the face of the players when they saw a not completly reformed bloody hungry troll hoping for meat to regrow completly, coming out of the cave where the troll leave the finger hidden... well, that was some face :D.

But, thinking in a less-magical phisiology, i would bet that the troll don't regrow from their heads, instead, no no no, they would regrow from the most important piece of a troll's body, and it is the Stomach XD. For what i know, the incesant hunger of a troll is related to their regenerative powers, so a GM who is searching for that, could say that a troll must be well-fed to regrow parts (Even heads, and regeneration doesn't mean that you remember who where you before, a troll who regrows a head could easily be considered a "new-born" troll).

I'm actually playing with a Dwarf Cavalier (Order of the Lion) level 14 and CA 29. Actually, it's the poorest fighter in the group in comparison to the fighter and de invulnerable rager, but i like it because is most versatile, beeing relatively good at fighting defensively and ofensively.

I'd used sometimes Combat Expertise + Fighting defensively, with gets me to CA 36, and with mi Challenge power to CA 40, also, most that melees my dwarf gets tripped very fast (and that is a -4 to attack if you don't want a caress of my flail! xD).

In true: i think that are many options that can put a fighting type player to have high defenses, but combats with Great Beasts (such as Dragons and Purple Worms) are really, really, quick and brutal, the Ace for Win is most who can do more Damage more Quickly, BUT even like that it's not impossible to defend against their attacks.

Of course, without Armor as DR ... with it you are pretty much f$%%ed, as i see, battling big baddies.

You would be a Character Level 6 and just gain de bonus feat for beign 1st level fighter.
Character level feats are gained only through the total level of the character not every class he has xd

Oredia Vlaskinov wrote:

Then lets look at a Green Dragon. It has 3 attacks at +21, and three at +16.

Those first three will almost always hit our beefiest def character. A 7-9 isn't an issue. How is that okay? Is the game really designed for you to get hit like that? If so, what happens when that monster decides it doesn't like a squishy? That's also not taking into acount that it's a dragon, and will likely have buffed itself prior to the battle with it's many spell like abilities.

You can consider yourself lucky if the dragon is even coming near you to attack.

Hm, the Armor as DR rule is just a suggestion. Personally, i think that it only work relatively well in low-level campaings, in the long run it only benefits the character types who have lots of life, natural DR, and low CA, name: barbarians.

Also, you can see that monsters and enemies are affected by this rules as well, so, the combat is "diferent" and surely, the bigger monsters are more dangerous, but maybe it's not that unbalanced. It should be tested.

Oh, and i've seen many characters survive thanks to combat expertise, and with them, their groups.



Ray: Do rays count as weapons for the purpose of spells and effects that affect weapons?

Yes. (See also this FAQ item for a similar question about rays and weapon feats.)

For example, a bard's inspire courage says it affects "weapon damage rolls," which is worded that way so don't try to add the bonus to a spell like fireball. However, rays are treated as weapons, whether they're from spells, a monster ability, a class ability, or some other source, so the inspire courage bonus applies to ray attack rolls and ray damage rolls.

The same rule applies to weapon-like spells such as flame blade, mage's sword, and spiritual weapon--effects that affect weapons work on these spells.

Someone deserves a Headache for this.

It seems strange indeed that an Archetype who changes nothing allows you something. For that thing about "you can have all archetypes you want while don't modify the same ability" thing.

Hopefully they did this hoping in the roleplay of the people who don't have to adore Totems if the don't want, and not as some "Free powers!"

Roaming Shadow wrote:

To restate, you are making a magic attack roll, that happens to be ranged, not a ranged attack roll. I believe that is a distinction, and one that prevents most such feats that you seem to be eyeing.

humm. Magical rays are affected by them, even being it a "magic attack roll", at first i thought that it would work partially like a one-use spiritual weapon, the spiritual weapon don't use feats or anything because it's It who does the attacks, not you, you only direct it to the enemy you want in little pieces, but with telekinesis... "you" are hurling the objects, and esentially a thrown object is affected by Ranged Weapon Feats.

Of course most rays come from "you", or your hand or another appendage, and in this case the objects hurled need not being wielded or anything, that is, the genesis of mi doubts :P.

don't mistake me, i like logic, well... it's logical, but some rules are done to put limits, so, i don't think that rope some items togueter is enough to consider it one only item, or that shrink a container would shrink the contained (Logic, in the last, speak of something crushed or ripped).

At the end? It's the GM who will have a word in that until someone put a rule about that XD.

Anyway, i'll be glad if someone more express his opinion in the original discussion about ranged weapon feats applied to this or not xD.

Ambrus wrote:

Raghart wrote:
the spell is intended to shrink a single items, put all of them together and asume it's one doesn't seem to work.
I don't see how it can be otherwise. Most every object is simply an amalgamation of multiple different objects bound together in one fashion or other. A piece of clothing is made of woven fabric held together with thread with additional buckles, buttons and whatnot sewn together. Weapons, tools, furniture; they're all made up of multiple parts glued or tied together. So what's the difference between using a rope to tie different objects into a bundle and sewing panels of cloth together with thread to make a shirt? Does the spell disallow some objects based on their relative craftsmanship or aesthetics?

¿Probably? Yes.

Magic is not logic, and the rules to use it are not always logical. But you could try to nail the jabalins together! that should make "one" item. There are many examples for logic going to take a walk over rules. ¿why can't you put more than two rings or more than one amulet? Because the rules say yo can't, not by logic.

Roaming Shadow wrote:
Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Shrink item on a boulder that is the exact weight your telekinesis can throw. use permanency if you're at max level. it'll do 1d6 per 25 lbs. I do this with my mages and rings of telekinesis as a very nice weapon that doesn't use spells (assuming telekinesis comes from ring).
Why bother? If you change the the volume and mass of the boulder, you're also changing the weight. That shrunken boulder would be no more powerful thrown than a natural stone of the exact same size, so you're really wasting spells.

He shrinks it only for transport... shrinked items return to their size just by letting them fall to the ground, easy enough for a quick "Giant-stone-in-your-face"

Ambrus wrote:
Roaming Shadow wrote:
Because the total combined weight you can thrust is 25lbs.

Check the spell description: "You can hurl up to a total weight of 25 pounds per caster level (maximum 375 pounds at 15th level)."

Gignere wrote:
How do you figure that?

First, your arrows have to masterwork so they can be made magical. To add the flaming enhancement they first need a +1; making them the equivalent of +2 weapons. So, for fifty +1 flaming colossal arrows it'd cost 8,312.5 gp; or 166.25 for 1 arrow. And, being ammunition, the arrow is destroyed after a single shot.

Roaming Shadow wrote:
Also pretty sure shrink item only effects 1 object. A bundle of javelins is not one object.
I disagree. A bundle is effectively one object until they're unbundled. Would you say that a sack of coins can't be shrunk via the spell?

I think he intended to flame the arrows whit spells, not buying them.

And if shrink a container shrinks the things contained, i would say "Hell, no!". That could end shrinking an entire house with people inside! xD (There is a limit to what you can shrink but aniway... ) the spell is intended to shrink a single items, put all of them together and asume it's one doesn't seem to work. Else, it would be easy to shrink as many items as you want.

yeah.. i was looking the Shrink item spell and don't say anything about bundles. You can use it fifteen times, of course!

The description also gives an example of shrinking a fire and it's fuel, but i supose in the case that the "fuel" is a single item, like a burning torch.

aaaand... Roaming shadow, look the description:

You can hurl a total weight of up to 25 pounds per caster level (maximum 375 pounds at 15th level).

(That one is with Sonic Thrust)

Thanks for the tip! I thought it was a lost cause.

Yay, medium chakrams are far more usable with this than colossal jabalins, but even in that case i prefer use arrows, even being just 1d4, they are easy enough to carry around in every situation in your quiver and throw them to the ground easily. Chakrams are big enough to some DM to crap about where you are carying that sharp metal disks.

Of course if you have a dimensional bag and ten ultra-sized jabalins with ten ultra-sized corks in the points (to not broke the bag), well, you can go with them.

It's on the strike. You should confirm the critical to see if Flaming burst activates, just you don't multiply the normal damage.

I would appeal to the GM of the campaing, normally weapon effects work well even when not trying to kill, but elemental damage should be considered Lethal, damage non-specified should be the same the weapon does, so non-lethal if it's what you want.

Personally, a lifedrinker weapon i'll only let it work if you are actually doing lethal damage, (Or make it recover only non-lethal damage you have instead of lethal one xD).

If you are trying to not-kill someone and cut his head off with a vorpal sword... well... you haven't chosen well your weapon.

any idea ?

Yep, Wild armor continue to give the bonus, but it's not there fisically to give any penalties...

I would force that druid to get the Heavy Armor Profiency feat to actually use it or give him penalties anyway, but i'm kinda evil.

Alorha wrote:
That's true for some equipment, but anything continuous still works, like cloaks of resistance and headbands of wisdom, even when melded.

yep too, i'd forgot about that. But only the gear you had actually equiped when you transform, not the one in backpacks or the like.

I'll try to sunder the caster's arm XD

As he is entitled to not "let go" the whip, it seems that it could be disarmed or maybe a bull-rush to get the caster out of the spell range. It's not a great spell but it's funny.

I'll bet to one handed. Specially because samurai are profient with all martial, and two-handed katana is already martial, no need to specify if not is going to be one-handed.

Firts, when your equip melds in your body, it ceases to function completely. So, you are "Carrying" it, but not using it. There are feats and ways to do more.

Second, you can only polymorph into the creatures described by the druid class ability. It point's to the spell for other miscelaneous details not specified.

Or, so i think of course :P

I'll risk to put some common sense.

They only specify "As the Rogue's Trapfinding Ability" to say that they can disable the same magic traps than the Rogue can, no one more, no one less. ¿Is it redundant? Yup, but no harm is done as far as i can see.

If the entire ability would be equal to the rogue's, they would say "You gain the Rogue's Trapfinding Ability" and nothing more.

Assuming the contrary, and Cartigan is actually right, the Archivist only would get the half level bonus to disarm traps for magical traps, because "An archivist can use Disable Device to disarm magical traps as per a rogue’s trapfinding ability"

Yup, it says you create a Shadow, and then what to modify... don't change the rest :)

Hi everyone.

I was wondering, if someone cast Telekinesis in Violent Thrust mode, (or similar spells like Sonic Thrust) to hurl diferent weapons or objects to one target, ¿Can be applied generic ranged weapon feats to this attacks?
Like "Point-blank Shot", "Precise Shot" or "Deadly Aim". (I assume that things like Rapid and Multi shot are beyond every imaginable limit).

Personally i would think that a rotund "no" should be the answer, but ... well, ask is cheap.

Sorry about my crap-english.