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Nice job Nihimon,

Once again, I believe you have cleared the air of the muck causing confusion to so many.


I agree with you whole-heartedly, as a player who works a full-time job, is a father of two young children, and a husband to a Full-time employed wife, we struggle to find the time to play the games we subscribe to consistently. Time is money, and spending a little money to save valuable time to keep me on par with those people who play for longer periods of time than I, is a CONVENIENCE to me!

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@ Saiph,

But that advantage you claim to receive, is not infinite! There will be engineers who can build these items, who will sell these items for in game resources, and these items will be as good if not better than what is being offered. So says GW.

The only advantage here, so to speak, is time! For $50 you can save whatever amount of time it would take to create an engineer, and level up the ability to build one. The item purchased has offered to me the convenience of skipping all that time spent and go out into the wilderness to forage for resources.

I haven't gained any skills from the item, nor any abilities from the item. Therefore not pay to win...

People who play more hours per day than others also gain the advantage that these resources offer... SO if $50 or even $200 is not worth it to you, just simply play more to balance out the "advantage" you claim.

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I truly don't see any issues with the offerings. I would not consider them pay to win, they are conveniences to play the game. If you feel they are pay to win, then opt to not purchase.
Neither of the items offered provide bonuses to one's armorclass, to one's weapons abilities, increases HPs, or damage for that matter. What they will do is offer you the convenience of foraging out into the wilderness for longer periods of time without the necessity to travel back and forth from your "mine" to your settlement, while being encumbered and traveling slow.
You as the player have to determine whether this convenience, that can be replicated in the game, is worth the real cash it costs, or the time to you must dedicate to learn to craft. I don't see how that is "pay to win."
If I buy a Smallhold, I am not given the expertise to craft the item, it just simply appears in my inventory. It does nothing to my abilities as a player, just adds a convenience to the game for my character to do more with my time.

This is very similar to Vanilla Minecraft and inventory space while mining versus Modded Minecraft and having "Bags" to increase your inventory space while mining. In Vanilla MC, you could fill your inventory up in 30 minutes then return to base to empty it. In Modded version, you could create different bags to allow additional inventory space allowing you to mine 3 to 4x longer per session before having to return to your base.

These items are full of convenience for the time you are spending improving your character.

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I wouldn't call them stupid, just overly curious.

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I too have a Nostromo game pad, but also have 5 "macro" keys on my keyboard I am hoping to integrate... I might need to copy/paste Cole's instructions somewhere and play with them when EE opens up.

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Thanks Nihimon.

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will there, or is there already a way to move the character in PFO with simple mouse clicks. For instance, holding down mouse1 and mouse2 to activate the move forward action, then use the mouse for directional control?

I was never fond of keyboard controls for movement.

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EoX Hobs wrote:

"Having managed to unite players through many different time zones, in Kreuz Bernstein there will always be something going on!"

With half the current settlement population playing North American times and half European, members of Kreuz Bernstein should have no lack of friends, nor things to do, regardless of their schedule.

Trade begins earlier with Kreuz Bernstein - K.B. merchants get in-game hours ahead of the competition to capture the best sales while others are still sleeping or at work.

Crafting production hums in Kreuz Bernstein - covering a wider range of play times, start and end times for crafting are staggered around the clock, so that K.B. is always cranking out product.

Adventure is always at hand in Kreuz Bernstein - work odd hours and always seem to miss the prime time for joining a party for PvE, PvP, or a little exploration? A wider time zone coverage ensures company.

Join Kreuz Bernstein today.

We are still recruiting!

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if you are tracking the alignments of the settlements, Kreuz Bernstein and Mystical Awakening have their alignments set to Lawful Neutral.

Thanks for your work.

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Shameless bump

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Wurner wrote:
It all points to R![/url]

You are a genius!

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I am Qyck Majere of the Golarion Liberators and Ambassador to Kreuz Bernstein, a PFO alliance of companies through three different timezones for 24 hours of fun filled adventure!

If you are European, Kreuz Bernstein's Easter Sun is the largest German speaking guild in PFO and looking for more individuals to fill their ranks.

Live in Canada or someplace along the East coast, Kreuz Bernstein's Horns Guard company are an active adventuring group always looking to expand.

How about the Central US, Kreuz Bernstein's Golarion Liberators are a growing company of table top gamers looking to make a name for ourselves.

Kreuz Bernstein is focused on experiencing the fun and adventure that PFO has to offer in settlement development and warfare. Being the third pillar of the foundation to the Empire of Xeilias, we have a lot of potential and need more individuals or gaming groups to fill those gaps in our ranks and to grow our settlement into Pathfinder Online's first player nation!

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Man, I wish I lived closer to Indianapolis, but it is a 12 hour drive for me. I went back in 2010 for the first time, and I swear I want to go back. Maybe next year.

I had a really good time, although it was more family oriented than what I was used to, been going to DragonCon in Atlanta for the past 5 years, and it is much more adult oriented.

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What would the typical mob drop upon being slain? 1 coin, 1 salvage material? Do you get anything additional upon an achievement kill? maybe an extra coin or salvage?

is there a range from which a RNG determines what drops, or is this already pre-determined at the spawn time of the mob?

This salvage material, does it have a monetary value? 1 piece is 1 coin.

How many pieces are required to craft something? (I am looking for a range from what people might know so far, i.e., 1 - dagger, 2 - sword, 3 - 2handed axe, 4 - halberd)

I think this would be interesting to know if you want to start creating a market for an item or items.

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Welcome to the Empire!

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Thank you Bluddwolf,

We are glad to be here, and be here for the months to come. Once we get the dust from shuffling feet to our new home settled, and take an inventory of our wares and our needs, you can bet we will be in contact with the UNC.

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Our dedicated siege engineers are already working on blueprints and schematics for catapults, castle door rams, and ballistas. Once perfected through our R&D department, field trials will begin. Once their performance is recorded we will be ready to offer our wares to our allies within the Empire.

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Tyveil wrote:
Sounds pretty discouraging to those of us who come from small guilds in other games (10-30 people) and were hoping to establish something here.

Much along the lines as Gpunk's response, the Golarion Liberators started off as a group of 9, and were facing ejection from the leaderboard until we recruited a 2nd company of 6. But we soon realized that all of our play time in early enrollment was going to be sitting at our towers trying to protect them from capture for the small amount of bonus they will offer to our development index. Once we got our settlement, we then realized that we would be an extremely soft target, especially against the larger oceanic settlements that might come along when we were unable to play due to our work schedule. Lastly we realized, it would soon lose all of its luster to be a "King of Dirt" having to rebuild and rebuild and rebuild, never accumulating enough development points to build bigger, better, and more protected.

I have had an extreme amount of dissatisfaction from the multitude of smaller companies who have failed to post any contact information, who have failed to get involved with the Forums, and who have stuck to their desire to "go it alone" for now, after the weekly callings from the developers themselves saying that those settlements will not likely make it to Open Enrollment.

But to each their own.

Golarion Liberators has now allied with the Horns Guard and Eastern Sun and established a cemented pillar within the Empire of Xeilias at the settlement of Kreuz Bernstein.

Look us up and get involved! We all have something to offer those smaller groups, the main thing is FUN and Friendly entertainment for hopefully months to come.

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Excellent post Caldeathe.

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Maybe we should start a thread of Pathfinder Online Production Babies, like they do in the movies.

Our Forumites could post their babies to the thread with name and/or photo...

just saying...

any way, congratulations to Kitsune and his Mrs Kitsune!


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Guurzak wrote:
Hiding a recruiting post behind a uselessly genetic tite: -1 admiration

Guurzak, you old orc, you need to lighten up, and take the silly for what it is created for, fun!

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No offense to TEO Cheatle,

But redesigning the whole thing seems a bit past time, which he admits. As far as changing the rules, I don't necessarily see it that way. Perhaps furthering the explanation of how the rules are being interpreted is a better statement. As Lee is simply leaving this interpretation up to the community using it.

I don't truly see how this rule remotely effects DownFall and its newest abode to spread its toxicity to.

But if a determination is to be made, using an idea like Cheatle's would then offer merit, but simply base it on an accumulated % for each week the settlement was present in the top ten, where a settlement who had been there one week would get a 1% bonus, while others there for 2 weeks would get a 3% bonus, etc. and so on. Then it is transparent enough for an alliance of settlements to calculate and challenge if they so desperately want a spot belonging to one of the top ten settlements.

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NW Florida

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Wurner wrote:

TEO was one of the winners of the first landrush, the location they have picked is fixed and they can neither displace others nor be displaced themselves during the current landrush.

Not True!

They were given the option, as were the other two, that if they desired to participate in the 2nd landrush, they would put their position up for grabs, and take a new spot.

I don't know where the post is, but it is out there... someone like Nihimon or Guurzak might link it. They have superior link skills above my current ability (or desire).

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This Influence you speak of, is it equivalent to the DI that settlements produce. If so, how is it produced, through PoIs?
If not, what is this Influence you refer too.

This sounds better than all 450+ posts from the other god-awful thread about FFA...

Thanks for your enlightening,

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So at the onset of EE, everyone will begin at Thornkeep, middle right side of the map. As we move through EE, the map will expand southwards and westwards to include Fort Inevitable, then further westwards and northwards to include Riverwatch. Is that what I am envisioning based upon what has been posted by the devs.

And by chance, where would I find that information so I can pass it along to my companies.

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Will any of the three NPC settlements be available in EE? If so, do we know which ones?

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I would tend to agree with Wurner on this subject as to a low rep alt being able to go to a starfall hex to mine these nodes. Without the highest possible training, and possibly the best gear in which to mine with, a low rep alt would be unsuccessful in this venture. Not to mention, the mobs in the hex that would probably limit the amount of mining even possible. I would tend to think that most of the nodes will not be so randomly placed in the hex without some kind of spawn by it. Thereby increasing the fact that a group, more than just a single individual, will be required to go into a starfall hex to beat back the mobs or defend a position long enough for an accomplished and well equipped harvester to gather the feat at hand.

Therefore, to make the starfall hex, which will already have an abundance of activity, a FFA zone, seems overly exhaustive for what little a group might be even able to achieve. Yes, to the victor goes the spoils, but in a scenario where the harvester gets what was there, and the group has been beaten down by the mobs at the hex just for a company of murderhobos to come up and "finish" them off to take the spoils seems to me a bit over the top! Let the murderhobos take the alignment hit and reputation hit and be done with it.

I am sure this is going to happen anyway, therefore it shouldn't be without some consequence.

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
There are only about five Brokenlands hexes in the entire world—if you hate PvP, you'll avoid them and trade with PvPers for the precious resource.
Kobold Cleaver wrote:

First off, there are certainly more than just 5 Brokenlands hexes on the map, there are 9 alone on the the settlement map.

I think what many of the posters are saying is that these lands are going to be heavily traveled and feuded over, why should there be no consequence to alignment or reputation when jumping a group who was recently successful in killing the monster and gathering the resource, taking it from their corpses and skipping off to immediately trade it away for whatever...

If they are willing to do this kind of dubious action, it should be at the price of their alignment and reputation!

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Lord Regent: Deacon Wulf wrote:

So I imagine there is some "maneuvering" of votes going on behind the scenes.

There be some skullduggery going on! I sees it.

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Duffy wrote:

Did Black_Arrow just admit he's an offshoot of a bigger guild trying to steal another settlement spot? If not why would you only "recall" enough to just beat it, why wouldn't you guarantee it by using your full numbers?

If so isn't that against the rules?

(If just confusion sorry about the accusation)

This was my concern after reading several posts over the weekend, and how quickly a few of these guilds FLEW up in number.

But I'm a lawyer, so I'm trained to be a Devil's Advocate.